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Today is the last chance to get 70% off accounting and payroll software QuickBooks until midnight 28th November 2018.

QuickBooks is our top rated accounting solution for Mac users and arguably the most widely used accounting solution in the world for small and medium-sized businesses with over 4.8 million users.

Mac users can choose between either using QuickBooks Online (which works on all platforms) and getting 70% off a subscription for the first 3 months or instead you can download the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac and get $120 off (a 40% reduction).

The difference between them is that QuickBooks Online requires a subscription while QuickBooks For Mac Desktop is a one-off payment only. However, QuickBooks Online also allows you to use it via a Mac desktop client too so you get the best of both worlds with the Online edition.

Both offers are limited until midnight tonight November 28th 2018.

You’ll find details of a few other Cyber Week offers that are still ongoing for Mac users in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals roundup.

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