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Monday.com Review

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If you're looking for an easy to use project management, CRM and sales pipeline management tool in one, Monday.com is one of the most user friendly team collaboration tools out there.
Easy to use interface
Covers everything from Project Management to CRM
Templates make it easy to setup
Lots of third party integrations
Complicated pricing structure
Basic toolset compared to MS Project

Monday.com (formerly dapulse) is a powerful online collaboration tool which covers everything from project management to CRM. In this Monday.com review we look at the pros and cons and see what it can do.

Monday.com is used by some of the biggest organizations out there too including Adobe, Coca Cola and Hulu.

Monday.com is similar to Asana, Trello or Airtable as it helps teams work together more closely and harmoniously although it’s much more than just a project management software.

Monday.com is modern, easy to use and if you’re looking for one app to bring together all of your team’s tasks, it’s much more convenient than having separate apps.

Some of the areas covered by Monday.com include:

  • Project management
  • Sales and CRM
  • Marketing
  • Creative and design
  • Software development
  • Task management
  • Operations
  • HR and recruitment
  • IT

monday.com review

Monday.com Pricing

You can try Monday.com free for 14 days.

The pricing of Monday.com depends on the numbers of users and the number of features you need. Because Monday.com is such a comprehensive tool, the cost will depends on exactly what you need.

There are also 4 types of plan: Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. You get 18% off all plans if you choose to plan annually instead of monthly.


A team of just 10 people on the Basic plan would cost $80 per month which gives you access to Kanban boards and 5GB of online storage space.

However, the basic plan only stores activity logs for a week and the 5GB of storage space isn’t enough for most large teams.


A Standard plan costs $100 per month for 10 people and includes 50GB of storage space with far more advanced timeline management in a Gantt like interface.


A Pro plan costs $160 per month for 10 people and features integration with over 25000 third party services. There’s unlimited storage plus multiple chart views, time tracking and other boards for individual users to customize.


Enterprise pricing for Monday.com is only available on request and offers specific controls for system admins, audit logs and control over permissions per users.

Monday.com Features

Monday.com has a highly visual interface that gives you a clear overview of your team’s productivity and activities.

The great thing about Monday.com is that it uses templates to help you get started on a project. You can then choose how you prioritize certain tasks, how you view your timeline, integrate calendars etc.

Most of what you need to do as a team can be done in Monday.com but there’s also integration with third party e-commerce services such as Shopify and Mailchimp.

You can access your email, weekly tasks and project boards easily on the left hand side of the interface.

Monday.com is simple but deceptively powerful and unbelievably effective at helping you keep on top of projects.

It doesn’t try to be the ultimate project management tool but just keeps things to a bare minimum making it easy for anyone to learn and use within minutes of signing-up.

One of the most useful features for sales teams is the ability to set up automations such as triggering emails when certain conditions are met.

monday.com review - automations

The best thing that Monday.com does is make it crystal clear the sequence in which tasks need to be completed before the next can be done.

Monday feels a lot like a spreadsheet but is far easier to manage, track and modify without complicated formulas or endless numbers of cells.

You can actually choose various views for projects such as spreadsheets, lists, maps, Kanban boards and more.

You can easily upload attachments to cards and leave comments for colleagues. There is also a Gantt chart view but Monday.com also has something very similar called timelines.

monday.com gantt chart

If you want to share data with non Monday.com users, you can create some really slick summary charts and export them for sharing with anyone that doesn’t use Monday.com.

Monday.com Downsides

Monday.com doesn’t have many advanced features compared to a project management tool like Microsoft Project.

You can’t import or export Microsoft Project files into Monday.com but there’s lots of integration with third party products such as Jira, Google Drive, Slack, Excel and more.

However, it’s a much broader tool than Microsoft Project featuring elements of CRMs.

Although there’s a basic free version of Monday.com suitable for freelancers, it’s only suitable for 2 seats unlike many project management tools.

The paid plans of Monday.com can also work out expensive depending on how many members are in your team.


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