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If you don't want the expense or complexity of a big CRM, OnePage CRM is incredibly effective at turning leads into sales.
Very easy to use
Streamlines contact/lead management
Not suitable for big companies
Doesn't work offline

CRM systems tend to require a lot of learning and getting used to. What we like about OnePage CRM is that you can be up and running in literally minutes.

In fact we rated OnePage CRM one of the best CRMs for Mac especially for beginners.

OnePage CRM is a simple yet powerful CRM that genuinely helps you get things done. If you’re looking for something with a short learning curve at an affordable price, OnePage CRM is definitely worth a closer look.

OnePage CRM takes the simple concept of a to do list and turns it into a simple application that makes it easier to convert leads into customers.

In this review, we take a closer look at how it works and what it’s like.

The main attraction of OnePage CRM is its simplicity.

Normally, a sales team will take a long time to get acquainted with a new CRM software but they can be up and running with OnePage CRM extremely quickly.

OnePage CRM is based on the highly effective Dave Allen GTD (Getting Things Done) principle of time and task management.

OnePage CRM is the complete opposite of complex CRM systems like Salesforce as it strips down everything to the most essential components.

The philosophy behind OnePage CRM is that the secret to sales is not charts and graphs – it’s completing sales actions.

OnePage CRM centers around the Action Stream which clearly displays which tasks are a priority. It’s easy to sort tasks into Leads or Prospects and list them in order of priority.

onepage crm review - action stream

Capturing Leads is easy thanks to the OnePage CRM Clipper which sits in your browser and can instantly add potential leads and contacts to OnePage CRM’s database.

onepage crm review - lead clipper

OnePage CRM also has an excellent mobile app which allows you to view and manage contacts on the move.

onepage crm mobile app

Although OnePage CRM in itself is a simple application, you can really enhance its power by linking it to other apps.

Third party integration in OnePage CRM is excellent. This includes email marketing solutions like Mailchimp, accounting software such as Xero and data synchronizer Zapier.

There’s also a handy system called Quick Notes – a system that claims to allow you to create quotes to email in just 27 seconds.

One downside is that OnePage CRM doesn’t work offline – you can only use it online. However, it guarantees uptime of 99.9% and uses 256 bit encryption with 24/7 backups via Amazon web services for security.

It’s also probably not suitable for large teams of over 50 users because it’s on a shared database.

You can try OnePage CRM for free before deciding whether it’s for you. No credit card is required and you can import contacts in CSV format.

If you decide to subscribe, OnePage CRM costs a flat rate of $12 per user per month. This entitles you to:

  • Unlimited contacts, notes and 2GB file storage.
  • Third party integrations
  • Reporting on Sales Pipeline, Activity and Marketing
  • Customize Contacts and Sales Process to fit your business
  • Mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android

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