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Crossover Now Allows Mac Users To Play Counter Strike 2

Crossover has announced a new update that allows Mac users to play Counter Strike 2.

Until now, the only way to play Counter Strike 2 on a Mac was to use GeForce Now For Mac and link Steam to it but Crossover now provides another way to play CS2 on a Mac.

Crossover is one of the best ways to play PC games on a Mac and the new update follows closely behind the recent release of Crossover 23 which provided support for DirectX 12 on a Mac for the first time.

DirectX 12 is used by many AAA games and previously there were very few viable options to play big PC only games on a Mac such as Diablo 4 that were based of DirectX 12.

The new Crossover 23.6 update added a few tweaks to support Counter Strike 2 which Valve recently confirmed would not be released for Mac.

In the announcement Crossover stated:

We tested the game on macOS Ventura and Sonoma with both Silicon and Intel hardware. Furthermore, we are committed to continuing to make fixes and improvements to make sure Mac gamers can reliably run Counter-Strike 2 seamlessly through CrossOver now and in the future.

To play Counter Strike 2 using Crossover, you’ll need to install Crossover first.

You can try Crossover free for 14 days but after that you’ll need a subscription starting at $74.

You’ll also of course need to own the Windows version of Counter Strike 2 on Steam which Crossover will then allow you to play on your Mac.

You can also check out our full Crossover review for more.

You can find out more on how to play Counter Strike 2 on a Mac here.

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