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8 Best Scheduling Software For Mac of 2023

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Scheduling software helps keep you on top of your bookings and appointments so we’ve looked at the best appointment scheduling and booking software for Mac in 2023.

In these reviews, we’ve ranked the best scheduling software for businesses of all sizes and industries according to features, ease of use, pricing and integrations with other platforms.

Managing business appointments can be time consuming and although some CRM software include scheduling features, dedicated appointment scheduling software can help do everything from keeping staff calendars up to date to allowing customers to book online.

The scheduling apps reviewed here are suitable for all kinds of businesses including the incredibly powerful Autodesk Construction Cloud for those that need the best construction scheduling software.

Scheduling Software For Mac vs Project Management Software

Although they are often used together, scheduling software is different from project management software because scheduling apps focus more on managing bookings and appointments whereas project management software is more about managing project timelines.

The best appointment scheduling apps allow you or your clients to reschedule at short notice due to emergencies, rearrange your busy schedule when there’s a no-show, book meetings during video conferences and take payments online.

This allows you to focus on managing or building your business rather than managing your bookings.

Using scheduling software can also help your business go paperless by reducing paperwork and more productive and efficient by reducing back and forth emailing or phone calls.

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Does Apple Have A Scheduling App?

Apple doesn’t have a scheduling app other than Calendar in macOS, iOS or via iCloud.

Although Calendar has a desktop app, it’s not a professional scheduling software and is only suitable as a planner app for giving you an overview of dates and appointments.

Apple Calendar can be compared to tools like Google Calendar but isn’t a proper scheduling or booking solution such as the scheduling apps reviewed here.

With this in mind, here then are the best scheduling software for Mac in order of ranking.

1. Zoho Bookings (Best Overall)

Zoho Bookings is an incredibly easy to use and well thought out scheduling and booking system.

Zoho is one of the biggest business software developers around with solutions for everything from CRM software to remote helpdesk solutions.

Zoho Bookings allows customers to instantly book and pay for appointments and setup reminders to make sure both parties remember dates and timings.

Zoho Bookings is well integrated with online meeting tools including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

It’s also integrated with PayPal, Stripe and CRM systems such as Salesforce and there’s also a WordPress plugin to embed it into your website.

If you already used Zoho products such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Assist, then using Zoho Bookings is a logical choice as it’s fully integrated with both and follows the same easy to use interface.

You can try Zoho Bookings for free to test it for yourself.

Pricing: Starts at $6/m+

2. Bonsai (Best For Invoicing Integration)

bonsai scheduling software

Bonsai is an easy to use scheduling software that makes it incredibly easy to book and manage appointments.

Bonsai also has an integrated CRM and invoicing system as well so it’s effective for both small and big businesses that need an all-in-one booking, invoicing and CRM tool combined.

Bonsai makes it easy for clients to book, re-schedule and cancel meetings.

The invoicing software also allows you to invoice for your time and any meetings that have been booked with you or your team.

You can also charge in advance to prevent revenue lost through no-shows and it saves time on having to switch to invoicing software to get paid for your time.

Other features in Bonsai include email reminders for appointments, time tracking and even contract templates that have been legally vetted.

You can try Bonsai for free to test it for yourself.

Pricing: Starts at $21/month

3. SimplyBook (Best For Zoom & Teams)

simplybook schedule software

SimplyBook (also known as SimplyBook Me) is a great way to setup both a website and professional booking platform. SimplyBook is designed for integration with POS systems so it’s ideal for service based industries.

Booking confirmations are sent by SMS and email and users can cancel bookings at any time. You can also embed the SimplyBook scheduling widget into any website.

If you use Google Calendar, Simply Book will also sync with it and it clearly color coordinates appointments and bookings for an easy overview by priority.

SimplyBook also allows you to accept bookings via Facebook, Instagram and Google.

You can extend the functionality of SimplyBook with Zapier plus plugins including for WordPress and Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts so that you can setup appointments during video conferences.

You can use the basic version of SimplyBook for free although the free version is limited to 50 bookings per month and lacks integrations of the paid plans.

Pricing: Free / Plans starting from $8.25/month.

4. Calendly (Best For Beginners)


Calendly is one of the easiest scheduling apps out there and is suitable for small to medium sized organizations.

Calendly is designed to help you improve customer service, sales and help your organization become more efficient.

Calendly is easy to learn and use and dynamically updates your calendar when clients change dates. It’s also fully integrated with Office 365, Google products and Outlook.

Calendly cross checks appointments to make sure you’re never double booked and sends automated invites, reminders and follow-ups.

For online businesses, you can also send multiple invites for things like webinars, classes and workshops.

Note that email support is only available to Premium users and you can only connect one calendar per account so if you have multiple calendars, Calendly is not for you.

You can try Calendly for free to judge for yourself.

Pricing: Free / Plans starting from $10/month.

5. Acuity (Best For Revenue Tracking)


Acuity is a powerful scheduling solution for businesses that allows you to manage appointments in real time from anywhere including on your Mac desktop.

Acuity is used in a wide range of industries from construction to nursing (although if you want to use it as construction scheduling software we’d recommend checking out AutoDesk Construction Cloud).

Although there’s no Mac desktop app, there is an Acuity mobile app for iPad and iPhone which allows you to edit and make appointments.

One of the advantages of Acuity is that it not only handles scheduling but if you give it enough information, it tracks revenue based on appointments you have with clients.

You can share Acuity schedules on social media and embed your schedule on websites so that users can interact with bookings.

Acuity is also integrated with online payment processing providers such as PayPal and Stripe so that you can take payment for services offered by your business.

You can try Acuity for free to judge for yourself.

Pricing: Plans starting from $16/month.

6. AutoDesk Construction Cloud (Best Construction Scheduling Software)

autodesk construction cloud

AutoDesk Construction Cloud is easily the best construction scheduling software for architects and those in the building trade.

AutoDesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

Construction Cloud is designed to bring every project team member together from designers to builders to make sure you are on the same page and simplify workflows.

Construction Cloud is designed to manage appointments and schedules for contractors, subcontractors, owners and more.

AutoDesk specializes in CAD software so Construction Cloud brings that expertise into organizing projects for everything from 3D design to engineering.

Some of the areas that AutoDesk Construction Cloud is used in include large robotics projects and skyscrapers to 3D modeling and animation.

Because of this, Construction Cloud is quite a complex scheduling software because of the large number of actors involved in building projects but if you need a construction scheduling software that works on all platforms, there’s none better.

You can try a demo of Construction Cloud to test it for yourself.

Pricing: Starts $49/m

7. Doodle (Best For Freelancers)

The Doodle scheduling app is an easy to use tool for arranging meetings and is particularly popular with freelancers due to its free version and low pricing plans.

Doodle has a convenient iOS app for iPad and iPhone that makes it very easy to search dates, find the best time to meet and then send an invite to participants.

Although we wouldn’t recommend Doodle as a professional business scheduling software solution, it’s ideal for sole traders arranging meetings or social scheduling.

You can send Doodle invitations via Messenger, iMessage, SMS and email or within the app itself.

The basic version of Doodle is free but only for one user and with limited features. To add more than one users unlock things like Outlook integration and custom logo branding, you need to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Pricing: Free / Plans starting from $6.95 per month.

8. Trafft

Trafft is a premium scheduling software designed for virtual appointments, meetings and events, staff management, payment processing and reminder sending.

Trafft is suitable for organizations that need to handle thousands of appointments a day and is commonly used by a wide range of businesses including beauty salons, healthcare providers, gyms, consulting firms, official administration, professional services and personal services.

Trafft automatically helps you build a booking system website with an easy to use WYSIYG interface that makes it easy enough for anyone to create. It also allows you to embed the booking system on any website or social media such as Instagram.

Trafft is fully integrated with Zapier so that means third party integration with all major CRM software, project management tools and email marketing software.

Trafft also features integration with Zoom so that you can hold online virtual sessions with clients and customers within the platform.

You can try Trafft for free to test it for yourself.

Pricing: Free / Plans starting from $19 per month when paid annually.


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