VRChat isn’t available for Mac users but there is now an easy way to use it on macOS thanks to NVIDIA’s new GeForce Now for Mac service. VRChat allows you to create, publish and explore virtual worlds with other users but it’s only available on Windows. Previously the only way to use VRChat on Mac was to install Windows on your Mac and then download the PC Steam client on it. However, this is a time-consuming solution and thanks to GeForce Now, you can now run it much more easily natively on your Mac.

Here’s how to run VRChat on Mac.

  1. Sign-up for GeForce Now for Mac. Select your region and then search in the top right corner of the screen for “GeForce Now”: vrchat mac - geforce now sign-up
  2. Select the first result that comes up to go the GeForce Now page:vrchat on mac - geforce now mac
  3. Click on Request Beta Access to sign-up. At the moment, it’s currently in Beta and invitations are limited but you will be notified if a spot is available in your region.vrchat for mac - geforce now beta sign-up
  4. When you receive the beta invite, launch GeForce Now and then log into your Steam account.
  5. In the Steam store, search for VRChat. vrchat mac steam store
  6. Download the VRChat app onto your Mac.

You can then use VRChat and access rooms just as if you were using a Windows PC.

vrchat for mac

At the moment, GeForce Now For Mac is in beta and free to use. However, when it is fully launched later this year NVIDIA will charge for the service although it’s unclear yet whether it will be on a subscription basis or pay-as-you-go.

If you’ve got an HTC Vive VR Headset, you can use it on VR Chat now that High Sierra supports VR technology. However, you’ll need both an eGPU for Mac and a VR Headset.

The HTC Vive is currently by far the best VR headset for Mac for using on Steam as it was developed by both Valve and HTC to be optimized on the Steam platform. Note that the Oculus Rift doesn’t work on Mac yet.

If you have any problems installing VRChat on your Mac this way, let us know in the comments below.

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