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crossover cyber monday 2023

Get 70% Off Crossover To Play Windows Games on a Mac

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We ranked Crossover the best way to play Windows only games on a Mac and for a limited Cyber Monday period, you can get up to 70% off Crossover for Mac.

Crossover is an emulation layer that allows you to play PC only games on Macs without having to install Windows.

Crossover is one of the few software of its kind to support DirectX 12 which means it supports many games that simply can’t be played on a Mac using other methods.

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Crossover is currently running two offers:

  • Enter deal code BADASS23 to save 23% on a purchase of CrossOver Life
  • Enter deal code BADASS70 to save 70% on a purchase of CrossOver+ and renewals

Crossover 23.7 Adds Improved MoltenVK Support

This is a great time to upgrade or get Crossover too as it has just been updated to version 23.7 which adds performance boosts to MoltenVK.

This means improved performance of games that use wined3d or DXVK to run smoothly including playing Diablo IV on a Mac, Dark Souls III and Fallout 4.

We also recommend activating MSync for these games which can be toggled on off in the Bottle settings along with DXVK in Crossover.

Other improvements include:

  • Counter-Strike 2 is now fully playable on Mac with Crossover as long as D3DMetal enabled.
  • The Apple login experience has been improved with Marvel Snap.
  • Apps launched through CrossOver now work when Stage Manager is enabled.

You can get the Crossover deal here but it ends at 12 am CST/GMT-6 on Tuesday, November 28.


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