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If you’re looking for effective CRM tools on macOS, we’ve looked at the very best CRM software for Mac users in 2021 to manage your business.

We’ve reviewed a range of CRM services from small business CRMs to enterprise level solutions for the needs of large corporations.

In our extensive research, we found that the best CRM for Mac is for its incredible ease of use and the way it comprehensively covers almost every aspect of customer relationship management.

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, editorial team, PR firm, estate agency or any kind of organization looking for a Mac friendly CRM, you’ll definitely find a tool here to help.

Is There An Apple CRM?

There is currently no such thing as a CRM software made by Apple. Rather surprisingly, Apple don’t make CRM tools for either macOS or iOS.

Nowadays, most Customer Relationship Management software are SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud based systems that run in any web browser on a Mac or PC.

However, there are some Apple only CRMs such as Daylite which is designed specifically for macOS and Apple devices.

There are also some CRMs that integrate better with macOS tools like Apple Mail and Contacts than others.

So in these reviews, we’ve looked at a combination of the best Mac compatible CRM apps and cloud based solutions.

Advantages of Using A CRM On Mac

The biggest advantage of any CRM is that it centralizes information and automates tasks and analyzes data to make your business more efficient.

Typical functions of a CRM include:

Some of the most significant advantages of using a CRM system are:

  • Improves how team collaborate. If you don’t already use project management software, CRM tools can be used for things like assigning tasks, logging work and tracking time.
  • Manage clients more efficiently. A CRM solution makes it much easier to handle customer enquiries, follow-up leads and manage social media interactions across multiple channels. You’ll also have a much better history of customer interactions to use when dealing with long term clients.
  • Automate tasks. Tools like the excellent Keap CRM software that can automate your customer management tasks such as follow up emails, SMS messages and contact reminders.
  • Generate reports. Reports allow you to take stock of how your business is doing periodically so that you can strategize and identify where improvements can be made.

How We Chose These CRMs For Mac

The most important thing we looked for in these CRM solutions were integration with Apple’s built-in productivity tools in macOS such as Contacts and Mail.

Naturally, we also gave preference to CRMs with Mac desktop apps which as we found, are few and far between nowadays.

The fact is that the majority of CRM tools on the market now are SaaS Cloud based solutions.

However, some such as Daylite are designed specifically for Mac, iPad and iPhone so that you can sync them between iOS and macOS.

The main downside of using a Mac only CRM desktop app though is that you may have problems when new versions of macOS are released like Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey.

If the developer isn’t quick to update the app for new releases of macOS, then you may find yourself unable to use your CRM which isn’t a problem with cloud based solutions.

Other things we evaluated these CRM tools on were:

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Contact and sales pipeline management integration
  • Reporting tools
  • Third party integrations
  • Email marketing tools

Depending on whether your business is active on social media, you may also want to consider whether the CRM can monitor your social media channels.

Some CRM tools like Zoho CRM allows you to monitor customer reaction to products or services on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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With this in mind, here then are the best CRM tools for Mac users of 2021 in order of ranking.

1. (Best CRM Overall)

best crm mac - CRM is the best CRM platform for Mac due to it’s incredibly easy to setup and use approach to CRM. is used by some of the biggest businesses in the world inlcuding Adobe, Uber and Unilever which gives some idea of how good it really is.

Monday CRM covers absolutely everything including lead capturing, lead management, sales pipeline, contact management, customer projects, marketing activities, customer onboarding, team management and much more.

One of the outstanding features of is the way it allows you to quickly customize ready made templates so that you can tailor sales pipelines, workflosw and processes to suit your business.

This is all done via an easy to use drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use even if you’re not familiar with CRM software.

The visualization tools in are excellent giving you a clear overview of sales pipelines both on your Mac desktop and on mobile devices.

You can connect to third party apps too including Gmail, Facebook Ads, Aircall and PandaDoc. This enables you to do everything in one CRM system without having to use multiple apps.

If you’re already using a different CRM, also allows you to import databases in Excel, Asana, Trello and many other formats.

You can try CRM for free to judge for yourself.

You can also check out our full review for more.


  • Incredibly easy to setup and use
  • Lots of industry tailored templates
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Integrated with lots of third party apps
  • Allows you to do everything in one convenient CRM


  • No Mac desktop client but works in any browser

2. Keap (Best CRM For Automation)

keap crm

Keap CRM (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is an incredibly popular CRM which focuses on providing a highly personalized service to clients and free your time from repetitive tasks.

Keap is excellent at automating highly personalized follow-ups plus email or text reminders. Keap is focused around a well designed activity stream where all communications are updated and everything is stored in one place.

Keap keeps track of Sales and Marketing automation, CRM, Sales pipeline, payments, reporting and analytics, appointments and email marketing.

Keap is popular with service based industries in-home or professional and personal services that are acquiring new leads, tracking or managing leads and invoicing clients.

Keap starts at $56 per month for one user and up to 500 contacts.

You can also try Keap for free to judge it for yourself first.


  • Excellent automated reminder system
  • Timeline view gives an easy overview
  • Integrated email marketing tools


  • Setting up campaigns can be time consuming
  • Customization of Keap takes some learning

3. Pipedrive (Best CRM For Sales Teams)

pipedrive crm

Pipedrive is a well established CRM tool with over 90,000 users and a mission to make salespeople “unstoppable”.

If you’re looking for something that’s like Salesforce but far easier to get up and running with, Pipedrive may be your answer.

It’s extremely effective at keeping customer sales on track, targeted, ambitious but realistic.

As the name suggests, Pipedrive is all about giving high visibility to your sales pipeline so you can keep on top of the sales process.

All your emails and communications with customers are handled within Pipedrive and you can configure alerts for activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts.

Pipedrive is particularly good at automating follow-ups to leads to keep you on top of potential sales with minimal effort.

Unlike tools like Daylite and OnePage CRM, Pipeline also includes tools for sales reporting and sales forecasting plus web forms for lead generation.

Pricing for Pipedrive starts at $15 per user per month.

You can get started with Pipedrive for free to judge for yourself.


  • Similar feel to Salesforce
  • Handles all communications and emails with customers
  • Excellent financial planning and forecasting tools


  • Expensive with multiple users

4. Daylite (Best For Mac Desktops)

best crm mac - daylite

Daylite is an amazing, easy on the eye customer and project CRM software designed specifically for Mac and iOS devices.

If you’re tired of using spreadsheets and different apps from managing your customer pipelines then Daylite offers a far more organized way of managing you clients and sales pipeline.

Because it’s designed for macOS, it’s one of the few CRMs that integrates with Apple Mail, Contacts, Siri and Calendars.

And because it works on your desktop, it’s one of the only CRM software that can be used offline which is impossible with cloud based solutions.

Daylite does sync your data with Daylite Cloud however so that you can use it seamlessly in teams and switch between iOS and macOS at any time but there’s no web browser access like with most SaaS CRMs.

Daylite can be scaled up for medium to large businesses or enterprises but is also an excellent starting point for small businesses too.

Daylite is not only a superb CRM but also an excellent project management tool and provides an amazingly in-depth and easy way of keeping tabs on multiple projects at once.

We found that although Daylite provides Quotes and Estimates for work, it does however lack sales and financial planning features.

However, the developer Marketcircle offers it’s own excellent invoicing app Billings Pro and there’s also a plugin for MoneyWorks which is one of the best accounting tools for Mac.

Daylite requires a monthly subscription starting at around $20 or £18 per user/month which includes syncing via Daylite Cloud and is very competitive compared to some of the leading CRMs on the market.

There’s also a very limited free plan but there is a strict limit on the amount of items you can create in Daylite.

You can try a 30 day free trial of Daylite for Mac.

You can also read our full Daylite CRM review for more.


  • Built specifically for Mac and iOS
  • Amazing Project Management tools
  • Integrated with Apple Mail, Contacts, Siri and Calendars
  • Looks and works great on Apple products
  • Third party integration with Zapier, Slack, Zoom and more
  • Works offline on your Mac desktop
  • No contracts


  • No financial planning tools
  • No email marketing automation tools
  • No real-time reporting

5. OnePageCRM (Best CRM For Beginners)

onepage crm

The best thing about OnePageCRM can be summed up in three words – value, simplicity and efficiency.

It really doesn’t come much easier or simpler to use than OnePageCRM which uses a highly effective to-do-list approach to CRM.

Although it’s a very simple approach to CRM, it’s clearly successful as companies such as T-Mobile, Remax and Hewlett Packard have used OnePageCRM to convert leads into sales and manage their customer base.

OnePageCRM is based around Dave Allen’s well know Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy and aims to keep your sales team’s focus on converting sales instead of navigating around the CRM app itself – which is definitely no bad thing.

Once you click on a potential lead, you can easily see essentials such as contact information and configure the next appropriate action.

You can also leave notes with any comments you have about the contact plus notify other members of your team of your actions.

You can also automate and streamline your sales process by using Saved Actions to configure exactly when to call, email and follow-up with specific leads.

If you’re looking for a CRM tool to simplify the sales and lead generation process on your Mac, OnePageCRM cuts out all the noise and keeps your team focused.

Pricing for OnePageCRM starts at $13.50 per month which allows unlimited contacts and notes plus integration with MailChimp, Google Contacts, Outlook etc.

You can get started now with OnePageCRM for free with no credit card required to judge for yourself.

You can also read our full review of OnePageCRM for a more in-depth look.


  • Simple and effective CRM
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to learn and understand for sales teams


  • Only focused on sales CRM
  • No email marketing automation tools

6. Zoho CRM (Best CRM For Social Media)

best crm mac - zoho crm

Zoho CRM is made by software giants Zoho that make solutions for just about everything from remote desktop software to email marketing tools.

Zoho CRM is an incredibly easy-to-use Customer Relation Management system for small businesses and includes customizable modules, marketing automation, and social media management tools.

Zoho CRM is ideal for defining workflows and rationalizing everyday tasks. It’s also got some excellent lead management features to help you close deals effectively.

Although there’s no Mac desktop client it works in any web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome and there’s a separate CRM app for iOS.

Other useful tools include data porting features to migrate data from spreadsheets and contact management software.

The social media tools are some of the best we’ve seen in any CRM app and include integration with Twitter and Facebook.

The main downside is the add-on module system which can increase the price the more features you need but at the same time, you don’t need them all and it’s highly customizable.

Zoho CRM is free for up to three users with the Standard version costing $12 per user/per month and the Enterprise version $35 per user/per month.

You can also try Zoho CRM for free.


  • Integrated across the Zoho suite of products
  • Excellent for managing social media channels
  • Spreadsheet migration tools
  • Marketing automation tools


  • Add-on modules can be expensive

7. Less Annoying CRM (Best CRM For Small Business)

less annoying crm

If you’re a small business that doesn’t need the complexities of a large CRM then the appropriately named Less Annoying CRM may be for you.

Less Annoying CRM is incredibly simple to setup, good value at only $15 per user per month with free customer support included.

If you don’t have time to train a large sales team how to use a CRM, then pretty much anyone can get a pipeline up and running with Less Annoying CRM in minutes.

There are no email marketing, invoicing or financial forecasting tools in Less Annoying CRM but if you just want an efficient way to manage contacts and sales pipelines on your Mac, it’s straightforward and effective.

You can try Less Annoying CRM free for 30 days with no credit card required. Plans start at $15 per user per month with no contracts required.


  • Very simple to learn and use
  • Manage contacts and pipelines in minutes
  • Good value with no contracts


  • No email marketing features
  • No sales forecasting
  • Only suitable for small businesses

8. Really Simple Systems CRM (Best CRM For Accounting)


If you’re looking for a European based CRM tool that’s easy to setup and use but can grow with your business, Really Simple Systems CRM may be for you.

One of the advantages of a European based CRM is that all data is stored in the EU thus avoiding any potential GDPR compliance issues.

As the name suggests, Really Simple Systems CRM keeps things straightforward but includes useful extras including automated email marketing and customer service module.

It’s also one of the few CRM systems to include it’s own accounting module although you can also integrate with other top accounting software solutions such as Xero, SageOne and Kashflow.

Really Simple Systems CRM has a limited free version for 2 people although it is limited to 100 company accounts and 100MB of storage.

Professional plans start at €12 per month and offer unlimited company accounts, contacts, storage, email marketing modules and many other advantages.

You can also try the Professional version free for 14 days which has no limits on the number of users or company accounts you can use it with.


  • Limited free version
  • European based for GDPR compliance
  • Slick interface
  • Accounting software integration


  • Marketing automation tools cost extra

9. Capsule (Best CRM For Small Business UK)

capsule crm

Capsule is an extremely slick, well organized CRM that’s aimed specifically at small businesses. It’s currently used by around 10,000 customers in over 170 countries and is based in the UK.

Capsule handles contact management, emailing, activity tracking, lead management and more.

What we like about Capsule is it’s extremely clean with strong contact management tools, a highly customizable calendar and useful sales pipeline summaries that make it easy to track leads and share them with your team.

Capsule is also one of the most well integrated CRMs with third-party services we’ve seen.

Among the highlights are Mailchimp, Google Contacts, Zendesk and GSuite but there are many more ranging from invoicing and accounting apps to inventory management.

If it’s not on this list, you can also build your own add-on with the Capsule REST API.

For freelancers or individuals, you can use Capsule for free although it’s limited to 2 users, 250 contacts and 25MB of storage.

Small Business Professional plans start at £12 per month with support for up to 50,000 contacts, third-party app integration and full sales reporting/forecasting. Subscriptions are pay-as-you-go so you can cancel at any time without penalty.

You can start using a Capsule Professional plan now for free and try it for 30 days to see what you think.


  • Great for UK based businesses
  • Lots of third party app integrations
  • Free version for freelancers


  • No marketing automation
  • No official Office 365 integration

10. Gro CRM (Best CRM For Apple Watch)

crm software for mac - go crm

Gro CRM (formerly Elements CRM) is an extremely slick CRM application that was originally designed for Apple devices.

Gro CRM is a Sales, Contact Management and Sales platform designed for small businesses.

Gro CMR is incredibly powerful and glossy in presenting and managing your customer data.

Gro CRM is excellent for tracking contact with clients, discovering potential opportunities and invoicing customers.

For tracking sales and estimating sales forecasts, there are few better looking and more user friendly CRM tools for Mac than Gro CRM.

Gro CRM covers just about every business need including analytics, projects, credit card payments, finance and automatic invoicing although it does not support multiple currencies yet.

For those with sales staff on the move or out in the field, it also includes a complementary iPad and iPhone app which allows you to do everything that’s possible on Mac.

Project tracking isn’t as well catered for in Gro CRM as it is in Daylite but the financial planning tools are better.

For organizations that need a sales driven SaaS CRM app that looks great on Apple devices, Gro CRM is superb.

There are three monthly subscription models offered in Gro CRM – Solo, Basic and Pro which start from $14.99 per month. You can also try a 14 day free trial of Gro CRM on your Mac.


  • Designed for Apple devices
  • Slick attractive interface
  • Supports Apple watches


  • No project planning tools

10. Hubspot (Best CRM For Integrations)

hubspot crm

Hubspot is one of the most popular CRMs on the market thanks to the way it effectively manages workflows for project management, leads, sales and customer communications.

Although there’s no Mac desktop app, you can access it in any browser and there’s a slick native iOS app for iPad and iPhone.

Hubspot is integrated with both G Suite and Microsoft Office and like all the best CRMs, works with Zapier for integration with just about anything from Google Drive and Gmail to Slack and Facebook Lead Ads.

There is a basic free Hubspot free plan but you need to purchase add-ons for reporting tools, AI, and advanced automation features.

There aren’t many financial planning tools in Hubspot CRM but you can buy the Sales Hub add-on for forecasting although it costs an extra $50.

Hubspot isn’t one of the cheapest CRMs on the market starting at $300 per month although there’s also a Starter Growth Suite for $113 per user/per month, billed monthly.


  • Well integrated CRM from project management to sales pipeline tracking
  • Excellent third party integration
  • Lots of internal Hubspot add-ons


  • Price
  • Add-ons can be expensive

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