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Microsoft has announced that it has added Profiles to Outlook for Mac allowing you to use different Outlook email profiles on the same Mac.

The latest version of Outlook for Mac allows you to add multiple email accounts and then create profiles such as for personal and office use.

When you are using a profile, emails received by another profile will be muted so that you can focus on work for example and then switch to your personal profile after you’ve finished working.

A badge will appear in the profile to indicate that you have received an email in it if you want to be informed whether there has been any activity on the profile.

At the moment, profile switching in Outlook for Mac is only available to Mac users running the Microsoft Insider version of Outlook 16.70 (Build 23021201) but will be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks.

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How To Switch Profiles In Outlook For Mac

To create a new Outlook Profile on a Mac, follow these instructions.

  • Click on the Globe icon in the left side of the Outlook navigation window.
setup outlook profiles on mac

Source: Microsoft

  • The profile setup wizard will then guide you through setting-up a profile. You can configure a profile with a Light, Dark or System appearance and choose different colored themes.
  • New profiles you’ve created will then appear in the navigation bar on the left.
  • If after creating a profile you want to edit it or change the appearance, go to Profiles > Manage Profiles.

manage profiles outlook mac

Switching Outlook profiles on a Mac can be done using Siri Shortcuts so you can create a shortcut to switch a specific time of day such as after work.

Outlook For Mac profiles also works with Apple’s Focus filters.

You can also switch Outlook profiles on a Mac by pressing Control + Tab.

This latest addition to Microsoft Outlook for Mac is further evidence that Microsoft is putting more effort into the Mac version of Outlook in recent months.

Microsoft recently made Outlook free for Mac including a native Apple Silicon M1/M2 chip version.

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