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benq pd3225u released

BenQ Releases New 32 inch 4K PD3225U Monitor For Macs

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April 2024 Update: We’ve now fully tested the new BenQ PD3225U and you can read the review here.

BenQ has just released the new PD3225U 4K monitor designed for maximum compatibility with Macs and MacBook Pro users.

The new PD3225U is an upgraded but slightly smaller version of the 34 inch BenQ PD3220U which we ranked as one of the best external monitors for the MacBook Pro.

The PD3225U is aimed at those that use graphic design software, photographers and desktop publishers that need high color accuracy and out of the box calibration with Macs.

benq pd3225u


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Some of the features of the PD3225U include:

  • IPS Black for 2000:1 contrast ratio. The PD3225U displays 35% deeper blacks than standard IPS monitors by minimizing light leakage and improving liquid crystal array for more vibrant colors.
  • Mac Color Match through BenQ’s M-book mode which calibrates the monitor to work perfectly with Macs. The monitor uses BenQ’s Display ColorTalk software which automatically matches colors between the display and MacBook Pros without needing a calibrator. This includes support for 98% Display P3 color space, as well as certifications such as Calman Verified, Pantone Validation, and Pantone SkinTone Validation.
  • Connectivity ports include Thunderbolt 3 Port, two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a USB hub. This gives you support for dual 4K monitors via Thunderbolt so that you can Daisy Chain two monitors together. Ideal to go with the new M3 MacBook Airs that support dual monitors for the first time.

PD3225U A+_fa

  • BenQ Display Pilot 2 software that allows you to manage display features such as Print Assist, AutoPivot, PIP/PBD, ICCSync, brightness and other settings.
  • iKeyboard Control that allows you to control brightness and speaker volume through a MacBook’s keyboard. The PD3225U also has a KVM switch so that you can control two systems from one keyboard and mouse via the Hotkey Puck G2.

PD3225U A+_fa

  • The stand gives you the ability to tilt, swivel, raise, and pivot the monitor in any position that you want.

PD3225U A+_fa

There are also standard energy saving features that you would expect such as Auto Power Off which shuts down the screen after inactivity to conserve energy.

Jason Lee the BenQ LCD business line manager says of the new PD3225U.

Designed with Mac users in mind, the PD3225U provides unparalleled color features such as IPS Black,
M-book Mode and BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology, as well as wide connectivity to enhance workflows and
streamline performance for Mac-focused creatives. We are thrilled to add this new monitor to our extensive line of design monitors.

The PD3225U is $1,099.99 and is available for pre-order from BenQ now and also available from Amazon by July 31st.

You can read our full review of the BenQ PD3225U here.

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