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New Mac Studio, M1 Ultra Chip & Studio Display Announced

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Apple announced the brand new Mac Studio at its much publicized “Peek Performance” event yesterday.

Update: Check out our full Mac Studio Review for a complete look at the new Mac.

The biggest news for Mac users was the release of the Mac Studio on 18th March 2022 which is a spin-off of both the Mac Mini and MacBook Pro.

mac studio

The Mac Studio is a new Mac aimed at creative professionals and has been released alongside a new monitor the 27 inch 5K Studio Display.

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The Mac Studio is a mix between the Mac Mini and M1 MacBook Pro with an incredibly powerful M1 Max or new M1 Ultra chip with 20-core or 64-core performance.

Apple calls the M1 Ultra chip “the worlds most powerful chip for a personal computer” and it’s certainly going to be hard to beat with up to 64-core performance.

It also includes 128GB of unified memory, 800GB/s or memory bandwidth and as an 8TB SSD which dwarfs the processing power of both the Mac Mini and MacBook Pro.

It’s also jam packed with ports for connectivity including four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10GB ethernet port, two USB-A ports, HDMI and a Pro audio jack.

The Mac Studio is squarely aimed at creative professionals in the graphic design, video editing, music production, Virtual Reality and game development fields.

Pricing for the Mac Studio will start at $1,999 (£1,999) for the M1 Max with the M1 Ultra starting at $3,999 (£3,999)

If you bought a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip, 8TB of SSD it would cost $7,999 (£6,100).

On top of this is the new 27 inch 5K Studio Display which costs $1599 (£1499).

mac studio display

Not forgetting you’ll need a Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse and you can easily estimate a cost of over $10,000 for a top spec setup.

Other non Mac related key announcements at the event were:

  • A New green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
  • The iPhone SE 3 with A15 chip and 5G support
  • A new iPad Air with M1 chip and 5G support

You can watch the entire Apple Peek Performance Event below.


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