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GoToMyPC For Mac Review

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GoToMyPC is an excellent remote desktop tool for both Mac and Windows PCs. Whether you want to connect to a mobile device, another Mac or a Windows computer, it makes connecting easy, fast and stable.
Very easy to setup
Connects to Mac, Windows PCs and mobile devices
Lots of security measures
Audio sharing doesn't work on the Mac version

GoToMyPC For Mac is an easy to use remote desktop software which allows you to connect to a Mac or Windows PC remotely. In this GoToMyPC review, we take a look at what it can do.

Despite the name, GoToMyPC isn’t just for Windows computers. It also works on Macs and allows you to access computers on both platforms.

GoToMyPC is suitable for everyone from home users to small businesses (SMBs) and large Enterprises.

Among the advantages of using GoToMyPC are the ability to:

  • Access your work from home
  • Exchange files between computers easily
  • Increase productivity by connecting employees remotely
  • Provide greater security when exchanging data with colleagues

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GoToMyPC Pricing

There are 3 GoToMyPC For Mac pricing plans: Personal, Pro and Corporate.

GoToMyPC pricing starts at $33.00 per month for the Pro plan which is aimed at Teams that need access to between 2 and 50 computers.

The Individual plan pricing starts at $35.00 per month if you only need access to one computer.

The Pro Plan also features more administrative and deployment tools than the Personal Plan as it’s designed for company networks.

For large enterprises and companies, you can connect to 1000+ users with invoicing support and more admin controls with pricing starting at $28.00 per computer/month.

You can also currently get 20% off all GoToMyPC For Mac subscriptions for a limited period.

You also get a free copy of LogMeIn antivirus with all GoToMyPC subscriptions so you also get two products for the price of one.

GoToMyPC Setup

One of the best things about GoToMyPC is that it’s extremely easy to use. There’s no complicated setups or configurations and GoToMyPC automates most of the installation process.

The setup process is entirely automated and GoToMyPC offers free 24/7 support if there’s an issue which you don’t get with many remote desktop software.

Once the GoToMyPC has been installed on your Mac or PC, you simply open the setup wizard and give your computer a name.

gotomypc review - setup

Once you’ve done this, you can log into your GoToMyPC account and instantly see and connect to the computers available on your network.

For instance, if you want to connect to your work computer or device, just click on “Connect” to establish a connection.

gotomypc review - dashboard

When connected you’ll see a toolbar over the top for tools such as chat via instant message and file transfers.

The performance of GoToMyPC is excellent in terms of both stability and speed. Whether you’re connecting macOS to Windows or macOS to macOS, there’s very little lag and if there is, you can toggle the amount of WiFi or data used.

GoToMyPC Review: Features

GoToMyPC not only allows you to access any Mac or PC remotely, it also allows you to connect to your iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle device.

That includes control over the mouse or cursor, screen zoom and full keyboard access. The GoToMyPC mobile apps also allow you to connect over 3G and 4G networks as well as Wi-Fi.

The screen zoom allows you to zoom into a mobile device at up to 300% zoom which makes it much easier to view files and apps and reduces eye strain.

gotomypc review - mobile access

Unlike many remote desktop apps, GoToMyPC also supports accessing Bluetooth keyboards remotely and even special key configurations.

Once GoToMyPC has setup a remote connection to another Mac or Windows PC, you can easily connect to it from the GoToMyPC admin dashboard or via a shortcut on your desktop.

Other useful tools in GoToMyPC include shared clipboards between devices and remote printing to any printer connected on a Mac or PC.

Unfortunately, the shared sound feature which allows you to stream sound from one device and hear it in another is not available in the Mac version of GoToMyPC.

The inability to hear audio remotely means that GoToMyPC isn’t really suitable as a help desk software but we’d recommend using Zoho Assist for remote assistance anyway.

In terms of security, GoToMyPC takes this seriously with both an online password and access code for each computer. If you ever lose your security code, you need to be physically present at the target Mac or PC to reset it.

There’s also two-factor authentication using a mobile number for added peace of mind.

gotomypc review - security

Support for GoToMyPC is generous with 24 hour phone support available in the app itself. When you click Call Support, GoToMyPC will connect to a local toll free number so there’s no fixed GoToMyPC support number.

There are also several videos, online tutorials and support topics available online that you can search by keyword.

GoToMyPC Alternatives

GoToMyPC is great for remote connections on a Mac but not so good for helpdesk support.

If you want a help desk solution, we recommend using Zoho Assist instead.

If you want something for gaming with full audio sharing support, try TeamViewer.

There are many more alternatives to GoToMyPC worth considering and you can read more in our guide to the best remote desktop software for Mac.

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