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Milton Prime’s version of MT4 For Mac works on both macOS Big Sur and M1 Macs and here we show you how to install the Milton Prime MT4 desktop app on a Mac.

Although other brokers offer MT4 downloads for Mac, Milton Prime’s version of MT4 for Mac is one of the only ones that works on the latest 64 bit versions of macOS Big Sur, Catalina and M1 Macs.

This is because the Milton Prime version of MT4 for Mac is wrapped with Crossover which enables 32 bit apps like MetaTrader to work on 64 bit operating systems such as macOS Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina as well as Apple Silicon M1 chip Macs.

Milton Prime’s version of MT4 is one of the best forex trading software for Mac around and the Mac version of the Milton Prime MT4 app is exactly the same as the Windows version.

milton prime mt4 download

How To Install MT4 on an Intel Mac with Milton Prime

There are different installation instructions for installing MT4 for Mac with Milton Prime depending on whether you are using an Intel Mac or an M1 Mac.

There are also additional steps you need to take to install MT4 on an Apple Silicon M1 Mac which you can find further down the page.

Before following these instructions, you also need to make sure you have updated to macOS Big Sur 11.2. At the moment, there is no official client for macOS Monterey.

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Follow these instructions to install MT4 on a Mac with Milton Prime:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to sign-up for a Milton Prime account.
  • Download MT4 for Mac from the Account area in the Milton Prime dashboard. If you can’t find the MT4 download for Intel Macs it’s here.
  • Drag & drop the MT4 client to your Applications folder.

install mt4 milton prime mac

  • Double click on it to launch Milton Prime MT4 from the Applications folder.
  • Because the file hasn’t been downloaded from the Mac App Store you will see the following warning message which you can ignore as there is no malware on the Milton Prime MT4 app. Just click on Open to launch MT4 in macOS.

mt4 mac milton prime app

  • Go to Preferences > Security and unlock the padlock in the bottom left corner and click on Open Anyway.

mt4 app milton prime app store warning

  • When the Milton Prime MT4 app for Mac launches it will automatically update to the latest version of MT4.

You can now use MT4 on your Mac and trade with Milton Prime.

How To Install MT4 on an M1 Mac With Milton Prime

If you’ve got an M1 Mac, you need to follow the same instructions as above but also do some additional steps to install Milton Prime’s MT4 client on a Mac.

Note that you need to download and follow these instructions for installing Milton Prime on M1 Macs.

When you’ve followed the installation instructions, you need to take these additional steps to install MT4 on an M1 Mac:

  • When you try to open Milton Prime’s MT4 client on an M1 Mac you will see an error message saying “The file is damaged”. To fix this, open Terminal by searching for Terminal on your Mac.
  • In Terminal, type “xattr -cr “ (without quotation marks) and hit Enter. It’s very important to note there is a space after each “r”.
  • Open the Applications folder on your Mac and then drag and drop the MT4 Milton Prime app into Terminal and hit Enter.
  • You can then double click on MT4 Milton Prime in your Applications folder to launch MT4 on your M1 Mac.

You can now trade on an M1 Mac using Milton Prime’s MT4 for Mac app.

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