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Why You Can’t Play EA FC24 on a Mac (Yet)

EA FC24 is the new re-branded version of FIFA and many Mac users have been desperately trying to work out if you can play EA FC24 on a Mac.

To save you a lot of time trying to work out whether its possible or not, we can tell you that at the moment there is no reliable way to play FC24 on a Mac in 2023 including with M1, M2 and M3 chip Macs.

Although there are many ways of playing Windows games on a Mac, none of them work for FC24 as we’ll explain.

What Is EA FC24?

ea fc24

In a move which confused FIFA fans worldwide, Electronic Arts rebranded the FIFA football game as EA24 for the 2023 release of the game.

What many expected to be called “FIFA 24” is therefore called EA FC24 due to the fact that EA decided not to pay FIFA for the rights to use the FIFA in its game.

This came as big surprise for FIFA fans as EA had been using the FIFA name under license for the game ever since FIFA 94 released all the way back in 1993.

Is EA FC24 Available For Mac?

There is no version of EA FC24 for Mac.

Electronic Arts released FC24 on September 29th and it is only available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Can You Play EA24 in Cloud Gaming Services?

At the moment there are no Cloud gaming services that allow you to play EA24 on a Mac.

This includes Xbox Cloud which does allow you to play FIFA 23 but not EA24 although this will probably change once the game has been out a while.

Some sites claim you can play FIFA24 using Boosteroid but this isn’t something we’ve tried and not a method endorsed by EA.

You can only run EA24 in Boosteroid if you’ve purchased the Windows version of the game from EA so you’d need to own the game plus pay for a Boosteroid subscription of $10.60/€9.89 per month which works out as a pretty expensive solution.

Can You Play EA24 in Parallels, Crossover or Apple Game Porting Kit?

You can’t play EA24 in Parallels, Crossover or the Apple Game Porting Toolkit for a couple of reasons:

  • EA24 is protected by EA’s ant-cheat software which does not run in virtual machines including Parallels
  • EA24 requires Advanced Vector Graphics (AVX) which doesn’t work on Apple Silicon M1, M2 or M3 chips

These popular ways of playing Windows games on a Mac along with many others simply don’t work for EA24 at this time.

What Other Options Are There?

At the moment, there’s no viable or reliable way to play EA FC24 on a Mac.

The only other alternatives are to connect remotely to a Windows installation of FC24 using a service such as airGPU or Shadow.

However, this not only performs very badly due to the connection lag between your Mac and the PC but it works out very expensive as you pay by the hour with such services.

The next best thing to playing EA24 on a Mac however is to play FIFA 23 on a Mac using Xbox Cloud.

As long as you’ve got an Xbox Cloud Ultimate account, you can play the Xbox version of FIFA23 in any browser on a Mac.

You don’t actually need an Xbox to use Xbox Cloud Ultimate as anyone can sign-up for an account. However, you will need an Xbox controller which you can connect to your Mac via Bluetooth.

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