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VMware has released the VMware Fusion 13 virtual machine which now supports installing Windows 11 on a Mac on both Intel and Apple Silicon M1/M2 chip Macs.

VMware Fusion 13 is a virtual machine which allows you to run Windows on a Mac and has now been fully updated for the latest M1 Macs, M2 chip Macs and macOS Ventura.

VMware Fusion 13 features a new Virtual TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0) that is required by Windows 11 in order to run on a Mac in a virtual machine.

Intel Macs using VMware Fusion 13 enjoy full support for Windows 11 with features such as Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste and shared folders supported between macOS and Windows.

VMware Fusion 13 also supports connecting USB devices such as external drives and digital cameras.

The Intel version of VMware Fusion 13 also supports DirectX 11 and connecting eGPUs to a Mac for those that need more power for playing Windows only games.

On Apple Silicon M1 and M2 chip Macs, VMware Fusion 13 supports Windows 11 On ARM with support for virtual graphics and networking meaning you can use 4K and 5K external displays with it.

The Apple Silicon version of VMware Fusion 13 also supports OpenGL 4.3 in Windows

However, because VMware Fusion 13 only supports the ARM versions of Windows, x86/Intel games and apps will not run on it natively although it has built-in emulation to run some Intel and AMD programs.

To celebrate the launch, VMware are also offering 30% off new licenses of VMware Fusion 13.

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  1. smayer97

    Great news. Is it still free for personal use like v12?

    Does it support virtualizing macOS on Mx-based Macs? If so, what is the oldest guest macOS supported?

    • MacHow2

      Yes it is and it does support Windows ARM on M series Macs. You must be running macOS Monterey or later to install it.

      • smayer97

        Thanks. I just asked so it could be documented here. But also, what is the oldest version of macOS supported as a GUEST OS?

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