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best way to run windows on mac parallels

Promotion: Get 5 Apps Free With Parallels


Parallels is currently offering 5 apps for free worth $189.87 if you purchase the latest version of Parallels 10 for $79.99. The offer is for the next 6 days only and the bundle consists of the excellent password manager 1Password and screen capture tool SnagIt along with Kaspersky anti-virus, useful iOS file conversion tool Waltr and remote cloud file management tool Parallels Access. We recommend Parallels as the best way to run Windows on your Mac as it allows you to switch between OS X and Windows at the same time although if you need Windows for gaming or powerful programs such as Visio, we recommend installing Windows via Boot Camp.

1Password (normally $49.95) is widely considered one of the best password managers available for Mac. It creates super strong passwords that it remembers for you on both Mac and iOS meaning you no longer have to remember multiple passwords for different sites.1password-mac

SnagIt ($49.99) is also one of our favorite screen capture tools making it very easy to capture and annotate images and now allows you to create short videos.snagit - mac

Waltr is a handy tool for iOS users that want to watch MKV, AVI and MP4 videos on their iPhone or iPad without having to mess around with iTunes or converting them first. Just drag the files into Waltr and it automatically converts them and puts them in the movie folder of your device.waltr - mac

Parallels Access (normally $19.99 per year) is a remote file manager which allows you to access files in the cloud and from any remote PC, Mac or mobile device.

Kaspersky Internet Security (normally $39.99 per year) is an anti-virus tool for Mac although we don’t consider anti-virus software necessary on Macs. Adware is on the increase however and we looked at how to remove Adware on Macs here.kaspersky - mac

The total value of the Parallels bundle deal is $269.86 so for just $79.99, that’s a significant saving of 70%. You can purchase the bundle here and the offer closes on Tuesday, 3/17 at 11:59 PM PST.

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