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If you’re looking for an accounting solution for your business or are a just sole-proprietor starting out, we’ve taken a look at the best accounting software for Mac in 2021.

Firstly, if you’re looking for personal or home accounting software for Mac, you may find our look at the best personal finance software for Mac useful too.

There you’ll find the best personal budgeting tools like the superb Personal Capital (FREE) to keep your personal finances in order.

However, if you’re looking for the best small business accounting software for Mac suitable for the self-employed, small to medium sized businesses (SME) and sole traders, you’re definitely in the right place.

All the small business accounting options we’ve reviewed here work on all types of Mac including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and all are compatible with the latest versions of macOS including Big Sur and Catalina.

We think they’re also the best alternatives to AccountEdge for Mac (formerly MYOB) which has been discontinued as it is no longer compatible with 64 bit Macs from macOS Catalina onwards.

If you’re a UK based business that’s been left out in the cold by Wave’s decision to stop supporting the UK, you’ll also find these the best alternatives to the Wave accounting platform.

After many hours of research, we chose the excellent FreshBooks (currently with 60% off) as the best small business accounting software for Mac of 2021 due to ease of use, automatic invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking and more.

Note that if you’re wondering why the Tally accounting software didn’t make our list, Tally for Mac does not exist although there are still ways to run Tally on a Mac.

Tally is very outdated nowadays though and the accounting tools reviewed here are the best alternatives to Tally on a Mac.

How We Chose The Best Mac Accounting Software

In our research, we found that there’s increasingly less “accounting software for Mac” as more accounting solutions move online.

Here’s why we decided which accounting tools are best for using on a Mac in 2021.

  • Desktop vs Cloud: We gave preference to those apps that support both an offline and online version. We found that there are very few that offer both although only QuickBooks Online (50% Off) still has both an offline desktop app for macOS and an online cloud based browser version.
  • Account Syncing: We gave preference to accounting software that automatically sync with bank accounts to make it easier to keep on top of your accounts.
  • Automatic Reconciling: The Mac accounting solutions reviewed here all support automatic reconciling so you don’t have to manually reconcile every transaction that goes through you business accounts.
  • Accountant Access: We looked for accounting software that made it easy to share your accounts with a professional account when it comes to filing taxes.
  • CRM Integration: We selected the best accounting tools that supported integration with Customer Relationship Manager platforms to make it easier when it comes to invoicing clients and managing contacts.
  • Customer Support: We looked for accounting solutions that offer solid customer support when it comes to fixing syncing issues, solving problems and fixing bugs.
  • Payroll Integration: More and more accounting packages now handle payroll processing too and we gave preference to those tools that make it easy to do accounting and process payrolls at the same time. Due to ever changing tax rules in different States and regions however, this is a specialist areas and we also recommend checking out our guide to the best payroll software for Mac.
  • iOS Apps: Since many Mac users also use other Apple devices such as iPad and iPhones, we also chose those accounting platforms that have iOS app.
  • MTD & HMRC Ready: For UK SMEs, we also looked for the best UK accounting software for Mac users that are Making Tax Digital (MTD) & HMRC ready for instant digital filing of taxes and VAT.

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With all this in mind, here then is our selection of the best accounting for Mac of 2021 in order of ranking.

1. FreshBooks (60% Off – Best Overall)

accounting mac - freshbooks expenses

If you’re looking for a small business accounting solution that’s unbelievably easy to use on your Mac, you can’t do much better than FreshBooks.

Canadian based accounting software FreshBooks bills itself as “accounting for the non-accountant” and it’s certainly one of the most user friendly accounting software we’ve seen.

FreshBooks has been around since 2003 and is now one of the most widely used accounting solutions in the world with over 10 million users in 120 countries.

For UK users, FreshBooks is also Making Tax Digital (MTD) and HMRC ready for filing tax and VAT returns instantly online without the need for an accountant.

The closest rival to FreshBooks is QuickBooks but FreshBooks is cheaper and offers many features for free which are only available in premium QuickBooks plans.

These include Billable Hours, Expense Categorization, Team Roles, and Simultaneous Users. There are also features in FreshBooks such as Project Collaboration and Proposals which aren’t even available in QuickBooks.

FreshBooks also automates many things such as sending of invoices, tracking time and logging of expenses.

If you work in a team, FreshBooks makes it easy to share invoices and expenses with your accountant or colleagues, share files and follow-up invoices.

You can even setup online credit card payments via FreshBooks own payment system for clients so that you get paid quicker and get notification confirmation when customers have received and read your invoice.

FreshBooks is very reasonably priced with plans starting at $4.50 per month.

You can also currently get 60% off FreshBooks for a limited time.

You can try FreshBooks free for 30 days with no credit card required to judge for yourself.

You can read more in our full review of FreshBooks.


  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Cheaper than QuickBooks
  • Automates invoicing, expense and time tracking
  • Allows clients to pay via credit card online
  • Many “premium” QuickBooks features included in all packages
  • Syncs with bank accounts
  • MTD and HMRC Ready in UK


  • No tax filing integration

2. QuickBooks Online (50% Off – Best Online & Offline)

quickbooks for mac

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting solutions by accountants worldwide with over 5 million users according to the developer Intuit.

It’s also the only serious Mac accounting package which gives you the choice of either using it on your Mac desktop or in a browser which makes it the best offline accounting software for Mac users in 2021.

QuickBooks is from Intuit the makers of the Quicken For Mac personal finance software and if you already use Quicken, you’ll love the seamlessly integration between the two products.

What makes QuickBooks Online one of the best accounting software out there is that it’s advanced enough for professionals but still easy enough to use for beginners.

Some of the highlights of QuickBooks Online include a Mac desktop app, automatic downloading of bank transactions, automatic scheduling of invoices, one click sales and tax reports and multi-user access.

For UK users, QuickBooks is also MTD and HMRC ready for filing tax and VAT returns online.

There are no problems if you want to view or edit QuickBooks on iOS either – QuickBooks for iPad and QuickBooks for iPhone are available for free (although the functionality and features are of the iOS apps are quite limited).

QuickBooks integrates with your bank so that you can make payments online and download transactions automatically.

If your business accepts payments via third-party services such as PayPal or Shopify, QuickBooks also integrates with popular payment platforms so that all your payments and invoices are automatically logged.

It can also save you some serious money in optimizing your tax liabilities. QuickBooks claims it saves users an average of $3,534 per year in tax savings.

Most recently QuickBooks now offers add-ons in the form of Payroll processing which allows you to pay employees with free direct debit transfers directly from the application.

There are two versions of QuickBooks available to Mac users: QuickBook Desktop For Mac and QuickBooks Online.

The desktop version of QuickBooks For Mac 2021 costs $399.99 which at that price, we don’t think is worth it. It’s also likely that the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac will be discontinued in the not too distant future.

Our advice is to go with QuickBooks Online version which starts at just $12.50 per month and offers far more features.

You can also get 50% Off QuickBooks Online for a limited period (although if you’re based in Canada you need to go the QuickBooks Canada store).

You can also try QuickBooks now for free to see what you think for yourself.

You can also check our full review of QuickBooks For Mac which also looks at the differences between the QuickBook online vs QuickBooks For Mac offline desktop version in more detail.


  • Widely used by accountants on both Mac & Windows
  • Works both online and offline in a Mac desktop app
  • Excellent integration with Quicken
  • Tools for both personal and business expense tracking
  • Uploads photos of receipts and extracts data
  • Generally easy to use and navigate
  • Works on any platform
  • Now offers integrated Payroll
  • Online banking integration
  • MTD and HMRC Ready in UK


  • Online bank syncing can be temperamental
  • Payroll features costs extra
  • QuickBooks For Mac 2021 desktop version is expensive

3. Sage (Best For Accountants)

sage for mac

Sage is one of the biggest accounting solutions in the world and Sage For Mac is one of the most widely used by accountants on both Mac and PC.

Although Sage is highly scalable, the basic version is user friendly with tools to manage cash flow, easy ti understand reporting tools, automated invoicing and ability to manage multiple users at once.

Thee Sage iOS app is also easy to use, well thought out and allows you to manage payments anywhere.

Nowadays, Sage is integrated with Stripe to take payments with a Pay Now button in invoices to make it easier for customers to pay.

Sage is easily one of the best scalable accounting solutions for for Mac users and if you’re expecting your business to grow rapidly, it a great option.

You can try a free trial of Sage to test it for yourself and pricing starts at $7.50/month with 70% off for 6 months.


  • Scalable from small business to enterprise
  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • 1 on 1 sessions available with Sage experts
  • Free bank feed
  • Reasonably priced for such a powerful solution
  • 24/7 phone based support


  • No Mac desktop app

4. Zoho Books (Best For Beginners)

zoho books mac

Zoho Books is made by software giants Zoho that makes everything from remote desktop software to CRM software.

Zoho Books is easy to use for beginners and is ideal for freelancers and small businesses in all industries.

It’s also a good choice for Wave users in the UK who were left out in the cold when Wave stopped supporting the UK as it can import accounts from Wave.

Some of the highlights include automatic invoicing, expense reconciling, estimates, detailed reports and project workflow management.

It also helps prepare your accounts for tax filing and even includes time tracking to track employees, contractors or even yourself for invoicing.

For those working in small to medium sized businesses that need a cross department accounting solution, Zoho Books is a very slick accounting solution.

Pricing for Zoho Books starts at $9 per month and you can try a free trial of Zoho Books to test it for yourself.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features
  • Integrated with other Zoho products
  • Good value
  • Imports Wave accounts
  • Excellent support system


  • Limited online banking integration

5. Xero (Best Interface)

xero dashboard on mac

Xero has been designed specifically to work on Apple devices and claims it’s arguably the closest thing you’ll find to an official Apple accounting application.

Xero promotes itself as “Beautiful Accounting Software” and there’s no denying it looks like an accounting app that’s been tailor-made for the aesthetics of macOS.

The main dashboard of Xero is one of the most useful features as it conveniently summarizes the most important accounting data of your business in a snapshot.

You can easily switch between tabs such as Accounts, Payroll, Reports, Contacts etc and within each tab, you can easily move around the different widgets so that you can customize it how you want.

Invoicing is very straightforward in Xero with slick customizable templates, convenient automated payment reminders and “PayNow” integration with PayPal so that you can get paid on receipt.

This makes it easier to get paid faster, track payments and generally automate invoicing as much as possible.

Mobile integration is one of Xero’s strongest features and we like the way users can easily issue invoices the moment a job has been completed via the Xero Touch iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

You can try a 30 day free trial of Xero first to judge for yourself.


  • Looks good for Mac
  • Clear, well designed interface
  • Allows an unlimited number of additional users for free
  • Excellent mobile integration
  • Can be used on any platform
  • Easy to use integrated payroll software


  • No native Mac client
  • Not as widely used by accountants as QuickBooks, FreshBooks or Sage
  • Sometimes duplicates transactions

6. MoneyWorks Gold (Best AccountEdge For Mac Alternative)

accounting on mac - moneyworks gold

MoneyWorks Gold is looking a bit dated nowadays but it’s still an extremely powerful cross platform accounting package.

If you used to be an AccountEdge user (formerly known as MYOB) until it stopped supporting Mac from macOS Catalina onwards, we think the MoneyWorks range are the best AccountEdge for Mac alternative because it can import AccountEdge files.

MoneyWorks Cashbook is definitely suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, you can interchange Mac and PC files instantly and it supports multiple users.

If you include integration with MoneyWorks DataCenter for syncing which means you can even have a Mac and a PC user editing the same accounts sheet at the same time on one server (although this costs extra).

You can also limit the rights of individual users to edit documents similar as you can with applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Even better, your accountant has no excuse not to use it because for every copy you buy, MoneyWorks provides a free version for your accountant to use.

MoneyWorks Gold doesn’t quite have the slick, easy to use interface of more modern accounting software but it still gives a non-nonsense clear overview of your accounts:

It supports most major accounting needs including Cashbook, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales and Purchase Analysis and more.

MoneyWorks Gold also supports a huge number of reports and you can customize the tax rates for your region although some such as GST in Canada and VAT in the UK are already included.

The big downside is that MoneyWorks Gold costs $499 or $28.08 per month which is very expensive compared to the competition.


  • Powerful cross platform accounting software
  • Support for multi-users on both Mac and PC
  • Suitable for small businesses and professional accountants
  • Accountant gets a free version if you purchase a copy


  • Very expensive compared to the alternatives
  • No payroll support
  • Dated interface
  • Not updated regularly for the latest versions of macOS

7. Accounted (Best For Check Printing)

accounted for mac - track spending

Accounted is a surprisingly good accounting solution that often goes under the radar for Mac users. Accounted is a no-nonsense, easy to use accounting app which covers all the basic needs of a small business.

Accounted is based on a double entry accounting system and has some interesting features.

These include check printing on your Mac, support for importing from PayPal and the possibility to sync Accounted with CRM software Studiometry.

Accounted is particularly suitable for those companies or freelancers that deal in multiple currencies. It not only supports a wide range of currencies but even automatically updates exchange rates.

The reporting features in Accounted aren’t particularly sophisticated or flashy but they’re comprehensive and give a clear balance sheet overview of the state of your accounts.

If your business relies heavily on PayPal transfers, then Accounted is an excellent choice due to PayPal syncing which is easy to setup with your PayPal address and works seamlessly.

Accounted will import all of your PayPal transactions so you can immediately compile accounts of deposits and withdrawals. Accounted also still supports printing of checks.

There’s no online banking support though and all exporting of data is limited to text files.

Even though there is QIF importing, there’s no exporting which makes it almost impossible to take your data with you if you choose to move to another application.

Accounted is overall, a very accomplished accounting solution that does exactly what it says with minimum fuss, has some handy unique features and is definitely worth checking-out if you’re a Studiometry user.

If you’ve been struggling with just using Excel spreadsheets to track your finances, Accounted is a much better, cheap solution.

You can download a 30 day free trial of Accounted for Mac.


  • PayPal syncing
  • Mac desktop app
  • Updated exchange rates
  • Easy to use
  • Integration with CRM app Studiometry


  • No online banking support
  • Very limited export features

8. Express Accounts Plus (Best For Reports)

express accounts plus for mac

Express Accounts Plus isn’t exactly the best looking accounting tool but for those that like lots of in-depth reports, it’s extremely good at what it does.

Express Accounts Plus is aimed more at professional accountants enabling you to track sales, record recurring orders and automatically update reports as invoices are paid.

The reporting features are particularly good with over 20 different reports to choose from but presentation of them is very basic.

Express Accounts Plus also allows you to log-in via the web to update accounts and supports multiple users editing accounts at one time.

The web app can be accessed from any device with an internet connection as it connects through an IP address.

On the downside, there’s no online banking support, no support for multiple currencies and it’s not customized for different tax regions.

There’s also a limited free version of Express Accounts Plus for companies with less than 5 employees.


  • Real time updating of reports on invoice payment
  • Web access
  • Mac desktop app
  • Free version for less than 5 employees
  • MTD VAT reporting to HMRC


  • No online banking support
  • No regional tax customization

9. Easy Books (Best For Going Paperless)

bookkeeping software for mac - easybooks

Easy Books is a British based, professional accounting solution with, as the name suggests, a very user-friendly and easy approach to the accounting.

If you’re new to accounting or have just started a new business in the UK, Easy Books is an ideal way to get started in the often complex world of accounting.

Easy Books is very easy on the eye, the iOS syncing is excellent and it automatically backs-up everything to the cloud.

The iOS app in particular is one of the best and most functional we’ve seen in any accounting application and has recently been updated to allow you to take photos of documents to attach to your accounts.

Most recently Easy Books has added useful support for going paperless adding PDFs and other documents to entries to help with referencing.

However, many existing users have not been impressed by the move to a subscription model and some have felt held “hostage” by the developer over access to their data and need to upgrade in order to receive support.

Easy Books used to be customizable according to your needs with in-app purchase add-ons after downloading it from the Mac App Store.

Now you either subscribe to a plan – Bronze ($9.99), Silver ($11.99) or Gold ($14.99) depending on what features you need.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent iOS app, integration and online syncing
  • Great for UK businesses


  • No longer a desktop app, subscription only
  • No online banking integration yet

10. Accountek (Best For Enterprises)


Accountek is a powerful business accounting solution which started out as a Mac only accounting software over 25 years ago.

Accountek is aimed at everything from small to enterprise sized businesses and nowadays you can use it simultaneously on both Mac and PC at the same time.

Accountek also provides custom-made solutions and implementations for companies so if you’re looking to implement an accounting solution across a large enterprise, it’s worth looking into.

For very small businesses or sole traders it’s definitely going to be a bit too much.

Accountek offers a range of different services starting with the Connected Core Accounting service which costs $499.

This is the most suitable for small business accounting and offers an auditable accounting solution but without inventory management or job costing. For the latter you’ll need the Connected Enterprise version which starts at $999.

Finally, Accountek offers a cloud solution Connected On Demand which can be accessed securely anywhere but uses a subscription model starting at $45 per month.

There’s also support for Payroll customized depending on whether you are in the USA or Canada.

Accountek is a very solid, robust enterprise worthy accounting solution for both Mac and PC users although you’re probably best contacting them directly to decide which of their solutions is best for you.

You can also try a free trial of Accountek’s software.


  • Scalable from small business to enterprise
  • Clean, organized interface
  • Both desktop Mac client and online
  • PC and Macs can work on accounts simultaneously


  • Basic version is quite expensive
  • Payroll support costs extra
  • Quite complex for beginners

Free Accounting Software For Mac

There are some free accounting software available for Mac but we don’t recommend them for serious small businesses.

One of the main reasons is that they’re very limited and it’s difficult and stressful to switch accounting solutions later on as your business grows.

Free accounting platforms can also suddenly stop supporting certain features and regions leaving users stuck. This happened recently with the free Wave accounting platform when it announced it would no longer support users outside of the USA and Canada.

Our advice is to try one of the free trials of the accounting solutions featured here and take advantage of the generous discounts on apps such as FreshBooks (60% off) and QuickBooks (50% off) and stick with it.

We have however looked at the best free accounting software for Mac here if your budget simply won’t stretch to paid solutions.

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    I wantb to send reports to Microsoft Excel in the CSV format. Which accounting program ids the best. Thank you.

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