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DaisyDisk is our favorite tool for finding which files are hogging precious disk space on your Mac and we’ve got 3 licenses of DaisyDisk to giveaway to MacHow2 readers.

All you have to do is share this Giveaway post on Twitter with the hashtags #MacHow2 and #DaisyDisk and 3 winners will be picked at random to get a full license of DaisyDisk worth $9.99.

The latest version of DaisyDisk is great for helping macOS Catalina users recover precious disk space that many found mysteriously disappeared after updating.

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macOS Catalina takes “snapshots” of your Mac’s hard drive as a way of backing-up but the problem with this is it takes a lot of disk space.

DaisyDisk can locate and find these snapshots allowing you to delete or get rid of them to clear space on your hard drive.

The latest version of DaisyDisk adds new ways of recovering disk space on your Mac including:

  • Purgeable Space: DaisyDisk allows you to forceable delete this data which
  • Snapshots: You can drag, drop and delete the snapshots that you don’t need – this is really effective way of freeing-up space in macOS Catalina.
  • Other Volumes: This is any remaining space that DaisyDisk detects that is used internally by macOS

Even if you choose not to delete the resource hogging files that DaisyDisk detects, it gives a fascinating insight into where all of your hard space is going.

This competition is open until Sunday 15th March 23:59 PST and only tweets made before the deadline will be considered.

You can read more about what DaisyDisk can do here.

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