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Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro Released For iPad

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Apple has announced the release of its Mac only video editing software Final Cut Pro for iPad and Mac only music production software Logic Pro for iPad.

Final Cut Pro for iPad and Logic Pro for iPad will be available in the App Store from May 23rd for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

Currently, Final Cut Pro is a one time purchase on Mac for $299.99 and Logic Pro for Mac is $199.99 but it is possible that the same subscription model will be introduced for the Mac versions of the software at some point.

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The iPad versions of the apps will be adapted for touchscreens with a jog wheel for to use the timeline, re-arrange clips and edit with multi-touch gestures.

For those that already use the Apple Pencil with the iPad as a drawing pad on a Mac, the good news is that Final Cut Pro for iPad will allow you to write and draw on video footage.

The same is true for Logic Pro for iPad which allows you to use the Apple Pencil to annotate track information.

Logic Pro for iPad also includes a new pitch-morphing plugin Beat Breaker that allows you to change sounds by pinching and swiping.

Any projects created in Final Cut Pro for iPad or Logic Pro for iPad can of course be imported and exported between iPad and Mac easily.

You can read more on the release here and see more about what the apps can do below.


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