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If you’ve got an Epson printer for your Mac, unfortunately there’s no longer any Epson Event Manager for Mac software if you want to scan or do OCR scanning on your Mac.

Epson Event Manager Utility is a Windows utility that’s used to provide support to different Epson devices and allows you yo connect it to other apps to do things such as scan to email, scan as PDF, scan to PC etc.

On older versions of macOS, it may even be possible to select the Epson Event Manager software for macOS by going to Applications > Epson Software and then double-click the Event Manager icon.

However, it’s no longer clear which versions of macOS Event Manager is available on and our advice is to use a dedicated OCR scanning software with your Epson Printer.

Although Epson now offers a new Epson Scan 2 software for macOS Catalina and earlier, it does not work with macOS 11 Big Sur.

Epson states on it’s website:

Epson Scan is not supported in macOS 11. You can use Apple’s Image Capture software instead. To use Image Capture, install Epson’s ICA Scanner Driver for Image Capture. Go to the Downloads tab on your product’s support page, and download and install the ICA Scanner Driver for Image Capture.

However, if you search for the ICA Scanner Driver Page it says “not found” but don’t fear as there are other ways to scan on a Mac using an Epson Printer including Big Sur.

How To Scan a Mac Using an Epson Printer

The best way to scan using an Epson printer-scanner is by selecting your Epson printer-scanner as the source in professional scanning software such as FineReader PDF For Mac and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Your Mac should automatically install the right drivers when you connect your Epson printer-scanner for the first time which will allow you to connect it to external applications.

If it doesn’t for any reason, you can download the Epson Printer Driver Software For Mac.

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If you don’t have any third party scanning software on your Mac, you can still use the free Preview utility in macOS to scan with an Epson printer.

Here’s how to scan on a Mac sing an Epson printer-scanner without Epson Event Manager:

  • Open Preview in macOS and select Import From Scanner from the File menu and select your Epson printer.
  • To adjust the scan settings such as Color Restoration and where the file is saved, click Show Details.

epson event manager for mac

  • Click the Scan button to begin scanning. Your image will be saved to the folder that’s selected in the Scan To pop-up menu.

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    I have an EPSON Perfection V500 Phot scanner. Does the dame issue apply to this scanner?
    Thank you in advance for your response.


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