CRM for Mac software isn’t as common as it on Windows but we’ve reviewed the very best CRM software designed specifically for Mac users. While most CRM software is cloud based, we’ve reviewed tailor made CRM software for Mac and iPhone and highlight which are suitable for small or large businesses. If you’re an organization needing greater efficiency in customer management or just a freelancer struggling to maintain your client database on spreadsheets, the following CRM solutions can provide amazing savings in time and stress. If you want to harness the power and convenience of your Mac or iOS device to use Customer Relationship Management software and enhance the efficiency of your business, here is the best CRM software for Mac users.

The Best CRM For Mac Software

There are a few questions worth asking before selecting which CRM software is right for you and your Mac.

  • Do you want a Mac based or Web based solution?

There are two types of CRM software on Mac – Mac based and Web based. Some now offer a combination of both i.e. a desktop app with a complementary web interface.

Mac based solutions are usually more expensive initially but do not usually require a monthly or annual subscription. It’s also arguably a bit safer if you’re worried about the security of your data as everything is stored locally on your Mac rather than in the Cloud. However, you are responsible for updating the software when new versions are released (with all the technical problems that can sometimes entail) and of course, your data is at risk if you suffer hard drive failure.

CRM Web based services are usually cheaper initially and because they are web based so there’s no or little software to install and they’re easy to access from any platform or device. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates since it’s all hosted online. However, web based CRM solutions usually lock you into a monthly or annual subscription model and your data is only as safe as the security system used by the vendor. If you’re not sure whether you are going to stick with using Macs in the future, Web based systems are a safer option as you can access them from whichever platform you’re using.

  • Do you want a multiplatform solution that works on iPhone and iPad too?

A small number of Mac based CRM solutions have companion iPad and iPhone apps but most are only built for Mac. Web based solutions have the advantage of being platform agnostic i.e it doesn’t matter which mobile device you use them from. However, just because they are web based doesn’t necessarily mean they will work well on mobile devices so it’s always better to try first.

  • Do you want a solution that also monitors customer reaction on social media?

Increasingly, some CRM software providers are also including Social Media monitoring in their products. This allows clients to monitor customer reaction to their products or services on social networking sites such as Twitter. If you receive a lot of feedback on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from customers or clients, then you might want to make sure your CRM solution includes this.

With this in mind, here are the very best CRM software solutions designed specifically for Mac OS X.

DataGrys ($159.99 Mac App Store)

DataGrys is a professional CRM for Mac software that’s aimed at small businesses. DataGrys allows you to easily enter customer data or if you have them already stored in OS X Contacts, it can import contacts along with any reminders. You can divide customers by Client, Lead, Supplier, Resource and Competitor. DataGrys then allows you to closely track order and purchase details of individual customers and organizations, giving you an overview of what they’ve been billed and what they still owe as well as any pending support requests they have crm for mac software - datagrys reviewIf you need more details, the Orders tab in DataGrys provides a very detailed overview including payment due dates, shipping costs and tax details. You can customize the tax details according to the region of your crm for mac - datagrys for mac The Opportunities tab helps you keep track of potential opportunities with new clients and tracks whether orders with them were won or lost in the crm for mac - datagrys opportunitiesKeeping customers happy is also a feature of DataGrys with a detailed Support log of issues or problems your customers have had and links to your social media accounts in order to announce fixes and solutions to tickets crm for mac - datagrys support DataGrys also takes the stress out of invoicing if you’re dealing with lots of clients as it can also automatically generate orders and invoices. You can even track the products of competitors via the Competition tab to monitor how your prices compare with your rivals.

DataGrys is overall a very well organized and comprehensive CRM software for Mac although there’s a lot of manual data entry involved to fill in all of the fields to get the most out of it. There’s also no social media monitoring and no companion iOS app either but if you can live without these, DataGrys is perfect for small business owners. The one-off purchase price of $159.99 is quite hefty but there are no other costs such as monthly subscriptions after that and future updates are free. If you’re unsure whether to go for it, there’s a limited free trial of DataGrys for Mac limited to 3 entries but be aware that if you upgrade to the full version, you can’t import any of the data you entered into the trial version.

Studiometry Express ($99.99 Mac App Store)

Studiometry Express is a very slick CRM software for Mac which is marketed as a Project and Client management tool. Studiometry Express is suitable for creating and tracking projects, contacts, billable expenses, contracts, reports and more. Studiometry Express is actually a “lite” version of Studiometry designed specifically for Mac and distribution on the Mac App Store. The Express version has most of the features of the full version but lacks things like multi-user syncing, Gantt charts, advanced-user summaries and more advanced project planning features which most small businesses or individuals won’t need anyway. You can see details of all the differences in the Studiometry v Studiometry Express comparison chart. best crm for mac - studiometry expressStudiometry covers 7 essential areas of business – Clients, Projects, Tasks, Hours, Expenses, Invoices and Payments. The interface is divided into three convenient columns and the Clients and Projects overview is really useful for having a one screen snapshot of what’s going on. best crm for mac - studiometry project overviewThroughout Studiometry there’s more focus on Project Management than in DataGrys with warnings if your project is about to go over budget or schedule. If you’re a freelancer that works to deadlines or a strict schedule, Studiometry is definitely more useful for you and it also gives a nice overview of all projects completed and their crm for mac - studiometry project summaryIt’s also very well integrated with OS X Contacts, Apple Mail and Calendar meaning you can sync data easily. There is no social media monitoring in Studiometry but there is a companion iOS app for iPad and iPhone.

At $99.99, Studiometry Express is very good value considering it features the best of the full version which is $199.99. If you want a CRM software that combines both project management with standard CRM tool, it’s an excellent purchase. If you’re unsure, there’s also a 30 day free trial of Studiometry for Mac although the trial is for the full version, not the Express version.

Philasmicos CRM 2 Lite ($44.99 Mac App Store)

Philasmicos CRM 2 Lite is a project planning CRM software aimed at freelancers and small businesses. Philasmicos CRM 2 Lite is basically a “lite” version of Philasmicos ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It has all of the same CRM features but lacks Enterprise features such as Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Personnel Management (HR) and Material Management which are more suitable for large businesses. best crm software for mac - philasmicosPhilasmicos CRM 2 Lite features 6 different areas – Customer Relationship Management, Contract Management, Lead and Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Task Lists and Reports. Philasmicos CRM is also integrated with Calendar, Contacts and Apple Mail and is very easy to install and setup with no external databases to crm for mac - philasmicos calendarPhilasmicos CRM 2 will automatically import contacts from OS X Contacts and you can manually enter data such as client social media accounts. best crm for mac - philasmicos contactsFinally, Philasmicos offers a no fuss overview of any requested, pending and completed customer orders although there’s no way to log customer support tickets apart from adding a crm for mac - philasmicos ordersPhilasmicos CRM 2 Lite also supports exporting of data to CSV format but there’s no social media monitoring. However, there is a companion app for iPad and iPhone.which allows you manage your customers and crm for mac - philasmicos for mobile

Philasmicos CRM for Mac isn’t the slickest CRM software for Mac out there but it’s very lightweight, extremely easy to use and very good value for under $50.

Elements CRM ($99 Setup Fee With Monthly Subscription. Free Mac App and iOS App)

Elements CRM is easily the slickest CRM for Mac software although it is cloud based with free Mac desktop and iOS mobile apps. Elements looks likes something made by Apple and is incredibly powerful and glossy in presenting and managing your customer data. best crm for mac - elements crmElements CRM for Mac is excellent for tracking contact with clients, discovering potential opportunities and invoicing customers. For tracking sales and estimating sales forecasts, there are few better and more user friendly CRM apps for crm for mac - elements revenue Elements covers just about every business need including analytics, projects, credit card payments, finance and automatic invoicing although it does not support multiple currencies yet. For those with sales staff on the move or out in the field, Elements also includes a complementary iPad and iPhone app which allows you to do everything that’s possible on Mac.crm for mac - elements

On the downside, there’s no social media monitoring and although the Mac desktop app and iOS app are free, you must pay a $99 one time setup fee and then pay a monthly subscription fee. There are three monthly subscription models offered – Small Business, Professional or Enterprise which start from $9.95 a month. To integrate your company emails with Elements for Mac also requires an additional add-on purchase. Elements also offer training for yourself or employees starting at $75 per hour which is well worth it if you’re a small to medium size organization as they will show you the best way ti implement Elements in your company workflow. This might sound expensive but when you consider it can do much of what expensive industry leading CRM software Salesforce can do, it’s actually incredibly good value. Project tracking isn’t as well catered for in Elements as it is in apps such as DataGrys and Studiometry Express but for organizations that need a sales driven SaaS CRM app that’s easy enough for the whole team to use, Elements CRM for Mac is superb. best crm software for mac - elements sales

Daylite ($299.95)

Daylite is another incredibly slick customer and project CRM software for both Mac OS X and iOS aimed at medium to large businesses or enterprises. Daylite is focused around project management, giving you a clear overview of patterns and stats across your ongoing projects. Daylite isn’t an SaaS solution and it lacks sales and financial planning features because it focuses on helping you stay organized with your projects, especially on the move thanks to the iOS crm for mac - dayliteDaylite is organized into 8 different areas – Calendar, Contacts, Objectives, Tasks, Notes & Email, Forms, Groups and Reports. Since Daylite is aimed at Project Managers, it gives an amazingly in-depth and easy way of keeping tabs on multiple projects at once. In particular, the Timeline view brings a Facebook style way of project statuses, emails and meeting schedule in real time. crm for mac - dayliteDaylite is integrated with iPad and iPhone with a simple, elegant interface that’s tailored for OS X. Daylite also has a ton of features including shared calendars, tasks list and projects organizer. Although it doesn’t have it’s own email client, it does integrate with Apple Mail and adds a Daylite sidebar to Mail which allows you to add and remove contacts in Daylite. You can view a contacts details in the timeline and easily edit and manage contacts via the People tab in the left hand menu. best crm for mac - contact project management The Calendar meanwhile provides a Google Calendar style overview of upcoming meetings and events which you can also edit and add-to from your iPad or iPhone. You can also create calendars to share with specific colleagues:best crm for mac - daylite calendar Reminders can be also be forwarded to your iOS device from which you can also delegate tasks and projects, create smart lists and more. crm for mac - daylite for ios

On the downside, Daylite does require its own database server which you either have to setup yourself or you can use Daylite’s own hosting service but this costs $99 a month. You can however work offline and then sync with the server later. Although Daylite doesn’t cater for the financial side of business although it does integrate with apps such as Billings Pro and MoneyWorks by the same developer but this is of course at extra expense.

It’s impossible to cover all of the features in Daylite because it covers so many different details of project management in one very powerful CRM suite. At almost $300 per user license too, Daylite isn’t cheap but if you need a serious project management tool in a medium to large organization with excellent iOS integration, it’s one of the best you can get for Mac. Before splashing the cash though, we highly recommend trying the free 30 day free trial of Daylite for Mac.

SalesForce (Cloud Based. Requires Subscription)

SalesForce is one of the biggest and most widely used CRM solutions in the World, party thanks to it’s incredibly easy to use interface that workforces of all technical abilities can use. Although SalesForce isn’t designed for any particular platform including Mac, it can’t be ignored in the CRM field because of it’s prominence. It does however have an Microsoft Outlook plugin for Windows although this hasn’t been rolled out for Mac yet but you can vote for a SalesForce for Mac Outlook plugin to be developed. The only way you can use this on Mac at the moment is to install a virtual machine such as Parallels on your Mac and run it on Windows.

SalesForce is well known for it’s very easy to use interface with some users calling it the “Facebook” of CRM. SalesForce has just about everything including social media monitoring, customer activity tracking and even CRM for Outlook on Mac syncing. Add to this and incredibly easy to use interface and it’s easy to understand why SalesForce is so widely used. There are also lots of easy to follow and inexpensive training courses for it such as Teach Yourself Visually Salesforce. The main downside is that Salesforce is only available on a monthly subscription basis which can work out quite crm for mac - salesforce pricing

There are other CRM solutions on Mac but these are the cream of the crop so far. If you’ve got any comments or questions about which one is right for you, let us know in the comments below.

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