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If you're looking for a 3D/AR floor planner and product configuration software with price calculation and order lists, Roomle may be exactly what you need. For just creating basic floor plans, there are simpler options out there.
Easy to use
Integrated furniture catalog with option to purchase
Powerful AI engine
No curved walls
Free version is very limited
No cloning of designs

Roomle is a 2D and 3D room planning software and in this Roomle review, we take a look at what makes it one of the best floor plan and home design software.

Roomle’s philosophy of “Plan, Furnish, Configure & Buy” is aimed at those that not only want to create, but also buy the furniture for the home of their dreams in the app itself.

Roomle may therefore be a bit overkill for some and if you just want an easy to use yet powerful floor planning software, you’re much better off going with something like SmartDraw.

Roomle is a powerful interior design software that uses what it calls The Rubens CPQ configurator (Configure, Price, Quote) which delivers 3D product visualizations and enables you to customize them and calculate the price.

It’s therefore aimed at professional interior designers (with a price tag to match) although it can be used by anyone to create mock-ups of a dream home.

Roomle works on Mac, Windows PCs and mobile devices so you can access your floor plans anywhere. You can synchronize your plans so that you can switch between mobile and desktop planning.

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Roomle Review: Pricing

Roomle is not free to use. Roomle has a different pricing policy for Roomle Desktop and Roomle Mobile app but neither version is free.

However you can try a 14 day free trial of Roomle Desktop and create one floor plan for free in Roomle.

There are 4 different pricing plans for Roomle Desktop:

  • 3D Viewer ($150/month)
  • Material Configurator ($300/month)
  • Product Configurator ($1200/month)
  • Enterprise Integration (on request)

Roomle pricing plans are slightly cheaper if you choose annually instead of monthly.

All Roomle plans include as standard:

  • 150 3D product uploads per month
  • 10 000 views per month
  • HD live 3D
  • App-less AR
  • Ready for e-Commerce
  • Embed on any website

However, you need the higher level plans for enhanced features including:

  • HD live 3D
  • Parameter-based configuration
  • Modular system configuration
  • ERP integration
  • CAD/CAM integration
  • End-to-end integration to machine
  • App-less AR
  • Ready for e-Commerce
  • Multi-Channel integration
  • Configuration part list
  • Price Service (CPQ)
  • Analytics

Roomle Mobile has a slightly different pricing policy via the iOS App Store.

You can create one free plan in the Roomle app for iPad and iPhone but after that you must upgrade to a Roomle Plus ($6.99/month) or Roomle Professional Plan ($11.99/month).

Roomle Floorplanner

Roomle has a very clean and straightforward interface. To get started, you simply need to create a Roomle account by providing an email address and create a Roomle password.

You can start a floor plan from scratch simply by double clicking on the canvas and dragging and dropping walls. Or you can import a standardized DXF floor plans into Roomle for editing.

Alternatively, you can use the AR (Augmented Reality) technology in an iPhone or iPad to take photos of an existing room and it’s furniture and Roomle will automatically create a floor plan.

Creating floor plans from scratch in Roomle is very easy. To start a new plan and add a wall in Roomle, you simply click on ‘Create new Plan’.

Enter the name of your plan and click on it to open and start designing.

The main design toolbar runs along the top with options to undo, redo, add text, add images, measure, print and share designs to social media or email.

Creating walls is simply a case of double clicking on the canvas and then dragging and dropping walls to the required length.

roomle review - floor planner

You can enter the exact measurements of walls whenever you want in CM or inches, add more rooms or delete walls easily.

Unfortunately, there’s no curved wall tool in Roomle but you create curved walls in Roomle by zooming-in and drawing short straight lines joined together.

Along the bottom you can click on the box to switch to 3D view or click on the person to walk through the rooms you’ve created.

You click inside the rooms and click on the “i” to bring-up further options such as materials you want to use, paint colors etc.

roomle colors and materials

To furnish the house, click on the house symbol and it takes you immediately to the Roomle furniture catalog.

roomle catalog

You can watch how easy it is to draw a floor plan with Roomle below.

Roomle Mobile App

If you’ve got an iPad, Roomle can be used to create floor plans on it using your finger or Apple Pencil.

This is about as close as it gets to drawing a floor plan with pen and paper and allows you to translate your ideas into designs more freely.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem like Roomle is compatible with other drawing tablets other than the iPad.

You can furnish and decorate the room by selecting items from the Roomle product catalog and then configure them in 3D.

roomle add furniture


3D Walkthroughs & AR Room Sketching

roomle review - mobile app

One of the most impressive features of Roomle is the 3D walkthroughs.

At any point during your planning, you click on the person symbol at the bottom of the canvas and take a virtual walk through your home or office to get a much better idea of how it will feel in real life.

Roomle allows you to use Android or iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads to do AR room sketching by measuring objects in a real room and then import them into Roomle.

In fact, you can measure a room and and its objects using an iPhone and Roomle will automatically create a floor plan for you.

Integrated Furniture Brands

roomle furniture

You can furnish your floor plans by clicking on the house symbol which takes you to the Roomle furniture with over 11,000 different objects. Furniture can be highly customized according to color, size and style.

Even better, Roomle is one of the few interior design software that enables you to purchase the furniture from the 200 interior design brands that are featured.

For home users, this is really convenient when redesigning a home and for architects and professional interior designers, it’s an added benefit they can promote to clients using Roomle.

Some of the brands integrated with Roomle include Vitra, USM and IKEA.

You can share your finished interior designs and floor plans in Roomle instantly to social media or email them.

You can also embed Roomle into other websites via White Label solutions with analytics on floor planning use delivered by whichever white label solution you use.

Roomle Disadvantages

There are a few basic features that aren’t available in Roomle that you’d expect to find in any home design app. Examples include:

  • No curved walls
  • No cloning of designs
  • Exporting is limited to JPG
  • No way to print to scale

Roomle Alternatives

For creating only floor plans, Roomle is a little bit much.

If you just want to create floor plans, you’ll find SmartDraw much easier and simpler to use.

There’s no Mac desktop app for Roomle either since it’s all browser based in which case, we recommend Live Home 3D which like Roomle, supports 3D walkthroughs, Augmented Reality and also has an iOS app.

If you’re looking for something similar to Roomle but free, Homestyler is worth checking-out although it does charge you for rendering your designs and isn’t as slick as the 4K rendering available in Roomle.

For something more powerful with professional CAD features, you might want to try SketchUp.

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