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Crossover For Mac Adds DirectX 12 to Play Diablo IV on Mac

Good news for gamers that want to play Windows only games on a Mac. Crossover has announced that it has officially rolled out DirectX 12 support meaning lots more Windows games can be played on a Mac.

Crossover allows Mac users to run Windows only applications and games without installing a full version of Windows, and announced back in June that the beta version was testing support for DirectX 12 in Crossover 23.

Now Crossover 23 has been officially rolled out to all users and can be downloaded now from the Crossover website.

You can download a free trial of Crossover but a full license costs $64 per year with discounts available if you use the code LEVELUP23 on purchase.

DirectX 12 is a powerful multimedia API that allows developers to create high-performance games and other applications on Windows PCs.

Many recent Windows or console only big game releases such as Diablo 4 and Hogwarts Legacy require DirectX 12 but the problem for Mac users is that most methods of running Windows on a Mac do not support it (although most methods do already support DirectX 11 including Crossover).

Even virtual machines such as Parallels which is the best way to run Windows on a Mac, do not support DirectX 12 yet.

Until now, the only way to play games that require DirectX 12 on a Mac was to install Windows using Boot Camp but Boot Camp is only available on Intel Macs and does not work on the latest Apple Silicon Macs with the M1/M2 chips.

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Crossover 23 Now Supports Diablo IV on a Mac

Crossover’s support for DirectX 12, means that Mac users on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs may finally be able to play major game releases even if they are Windows only.

However, at the moment it will only work for specific Windows games and you can check if the game you want to play is supported here.

The good news is that Diablo IV is supported which is the big release that Mac gamers have been desperate for.

The developer Codeweavers has confirmed it runs on macOS Ventura although there’s no official word on whether it will work with the forthcoming macOS Sonoma.

Crossover 23 also allows Mac users to run the EA app which is soon set to replace EA Origin allowing Mac users to play Windows only EA games on a Mac too.

How Does Crossover Work?

Crossover uses a modified version of Wine which is an open-source compatibility layer that allows programs designed for Windows to run on other operating systems.

While Wine is tricky to setup and use, Crossover wraps it up in a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for Mac users to install and use Windows programs.

One of the advantages of Crossover compared to other methods of running windows on a Mac such as virtual machines is that it doesn’t require a copy of Windows to be installed on the Mac.

This means that Crossover requires less disk space and avoids the hassle of dual-booting a Mac with two operating systems.

Apart from support for DirectX 12, Crossover 23 also includes better support for high-resolution displays, improved graphics rendering and better shader compilation.

Crossover 23 also supports Diablo II Resurrected as well as Diablo IV

Diablo II Ressurected running on Apple Silicon. Source: Codeweavers

You can read more on the release of Crossover 23 here.

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