Minitab for Mac is one of the best statistical software for Mac but it does not exist for macOS. However there is a way to run Minitab on Mac – you can either download Minitab Express which is available for Mac or you can use run Windows on Mac using a virtual machine such as Parallels which is the best way to run Windows on Mac. Here we show you both options so you can decide which is better for you.

Minitab For Mac: How To Use MiniTab On Mac

There are two ways to run Minitab on a Mac as we’ll explain here. Note that Minitab Express is only available to academic institutions and students – if you don’t belong to an education institution, you’ll have to use method 2 and install Windows on your Mac to run the latest version of Minitab 18 which is available to everyone. The great thing about this latter option is that you can now install Windows 10 on Mac for free as Microsoft no longer require users to activate it in order to use it.

Method 1: Minitab Express for Mac ($49.99/year)

Minitab Express for Mac is a lite version of Minitab that you can download for Mac and it offers some of the functionality and features of Minitab. Minitab Express is designed for introductory statistical courses but features things such as Probability Distributions, Summary Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, Resampling, Regression, ANOVA, Time Series and Control Charts.

minitab for mac - minitab express

There are however many features missing such as ANOVA with > 2 factors, Nonlinear regression, design of experiments, Gage R$R etc. You can see a full comparison table of Minitab vs Minitab Express here. Another important difference to be aware of is that Minitab Express is only available on a subscription basis of $49.99 per year or $29.99 per six months – there’s no standalone version. In addition, Minitab Express is only available to educational institutions and students. If you’re not an educator or student, you’ll have to run Windows on your Mac and install Minitab instead (see below).

Method 2: Run Windows on Mac

The closest thing you’ll get to Minitab for Mac is to install the full version of Minitab on Mac using Parallels. Parallels allows you to run Windows on macOS so that can conveniently switch between Windows only apps such as Minitab and your Mac applications at any time. The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost anything to use Windows on Mac anymore. Microsoft no longer require you to purchase Windows 10 in order to use it – you can download and use a free version of Windows that doesn’t require activation.

minitab for mac - parallels

Note that although you can also run Windows on Mac using Boot Camp, the disadvantage of Boot Camp is that you can only boot your Mac in either macOS or Windows when you start your Mac. You can’t switch between Windows and macOS at the same time – you have to restart your Mac and choose one or the other each time which is far less convenient.

If you choose to install Windows on your Mac to run Minitab however, be aware that a Minitab license costs a lot more than Minitab Express. Minitab currently costs $1495 for a single user license although there are discounts for bulk purchases. Upgrades to Minitab currently cost $840.

If both Minitab Express and Minitab are out of your budget range, check out our guide to the best free statistical software for Mac. If you’d prefer to use a native Mac equivalent to Minitab you can also try a Minitab alternative for Mac¬†instead.

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