Best Fax Apps For Mac In 2018

If you have no choice but to send a fax from your Mac in 2018 we’ve taken a look at the best fax apps for Mac in 2018. Fax apps are by far the easiest and cheapest way to send and receive faxes from macOS as they avoid the need for expensive fax machines, modems or phone lines. With the following software, you can be faxing from your Mac in a matter of minutes. All these apps work for recent versions of OS X and macOS including El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra. Here then is our selection of the best fax software for Mac in order of ranking.

1. eFax

If you want to send or receive faxes quickly, easily and cheaply from your Mac, you can’t do much better than eFax. eFax is easily the leading online fax service out there due to its ease of use, email fax sending system and useful mobile apps. You get more features in eFax than any other fax service such as e-signing and the largest file attachment allowance in the industry (up to 1GB). You don’t even need to download anything to use eFax on a Mac either. All you need is your regular email account to send faxes with it although you can send faxes via a web interface too. You simply attach the faxes as attachments to an email, write your cover letter in the body of the email and send the email to the fax number of your choice followed by e.g. You will receive faxes in the same email account that you send faxes from. Alternatively, you can log into your eFax account online and send them via the eFax web interface:

fax from mac - efax send

If you need to send large documents or files, eFax offers the biggest file attachment limit on the market at 1GB compared to just 5MB with Nextiva and 20MB with RingCentral so it’s ideal for those that need to send very long faxes or faxes with lots of images in them. eFax is also one of the few fax services to offer mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. These apps support swipe-signing of faxes so if you need to sign-off a lot of faxes on a daily basis, you can simply swipe your mobile device and the fax will be signed and sent. You can also take a photo, sign-it and then fax it in a few swipes.

how to fax from mac - efax sign

If you need to fax a document that’s not saved on your phone, eFax is integrated with online storage solutions such as Dropbox and OneDrive so you can download them and send them from your phone:

mac fax - fax from mobile

The mobile app is are very useful if you need to send or check faxes when your on the move and away from your computer. You can easily see how many faxes you’ve got how many pages they are in your inbox.

fax from phone - efax inbox

eFax also claims to offer one of the safest and most secure online fax services available using encrypted fax protocols to comply with HIPAA, SOX and other federal regulations. However, note that eFax will not sign a Business Associate Agreement.

eFax now has two monthly subscription plans – eFax Plus for $16.95 per month and eFax Pro for $19.95 per month. The only difference between these two plans is that you get 200 sent and received faxes per month with eFax pro compared to 150 with eFax Plus. Overage rates for pages beyond this are $0.10 cents per page. Both of these plans are more expensive than RingCentral or Nextiva but they also offer some useful benefits as you you can see below:

fax from mac - efax v ringcentral v nextiva

eFax offers more features than both Nextiva and RingCentral and also offers a few things that they don’t such as the ability to add electronic signatures, the ability to take, sign and send a photo instantly and of course, the whopping 1GB file upload limit compared to Nextiva’s 5MB and RingCentral’s 20MB. If you know you’re going to have to upload very large images or documents for faxing, eFax is definitely the better option to go for.  and as you can see below, the free trial is unlimited allows you to do everything you can with a $16.95 per month subscription.

Note that eFax is one of the only online fax services to feature a Mac fax app but unfortunately, it only works on old PPC Macs running OS X 10.1 (see more about eFax Messenger in our Mac fax software reviews later on in this article). eFax Messenger does not work on newer Intel Macs making it useless for the majority of people but if you do still use an older PPC Mac, eFax Messenger is a useful fax software for Mac and Windows that allows you to write and edit faxes on your Mac desktop and check your incoming faxes. As well as being virtually obsolete nowadays, the Mac version of eFax Messenger isn’t as complete as the Windows version which allows document conversion, digital signing and scanner support among other things.

You can try eFax free and cancel at anytime if you’re not satisfied.

Price: $16.95/month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the most established, reliable and professional online fax services available and the biggest competitor to eFax. RingCentral is however more of a complete communication suite for your computer, offering phone, video conferencing and fax in one if you want it making it a suitable alternative to Skype for Business on Mac.

RingCentral allows you to send and receive faxes from your computer, gives you a dedicated fax number if you need one and the ability to use e-mail to send and receive faxes. All faxes can be sent and received using an online interface similar to Nextiva or you can send faxes via email too. If you want to fax multiple contacts, you can create Groups in exactly the same way as you do with email. RingCentral has also improved its service most recently by adding integration with Google Drive, DropBox, Box and Microsoft Outlook meaning you can conveniently fax documents stored in them from the main web interface.


If you need to upload large attachments, RingCentral offers a significantly larger 20MB upload limit compared to Nextiva’s 5MB. You can even add additional fax numbers to your plan for an extra $4.99 per month and add additional 800 or vanity numbers for a one time fee of $30. Unfortunately, there’s no desktop app for Mac yet although there is one for PC. RingCentral is definitely better integrated with Windows than OS X but if you don’t care about a desktop client and just use the web interface, it’s exactly the same service.

Like eFax, RingCentral is the only fax service to offer a mobile app. You can also use the RingCentral companion mobile app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry from which you can send faxes.

fax from mac - ringcentral mobile

RingCentral pricing plans are mid-range – cheaper than eFax but a little more expensive than Nextiva ranging from $7.99 to $49.99 a month. The basic Fax 500 $7.99 package allows you to send 500 pages per month and then it’s 5.9c per fax over that. If you upgrade to the Fax 1000 package for $12.99 per month, you get 1000 free faxes a month with faxes costing 4.9c per fax over that.

Note that you cannot receive calls if you only sign-up to RingCentral’s faxing plan. If you want to make cheaper national and international calls from your computer as well, you have to sign-up for RingCentral’s Professional Plan which acts like a communication suite that can screen calls, take voicemails and send faxes.

RingCentral is certainly the most professional and feature rich online faxing service out there with nice touches such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Microsoft Outlook integration and the possibility to add further 800 or vanity numbers. The best thing to do is try RingCentral Fax for free. Note that there is no longer phone support with RingCentral – all support is now online so if you prefer to talk to someone if you have any issues, you might be better going with eFax.

Price: Starts $7.99 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

3. Nextiva

Nextiva offers some of the most competitive pricing on the online fax market with the basic service costing just $4.95 a month which is far cheaper than Fax. There are no contracts to tie you into a subscription and you can send faxes via email or your mobile device. Nextiva isn’t a cheap and cheerful service however as major corporations such as Target and Burger King use it for some of their faxing needs.

Nextiva has a very clear and simple dashboard which helps you manage sent and received faxes. You can choose to either send and receive faxes via this portal by clicking Send A Fax or setup and email account to associate it with via Fax Settings.

fax from mac - nextiva dashboard

Sending a fax via the portal is simply a case of adding a fax number and details about who it’s from and when to send it. You can upload documents in most major formats such as PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG etc. You can also choose to send a copy of the fax to an email address if you want to have confirmation of it.

fax from mac - nextiva send fax

Sending via email is even easier. All you have to do is to send the email to the fax number of the fax machine you want to receive it by prefixing the number with a “1” and adding

fax from mac - nextiva email fax

The same rules sending a fax via email on Nextiva apply as on the portal i.e. you can send up to 10 attachments with a maximum file upload size of 5MB.

Nextiva’s Single User account is definitely the cheapest you’ll find anywhere at just under $5 a month. For most people that just need to send occassional faxes, this is more than sufficient with a limit of 500 pages a month. For small businesses, the $12.95 supports 100 pages per month and for bigger businesses, you can send up to 3000 pages a month with the Business Pro plan. Note that Nextiva doesn’t support setting-up of toll-free fax numbers. Although you have to pay annually in advance for all Nextiva plans, you can cancel at any time and get a full refund.  fax from mac - nextiva pricing

In general, Nextiva is as reliable as any other online fax service out there and although it’s quite basic in features, it offers all the essentials that most people need for faxing. For all plans, you can try a free trial of Nextiva for 30 days.

Price: Starts $4.95 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

4. MyFax

MyFax is made by J2, owners of eFax and is very similar as it’s based around sending faxes by email but has less features and is therefore cheaper at $10 per month. There used to be three pricing plans with MyFax but it’s now been simplified to a basic $10 a month plan which allows you to send up to 100 faxes per month and receive 200 pages per month which is considerably less than both Nextiva and RingCentral’s basic of 500 per month. Extra pages are charged at $0.10 cents per page after that.

There aren’t many advantages to using MyFax compared to Nextiva, RingCentral or eFax except MyFax offers lots of fax cover sheet templates. You can view some of the fax templates MyFax offers in the fax cover sheet gallery. If you need to send faxes from your mobile device, MyFax also has the advantage MyFax for iPhone and Blackberry that enables you to send faxes directly from mobiles although many users have reported fax sending problems with it so it’s not 100% reliable.

fax from mac - myfax mobile

Note that if you need to send faxes internationally, there are different international rates compared to the US and Canada. The best thing to do is try MyFax free for 30 days and judge for yourself.

Price: Starts $10 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

5. RapidFax

RapidFax for example is a no-fuss email fax service which doesn’t have all the fancy features of the others, but is simple and easy to use. RapidFax is a dedicated email fax service that offers 350 free inbound or outbound fax pages and toll free numbers at no extra charge (as long as you have a subscription for $13.99). Note that the 350 free pages are valid in the US only, not internationally.

fax from computer - rapidfax

To send a fax using RapidFax, you simply address the email to the recipients fax number using your regular email client i.e. Outlook, Gmail etc. You can add attachments normally as if you were sending an email and you’ll receive and email when the fax is delivered. The same goes when receiving faxes – RapidFax will automatically deliver faxes to your email address. Alternatively, you can use the RapidFax web interface to send and receive faxes. RapidFax is also integrated with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 to send faxes directly from within Office. However, this only works on Windows and doesn’t work in the latest versions of Microsoft Office indicating that RapidFax is a bit dated nowadays when it comes to faxing online.

You can try RapidFax free for 30 days to judge for yourself although you’ll need a credit card to sign-up but you can cancel at any time during the trial.

Price: Starts $10 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

6. is one of the cheapest online fax services out there and for $9.99 per month, you get 300 sent and received faxes, local or toll free fax numbers and online fax storage. When you sign-up for, you simply have to choose the fax number you want:

fax from mac - fax com

Then enter the email address you want to use to send and receive faxes:

fax from mac - fax com email

The final part of the sign-up process is to enter your credit card details although the first 30 days are free and you can cancel during the trial and not get charged if you’re not satisfied by going to

fax from mac - sign up

When you’ve finished the sign-up process, you can start faxing for free from Mac or PC immediately. Like most online fax services, you attach the main fax document to the email. The interface is basic but self explanatory and easy to use and there are hints and videos if you get stuck.

how to fax from mac - fax com send

Although there is no mobile app, you can of course use on a mobile device via your browser. has a flat rate of $9.99 per month for 300 sent and received faxes with a 30 day free trial.

Price: $9.99 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

7. MetroFax

MetroFax is a reliable, value for money online fax service for with subscriptions starting at $6.63 for a generous 500 sent and received pages per month. Additional pages are just $0.03 cents per page making it one of the cheapest online fax services available. This doesn’t mean it’s not reliable however and large enterprises such as Marriott Hotels, Safeway and Stanford University use MetroFax for their fax needs so it’s got a good track record with some major clients.

MetroFax isn’t jam packed with features but it does include the most important ones such as the ability to fax from email, a web browser and a mobile device via mobile apps. MetroFax is very easy to use and follows the same standard process as most other online fax services to compose and send a fax. You can send a fax two ways – either from your own email address including Gmail, Microsoft Live Mail and Outlook or from the MetroFax web interface. Sending a fax from your email address is the easiest way. All you have to do is simply compose a new email message in your email client and type the recipient’s fax number including country and area code followed by (e.g. In the body of the email, you can type anything that you want to appear on the cover page. The actual pages you want to fax you just add as attachments and then to fax from a mac - metrofax Note that attachments are limited to 18MB which should be sufficient for most fax needs unless your fax includes a lot of images, in which case you can simply divide into into several faxes. When you’ve sent the fax, you’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox with details of when the fax was sent, whether it was successfully and how long it took. This is actually quite a neat feature because with some fax services, it’s not always clear whether your fax was actually sent or not.

fax from pc - metrofax

Any responses or replies to your faxes from the recipient, you will receive in your email inbox either as a PDF or TIFF attachment.

Alternatively, you can easily send and receive faxes from your MetroFax account. Just log into your account and then it’s pretty self-explanatory how to send, receive and view faxes. Other things you can do in the MetroFax web interface are update your service plan if you need to send and receive more faxes per month, check how many faxes you’ve sent and received, add an additional fax number, change the email address that you send and receive faxes from and change the file format (PDF or TIFF) that you receive email faxes in.fax from pc - metrofax account page

Finally, MetroFax is one of the few online fax services to also offer mobile apps. Although you can use all online fax services via a web browser on a mobile device, mobile apps are more convenient offering quicker access and additional features such as the ability to take a photo and fax immediately. This is useful if you need to fax someone a document in a hurry that you don’t have saved on your phone, Mac or PC.faxing from mac - metrofax mobile app

What we liked most about MetroFax is that it’s no nonsense, there are no gimmicks, it’s straightforward to use and it’s reliable. It doesn’t feature some of the more advanced features of services such as eFax and RingCentral such as vanity numbers and sign-and-fax but for many people, these aren’t essential anyway. MetroFax is also remarkably good value starting at $6.63 a month for 500 sent and received pages and there’s a 30 day free trial.

Price: Starts $6.63 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

8. SmartFax

Finally, if you’re looking for a really cheap way of sending fax from your Mac, SmartFax is worth a mention. SmartFax is a very quick and easy way to get a cheap online fax number. SmartFax is also operated by J2 and therefore similar to but slightly cheaper at $6.95 per month for 250 inbound and outbound faxes. SmartFax is an ideal solution for startups on a tight budget or mobile professionals than need a cheap fax service for occasional use. SmartFax also supports international faxing but note that there are extra costs per fax depending on which country outside the USA you want to fax. SmartFax includes a 30 day free trial although like, you must sign-up with your credit card details.

fax from mac - smartfax

Price: $6.95 Month – 30 Day Free Trial – No Setup Fee

9. iFax

The first thing to note about the iFax for Mac on the Mac App Store is that although it claims to be “free”, it is definitely not free to send or receive faxes. The second thing to be aware of is that it is not always reliable and can lead to some confusing errors and doubts as to whether your faxes have actually been sent or not. However, if you just need to send one or two faxes or the occasional fax, when it works properly iFax is a very quick and easy solution without the need to sign-up to an online faxing service.

fax from mac - ifax

You can download the iFax app for free but it’s completely useless unless you make in-app purchases to send and receive faxes. You pay for faxes using your Apple iTunes credit. The minimum payment amount is $0.99 to send 5 faxes to a “Group A” region. Group A includes the USA, Canada and most European countries but does not include South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina or Eastern European nations such as Russia and Poland which fall into “Group B” and cost $1.99 per fax. Finally “Group C” faxes cost $2.99 per fax and includes countries such as Egypt, Israel and UAE. If you want to fax more than 5 pages to Group A regions, there are plans of up to 25 pages for $4.99 but if you want to fax extra pages beyond that, it costs $0.99 per fax which soon adds up if you’re sending a lot of faxes.

The other thing to be aware of with iFax is you have to pay to receive faxes. If you want your own fax number, you must pay $17.99 and this allows you to receive unlimited incoming faxes. Incoming fax plans for Group B and Group C are more expensive. You can purchase fax numbers for whichever country you choose so even if you are based in the USA, you can purchase a virtual fax number for Canada for example. Most recently iFax now allows users in the USA to test incoming faxes for free and if you’re based in the US, you can get an iFax incoming fax number free trial for 7 days.

fax from mac - ifax for mac fax numbers

iFax is simple to use and allows you to attach documents in PDF, TIFF and JPG format which you can attach my dragging and dropping them into the iFax Mac app interface. Using the iFax Wizard tool in the left hand side of the interface, you can start the process of sending a fax by choosing different Cover Sheet styles.

fax app for mac - ifax cover sheet

If the fax number you are sending to is busy or engaged, iFax will keep re-sending faxes until it is sent. You can also send, receive and check faxes on your iOS or Android mobile device as iFax is multiplatform and works on Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows 8 and even Google Chrome. You configure iFax to send push notifications for faxes to your Mac or mobile device so you don’t need to keep checking the app for new faxes. iFax also uses HIPAA compliant encryption which is the industry standard for sending faxes online.

how to fax from mac - ifax
The main downside of iFax is the reliability which be very bit hit and miss. Some users experience no problems but many others find that faxes often fail to send with no given reason other than “telephony error” or timeout problems. iFax telephony errors are quite common and there is no help from the app or help section on the developer website regarding iFax troubleshooting. In the fax industry a “telephony error” can be caused by many different things, usually to do with the setup of a call or transmission and it would be helpful if iFax specified exactly what has gone wrong. Most online fax services will still try to deliver your fax using different servers and phone lines after reporting telephony errors although it’s not clear with iFax whether it does this or whether the fax sending has completely failed.

iFax for Mac can be a good solution if you just one to send the occasional fax and don’t want to sign-up to a faxing plan or need an incoming fax number. It’s also one of the few faxing apps for Mac that actually has a desktop client for OS X if that’s important for you. If you need reliability, proper customer support and are going to be sending lots of faxes, you’re much better off instead signing-up for an online fax service.

Price: Starts At $0.99 For 5 Pages

10. FaxDocument

The FaxDocument Mac app is the official Mac fax software of which allows you to send faxes either from your browser or from the FaxDocument Mac app. FaxDocument is very similar to iFax but with a slightly more straightforward, less gimmicky fax machine interface that iFax has. Like iFax, it’s also one of the few services that charge per fax via your iTunes credit rather than tie you into annual fees or subscriptions. The difference is that iFax offers considerably cheaper rates at $0.60 per fax compared to $0.99 per fax with iFax. Alternatively, you can buy a quota of faxes. For $19.99 you can send up to 25 faxes or send 50 faxes for $29.99.

FaxDocument is very easy to use. You can drag and drop documents in PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or RTF format into FaxDocument and the interface is probably about most OS X like that you’ll find in a fax app for Mac.

mac fax apps - faxdocument

One very useful feature of FaxDocument is that it clearly shows you which faxes have been successfully sent and which failed. It would be better if you could tag or label these faxes as they’re all listed by their fax number and it can be hard to distinguish which fax is which but it still gives you peace of mind that the fax was sent successfully. The overall reliability of FaxDocument has improved a lot and most of the time your faxes are sent successfully but at least nowadays, you can see which ones failed in the fax log.mac fax software - faxdocument sent

On the downside, the FaxDocument Mac app doesn’t tell you how much credit you have remaining so it’s very difficult to keep track of how many more faxes you can send (you have to log into the web version to check your balance). In addition, you can’t receive faxes with FaxDocument like you can with iFax – it’s purely for sending faxes from your computer. Finally, stability and reliability can sometimes be an issue although the FaxDocument works well most of the time. Like iFax though, support can be slow to respond and not very helpful when they do.

You can download FaxDocument for Mac free from the Mac App Store but remember you’ll need to make in-app purchases of fax credit to use it.

Price: Starts At $19.99 For 25 Faxes

11. FaxFresh

Like iFax and FaxDocument, FaxFresh for Mac offers a free desktop app for OS X which allows you to send faxes from Mac. FaxFresh is far more basic than iFax and FaxDocument and the pricing plan is slightly different. You can fax 8 pages for $1.99 and then it costs 25 cents per sheet beyond that. Although FaxFresh supports faxing to over 100 countries which is a lot more than either iFax or FaxDocument, there may also be an extra surcharge depending on the country you want to send to and you should check the FaxFresh pricing plan before signing-up as this can add significant costs to faxes.

There’s no sign-up process for FaxFresh and no subscription required. FaxFresh encrypts all faxes sent with it and doesn’t store documents after sending. FaxFresh only supports attachments in PDF format but is extremely simple and easy to use. Once installed, just use the small uploader to browse to the fax you want to upload in PDF format and just click Pay and Send. To pay, you’ll be taken to PayPal so you’ll need a PayPal account in order to send a fax.fax-from-mac-faxfresh1The interface in FaxFresh is very small and could do with being a bit bigger but it’s easy to use and self explanatory. You receive a confirmation email when a fax has been sent successfully although some users have found that there can be a frustrating delay in this. If a fax is not sent because of a problem or wrong fax number, you will not be charged which isn’t always the case with fax software. FaxFresh also uses encryption to send faxes which mean it’s safe for sending confidential documents to your bank too. On the downside, you can’t receive faxes in FaxFresh – like FaxDocument, it’s only for sending faxes. There’s also no preview, cover letter generator and no support for multiple pages (you have to merge them all together in a PDF basically). If you need to generate a cover page, we recommend using Instant Fax Cover alongside FreshFax:

fax from mac - instant fax cover

FaxFresh can also be frustratingly slow at sending faxes and in general we’re bigger fans of iFax and FaxDocument. FaxFresh does send to more countries than either of the latter though so if neither of the above cover the countries you need to send to, FaxFresh may be your only pay-per-fax option.

Price: $1.99 For 8 Pages / $0.25 Per Page

12. SnapFax

SnapFax (nothing to do with Snapchat by the way) is a relatively new pay-as-you go fax service for Mac which has a free Mac desktop app from the Mac App Store. SnapFax supports sending to 57 countries around the world including the USA, UK and Canada. SnapFax supports drag and drop of PDF documents for faxing, Fujitsu ScanSnap support and push notifications when a job is completed. Unlike most fax services on Mac, it also gives you an estimated time of how long it will take to send your fax.

how to fax from macs - snapfax for mac

Although the SnapFax app is free from the Mac App Store, you have to make in-app purchases in order to buy fax credits. Pricing for SnapFax starts a $1.99 for 4 faxes and goes up to 200 faxes for $49.99. The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper it works out per fax. If you refer friends to download and use SnapFax on their Mac, you can also earn free credits.

There’s also a handy SnapFax mobile app which allows you to take a picture of a document, attach it and then send it from your iPhone or Android device.fax from mac - snapfax mobile

You can watch how quick it is to send a fax using the SnapFax iOS app below:

Price: Starts at 4 faxes for $1.99

13. FreeFax is a German based fax application for Mac that allows you to send faxes from just $0.99 per page to over 50 countries. If you want to send more than one page, you can make an in-app purchase of $5.99 for up to 10 sent and received faxes per month going up to $30.99 for up to 250 fax pages per month. The prices for in app purchases are different to the pricing advertised on it’s website which seems aimed more at European and German users. Confusingly, the interface for the Mac app is called but it’s part of the faxing service.

best fax app mac - faxde

There’s also an iPhone app to send faxes from your iOS device but pricing for this is slightly different to the Mac app starting at $11.99 for up to 50 pages and going up to $30.99 for 250 faxes.

fax app for mac - pc-fax

Price: Starts at $0.99 per page

14. CoMa X

CoMa X requires a modem and a landline phone line in order to work and is therefore only suitable for older Macs or those that have purchased a USB modem. CoMa X is a very dated standalone desktop Mac fax solution by an independent German developer. It’s been around on Mac for many years and works as both an answering machine and fax service. The interface is basic and it doesn’t support all modems but CoMa X works with everything from OS X 10.4 onwards. If you have access to a modem and phone line, you can use CoMa X to send and receive faxes on your Mac but it’s now a very old and unnecessary way to send faxes from Mac. Prices start at $39.99 to unlock and register the fax features of CoMa X. You can also try a 30 day free trial of CoMa X before purchasing.

fax from mac - coma x

Price: $39.00 – 30 Day Free Trial

Mac Fax Software: Useful Tips

Modems and phone landlines in general are slowly becoming a thing of the past and definitely the easiest and best way to fax from a computer nowadays is by using an online fax service. The great thing about online fax services is that they do not require either a phone line or a modem and are very easy to setup and use. All of them allow you to both send and receive faxes on your Mac (or a PC) both within the US and internationally without the need for a fax machine – all you need is an internet connection.

With all online fax services, you get your own dedicated fax number that anyone in the world can use to fax you and some services such as eFax and MyFax even allow you to select a fax number with the country code of your choice for free thus giving you an international fax number for the country of your choice, even if you don’t live in that country. This is very useful if you run a business with offices in different parts of the globe.

If you just want to send the odd one-off fax or need a quick and easy way to send a fax now, you can sign-up for a 30 day free trial of any of these services and send a fax in minutes. Note that to start a free trial, all online fax services require you to enter your credit or debit card details. However, if you choose to cancel your free trial, your card will not be debited when the 30 days expires. Some services such as eFax require you to cancel by phone, not online. This is quite common practice in the online fax industry and is no problem as long you make sure you receive a cancellation email after cancelling by phone.

If you’re happy with the fax service after your trial, you should sign-up for a monthly subscription which gives you a quota of faxes you can send and receive each month. If you go over your monthly quota, most services charge you anything from around 3-10 cents per page extra. Note that although all online fax services advertise the subscription cost per month, this price is discounted because you are charged annually in advance so check the small print. If you choose to be charged on a monthly basis, the monthly cost will be a few dollars higher than paying annually. Most services also require you to pay extra if you want to fax internationally and the cost will depend on their location so check with the vendor if you’re planning to fax abroad. If you want to setup a toll free fax number so that customers or clients can fax you at no cost, some services such as eFax and RingCentral support 800 or vanity numbers.

To fax from an online fax service, most allow you to either send faxes using an email account or by simply uploading the document you want to send in either Word or PDF format to your online fax account. Most services allow you to view and read faxes within your browser in PDF format although some require you to download them first before opening them. Sending via email is easily the most convenient way to send a fax from your computer or mobile phone. You can use your existing email client to email and receive faxes which are received either as an attachment or via a link. To send a fax via email, you simply compose an email as you would normally and in the address field, enter the country code and fax number of the recipient and then,, or whatever service you’ve signed up for.

If you send via email, the coversheet will be the email subject heading and content in the body of the email. If you add attachments, they will be sent as separate pages. If you need a cover sheet, most online fax services provide their own but you can also find lots of free fax cover sheet templates for Mac and PC here. Services such as Nextiva also allow you to connect your physical fax machine or printer fax if you’ve already got one so that you can use the software as a hub for sending and receiving faxes from your Mac or PC. Note that there are no online fax services that have a desktop fax app for Mac since most are completely cloud based. However, there a few fax apps for Mac in the Mac App Store which are unrelated to any of the online fax services featured here which we look at later on in this article in the best fax software for Mac.

Finally, you might also notice a very close similarity between the interfaces and services of some online fax services. This is because major online fax services such as eFax, MyFax, MetroFax, RapidFax and are owned by the same group J2 Global which is one of the biggest players in online communications and also the owner of email marketing software for Mac such as Campaigner and Skype for Business for Mac alternative eVoice. The only difference between J2 services are usually the pricing plans and some functionality with eFax easily being the most complete fax brand that it offers.

Fax Apps vs Online Fax Services

Online fax services are ideal for sending faxes regularly and for sending faxes via email. However, they all require signing up for a monthly subscription which is no good if you just want to send the occasional fax. That’s where a fax app for Mac that allow you to pay-as-you-go pay is more useful. Many Mac fax apps allow you to send faxes from your desktop or browser for as little as $0.25 per fax. Most of them are available on the Mac App Store and allow you to pay for faxes using your iTunes or Mac App Store credit.

Note however that pay-per-fax services are very limited in features and functionality compared to online fax services. They are also far more prone to problems such as failed faxes and technical issues and they usually have very limited customer support.

Be very careful when selecting which fax client to download from the Mac App Store as there are some which simply do not work as advertised or are no longer working properly anymore. Examples include sipgate Faxprinter and Fax Pro which either do not send faxes properly or result in you wasting time trying to work out how to send a fax or work out what’s happened to your sent faxes.


By far the easiest way to send and receive faxes on computer nowadays is to use an online service. They are certainly the most economical and best fax services for small businesses and those that need to send faxes from a computer regularly. Online fax services do not insert ads on your faxes, they allow you to use e-mail to send and receive faxes, give you your own fax number and many offer much more such as extra fax numbers and Office integration. Most of them provide a similar service and the deciding factor is usually how much you want to spend and what extra features and functionality you want such as e-signing, phone support, extra fax numbers, vanity numbers etc. The most complete and best online fax services we’ve seen are eFax and RingCentral as they offer the most services and have the most customers.

If you only need to send a fax a few times a year though, Mac fax apps such as iFax and FaxDocument should see you through even if they can be a bit unreliable sometimes.

Note that whichever method you choose to send faxes, you should be very careful if you intend on sending bulk faxes from Mac or PCs. There are strict laws on fax advertising and spamming via fax.

If you’ve got any other questions, suggestions or experiences you’d like to share about the fax software featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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21 Responses

  1. MacHow2
    S. Evelyn Jackson

    I have a multifunction machine and after the Maverick update all fax functionality has been removed from my OS. I was able to manually add it but after the update prior to Sierra it was again removed, and there is no way to add those options and features.

    My multifunction has the capabilities, however Apple has removed the features that are available with my device. I have tried everything and there is no way to add the missing components to the print dialog box, or even to add the printer as a fax. The device has the capacity and capabilities, however Apple has removed certain components that enables it to work.

    I am annoyed and frustrated because I can’t do things that I was able to do before OS updates. I don’t want to print anything to fax, that is not environmental friendly. I already have a printer, and I don’t want to purchase another. My printer is a Canon Pixma MX479, and I have tried to download the fax drivers, the OS won’t allow anything that is not on the current list to be downloaded. Can’t even force the download now.

  2. MacHow2
    Georges Strickaert

    Hello. Very interesting but It seems you should update what concerns the use of the Robotics 5637.
    I used it on my Mac w/o any problem till El Capitan. But since I installed Sierra (and even its last update 10.12.1) and as written by Apple himself (assistance) “Sierra Fax Modem is no more recognized” plus, as conclusion :
    “You can no longer fax directly from a Mac running macOS Sierra. Fax modems are no longer supported. End of story. Deal with it or downgrade back to a previous version of OS X that does. It’s not coming back. There is no solution. Good luck”
    As I read above, other solutions do exist, but they are “heavy” if one fax few faxes.
    I regret and don’t understand this decision of Apple : the Robotics modem is very small and using it was very easy, similar to printing.
    Reading that a fax can be replaced by an email is not correct : in many cases, a printed document (at least a fax) is asked by administrations, lawers etc
    I don’t know if 4-in-1 printer (print+copy+scan+fax) could do the work, but anyway they can be compared to the small Robotics modem (volume, transport for example)
    I contacted Apple Care : this problem is not known and the reply was “Apologies, we’ll check, perhaps an another update?”
    Any idea ?
    Georges (Belgium)

    • MacHow2

      Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience and highlighting this issue. Even though you can no longer use USB Fax modems with macosSierra (unless Apple decides to add it again via an update to OS X 10.12), you can still use the modem in a printer-copier-scanner-fax machine to send faxes from Sierra. Apple publishes a list of officially supported Printer-Scanner machines for Sierra and also indicates which ones can fax to. Alternatively, if you only send the occasional fax, you can use one of the pay-as-you-go fax apps featured in the article rather than sign-up for an online faxing service.

  3. MacHow2

    can you please recommend an application that i can use with my Zoom 56k modem, as i need to send broadcast faxes to 250 customers every other other weekend.

    i was using FaxSTF pro software since 2009 , but since i upgraded to Yosemite the FaxSTF software is not compatible.

    David in Florida

    • MacHow2

      Hi David, Are you sure it doesn’t work with the latest version of Yosemite 10.10.1? If you update Yosemite, you might find it works. There’s an Amazon discussion here that suggests one user at least has had success with it.

  4. MacHow2

    under printer selected as fax from the menu bar “jobs” shows a list of completed jobs….still it odes not report the date and hr of the fax sent….:o

    • MacHow2

      Try clicking, right clicking or double clicking on the jobs and selecting “properties”. If the option is not available, then I’m afraid there’s no way to know the actual time and date the faxes were sent.

  5. MacHow2

    hey help, I’m stuck! I can’t fax nor find a fax list of faxed items…..I need to fax a doc..I hope u can help again:)

  6. MacHow2

    Hi and thx for all your listing. I have done the modem procedure since I have a router modem plugged into my macbook and so have hopefully sent my fax through my printer though it was necessary to set a new one in the print dialog box and into print & fax pref as well. Now the only thing It went in an eyeblink and I haveno proof of it being sent. How do I get a fax receipt now?
    Thanks again, if you can be asap…
    HAve a nice eveningPaula

    • MacHow2

      Paula, No problem and glad it helped. Can you confirm which version of OS X you are using? You may be able to find a list of faxes sent from your Mac under in your Print & Scan preferences. Make sure your modem is plugged in and search Spotlight for “Print” and your preferences should appear.

      • MacHow2

        Hey thx for ur quick reply! I hv snow leop 10.6.8 and ifax works from . 7 on, thats why I went for the modem sol.
        I was able to solve my issue at the source though, so I will check in pref for traces of my fax tom. Thank you very much for now I ll keep you updated!

  7. MacHow2
    Victor Bottacco

    Incomplete. The author hasn’t looked much around or he is new to Mac, because one of the oldest and most powerful options is 4SightFax. I have been using it for many years and the developers keep updating it over and they give great support, though it is not meant for the casual fax user.

    • MacHow2
      Victor Bottacco

      You also have Coma X, another fax app for OS X that keeps updating over the years. Interface is not pretty but it is powerful, convenient and relatively cheap compared to 4SightFax.

      • MacHow2
        Mac How

        Thanks for the tip Victor. We’ve added it to the list – Coma X has quite a basic interface as you say and doesn’t work with all modems but has some interesting features.

    • MacHow2
      Mac How

      We didn’t include 4-Sight Fax because at $797.00 it’s not exactly a solution aimed at general users. However, we’ve now given it a mention for interested business users.

  8. MacHow2
    Fax me baby!

    A good comprehensive summary of what’s available out there when you feel a need for a fax. Although email does exist for sending documents, having some kind of a fax system helps to make your business seem bigger than it probably is, so it is worth it.



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