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Valheim hasn’t been released for Mac but there are still a few options to play Valheim on a Mac.

Valheim is a viking inspired brutal survival and exploration game for up to 10 players that sold more than a million copies in the first week of its release on 2nd February 2021.

At the moment, Valheim is only available for Windows or Linux and there is no version for Mac, PlayStation or XBox.

The good news is there are still a few ways to get Valheim on a Mac as we’ll explain.

It’s important to note that normally we recommend Parallels as the best way to run Windows on a Mac to play games like Valheim.

However, the demands of Valheim mean that there’s a lot of glitches playing Valheim using virtualization software (see more on this below).

Unfortunately, Parallels is currently the only way to run Windows on an M1 Mac though (Boot Camp does not work with the M1 chip) so if you want to play Valheim on an M1 Mac Parallels is your only option.

With this in mind, here are the best ways to play Valheim on a Mac.

1. Boot Camp

You can get Valheim on Mac by installing Windows for free with Boot Camp. You can then play the Windows version of Valheim on your Mac via the Steam store.

Boot Camp is a free tool in macOS that allows you to install Windows in a partition on your hard drive so that you can use your Mac as a Windows PC whenever you want.

Note that this does not work with the new Apple Silicon M1 Macs as Boot Camp does not work with M1 chip Macs.

Since Boot Camp is a free utility, and you can now install Windows 10 for free on a Mac without an activation code, the only thing you’ll have to buy is Valheim from the Steam store.

2. GeForce Now

GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s gaming platform that allows you to play Windows only games in the Cloud.

GeForce Now is available for Mac and once you sign-up, you can play Valheim remotely. Gaming on a Mac using GeForce Now is extremely fast and you won’t notice any lag or dropped frames.

Note that GeForce Now requires a subscription to play whereas installing Windows with Boot Camp is free as Windows no longer requires an activation code in order to use it.

GeForce Now currently costs $4.99 per month or $24.95 for six months and you can try one hour of gaming for free.

Can You Play Valheim in Parallels & M1 Macs?

Parallels is a virtual environment and usually our recommended way of running Windows on a Mac as it allows you to run macOS and Windows at the same time.

It also allows you to run Windows on M1 Macs to play games like Valheim.

However, the problem is that the graphics acceleration using Parallels is not good enough for a game like Valheim. The result is that buildings and walls will not render well and the gameplay is very choppy.

You’d get killed pretty quickly by a boar chasing you in Valheim using Parallels as the gameplay is so slow.

Boot Camp allows you to dedicate all of your Macs graphics card to running Windows and Valheim so the performance is much better.

The same applies to Crossover which is a different type of Windows emulation software but suffers the same problems running Valheim as Parallels.

Unfortunately however, Parallels is currently the only way to run Windows on an M1 Mac though (Boot Camp does not work with the M1 chip) so if you want to play Valheim on an M1 Mac Parallels is your only option.

When Is Valheim Coming To Mac?

At the moment, there is Valheim for Mac release date but the developers of Valheim Iron Gate have stated that:

A Mac-version will be released if there is any significant demand for it.

At the moment, there is a petition to get a port of Valheim made for macOS so if you’re desperate to play it on macOS you can add your name to the list.

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