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apple m4 chip release

Apple Announces M4 Chip: M4 Mac Studio In June?

Apple has announced the release of a new M4 chip which focuses on AI and will be first used in the new iPad Pros. Although there is no mention of the first M4 Macs yet, it seems inevitable that any new Mac releases will have the new M4 chip inside.

In fact it’s possible that Apple will announce them as soon as the WWDC next month as part of the rumored M4 Ultra Mac Studio.

The company announced the news at the much anticipate “Let Loose” event where a new iPad Pro, two new iPad Air models and a new iPad Pro Pencil were announced.

The new M4 chip will enhance AI capabilities in the iPad Pro and Apple claims it surpasses any AI PC chip such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite.

M4 has Apple’s fastest Neural Engine ever, capable of up to 38 trillion operations per second, which is faster than the neural processing unit of any AI PC today. Combined with faster memory bandwidth, along with next-generation machine learning (ML) accelerators in the CPU, and a high-performance GPU, M4 makes the new iPad Pro an outrageously powerful device for artificial intelligence.

For iPad Pro users, this translates into 50% more processing power than the previous iPad Pro with the M2 chip.

The M4 chip will be good news for those that want more power in their Mac although as we found in our M3 MacBook Pro review, the M3 chip is already incredibly powerful and it’s hard to imagine any major improvements on it so soon after its release.

You can read the full story of the M4 chip release in Apple’s newsroom.

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