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Best Trading Platforms For Mac of 2024

If you want to trade stocks, forex, CFDs, futures, cryptos and more from your Mac, we’ve looked at the best trading platforms for Mac of 2024 to help you succeed.

Whether you’re just a beginner to stock trading on a Mac or a seasoned trader, we’ve brought together a wide variety of day trading platforms for all levels.

Buying stocks in major companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify and more has never been easier and the cost of trading is now a fraction of what it used to be with most platforms offering low or zero commission trades on US stocks.

After hours of analysis and research we rated the best trading platform for Mac is TradingView (Free).

TradingView has been the best charting tool out there for a long time but it now allows you to trade too by connecting it to brokers such as Oanda, Tradestation and FXCM and it works perfectly on macOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina.

TradingView also has a desktop app that works on the latest Apple Silicon Macs and indeed any other Mac that has the M1, M2 or M3 chip in it.

Note that due to strict US trading laws, some trading platforms are not available in the USA. We’ve made it clear in these reviews which platforms are available to users in the USA.

Examples include the best UK trading platform Interactive Investor and the IQ Option Mac desktop app which are not accessible in the USA or Canada.

Using MetaTrader On a Mac

If you want to trade Forex or foreign currencies on your Mac, you may be wondering whether you can run MT4 or MT5 on Mac.

MetaTrader has never been available for Mac and since the release of macOS Catalina, it’s become even harder to run MT4 or MT5 on a Mac using Windows emulation software.

The reason is because MT4 is an ageing 32 bit application and macOS Catalina and Big Sur no longer support 32 bit apps.

There are still ways to run MT4 on a Mac and MT5 on a Mac but it’s becoming increasingly complicated, restrictive and in our opinion, not worth the hassle or expense anymore.

Our advice is use TradingView instead of MetaTrader for day trading on a Mac because it offers many advantages that MT4 and MT5 do not.

Trading Platforms vs Trading Software

Before continuing, It’s important to be aware that there’s a difference between trading software and trading platforms.

In these reviews we look at Mac compatible online stock broker platforms that allow you to trade stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies and more in real time.

Stock trading software is slightly different as it mainly concerns technical analysis tools and screeners that help you analyze stocks or trends to make better trading decisions.

However, there are exceptions to the rule such as TradingView which now allows you to trade from your Mac by linking it to major brokers.

Trading Platforms: The Small Print

There’s a few useful things to be aware of before you sign-up with any trading platform.

  • Almost all online stock brokers are free to sign-up for but require a minimum deposit before you can trade. This is usually anything from around $50 upwards. Some may periodically offer incentives of free trades if you open an account with large deposits although since 2018, platforms based in the EU are now prohibited from offering bonus incentives to open accounts. This is because of MiFID legislation (known as Directive 2014) which is aimed at creating more transparency and protection for traders.
  • Online trading platforms make money either by setting commissions for trades or more commonly via what’s known as the spread. If a broker claims to offer “commission free trades”, they’re usually making money by widening the spread on trades. Some online brokers also allow you to open a margin account which allows you to borrow from the broker. The lower the margin rate, the better and you’ll find that this rate will decrease the more you borrow.
  • Most broker platforms offer demo accounts where you can trade virtual currency in a stock trading simulator on your Mac before trading with real cash. We recommend using these paper trading accounts to get to grips with a platform before trading for real.
  • Trading platforms based outside of the USA such IQ Option are not available to users in the USA due to strict laws on CFDs (Contract For Difference) and the Dodd-Frank Act. Likewise, trading platforms based in the USA are also not available to users outside of the US. We have clearly indicated in these reviews which platforms are not available to users based in North America.

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With these things in mind, here are the best trading platforms for Mac of 2024 in order of ranking.

1. TradingView (Free)

Available In The USA

TradingView is an amazingly powerful yet easy to use community driven charting software that combines user knowledge with sophisticated analysis to make you a better trader.

The remarkable thing about TradingView is that most of the features are free to use including for those users in the USA.

You only have to upgrade to the paid plans if you want to remove some time frame limitations and get faster, real-time information although this is essential if you’re going to trade seriously.

Even better, TradingView now allows you to trade on the stock market in real time by connecting it to selected stock trading platforms such as Oanda, TradeStation, Gemini and FXCM.

tradingview brokers

Usually trading software falls into two categories – those for experienced traders and those for novices.

What we like so much about TradingView is that it’s powerful enough to satisfy any seasoned trader and yet it’s also easy enough for those new to trading to get into.

TradingView is highly respected and utilized across the stock trading industry illustrated by the fact that leading sites like Investopedia have integrated it into their services.

best stock trading software mac - tradingview

TradingView has rapidly risen from just a few thousand users in 2012 to almost seven million users today and is a very visual based stock tracking platform which is all about charts, charts and more charts.

It covers almost every asset class including stocks, forex, currencies, cryptos, futures and CFDs.

If you want to trade forex, we even recommend using TradingView as a better alternative to MT4 because it offers far more than MetaTrader and works on any platform.

Here are some of the outstanding factors that make TradingView our top pick:

  • The range of charts and analysis it provides is exceptional. By default the charts load a candlestick price and volume chart but there are many others including Spread, Renko, Kagi, Line Break and PNF charts. They not only look good but they include professional drawing tools such as Gann squares and fanns, Fibonacci retracements and circles, Elliott Waves and other technical indicators to help analyze price actions. You can embed any of these charts in a website and it will update in real-time or share them to Twitter, Facebook etc. TradingView even has its own Pine Script programming language which you can use to create your own signals and custom technical analysis.

stock trading software mac - tradingview

  • It’s a highly effective mix of both social networking and stock trading. There are a seemingly endless numbers of charts in TradingView, many of which are generated by users and genuinely help you trade better. From simple basic price charts to plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, you can do it all in TradingView. This makes it extremely accessible for beginners to stock charting on Mac but also provides in-depth analysis that professional traders will value.
  • Stock trading can be a lonely business and TradingView makes you feel less alone when taking big trading decisions. It’s all about harnessing the knowledge of its users, connecting traders and exchanging ideas on trades and market movements. Every user has their own TradingView profile where you can publish ideas, thoughts, tips and interact with other traders.

stock charting software mac - tradingview

  • The information shared in TradingView is genuine because it comes from grassroots users. Often with trading sites or publications the content is paid for and therefore biased in favor of companies promoting their stocks or PR blurbs. The tips shared across TradingView are based on the analysis and experience of real traders.
  • You can setup automatic movement alerts so that you will be notified when a stock falls or rises beyond a certain level or goes beyond things like Bollinger Bands channel. This includes email and SMS alerts.
  • Because it works in any browser, it also works on any platform including Mac desktop and PC. There’s also a native iOS app for iPhone and iPad which is pretty good too.
  • You can make trades in real time without ever leaving TradingView by connecting it to a stock broker platform. TradingView works with Oanda, TradeStation, Gemini and FXCM brokers to make trades. This also works for users in the USA unlike many of the tools featured here. TradingView also recently added support for the Indian broker Dhan making it the best trading stock trading platform for India too.
  • Possibly the most impressive thing is that most of TradingView is free to use. In fact you can start using it immediately in your browser. The free version of TradingView is ad-supported although they’re not intrusive and the platform is extremely quick as it’s based on the highly responsive HTML5 language. You can easily get everything you want in the free version of TradingView although if you’re going to trade seriously, the paid plans are well worth it.
  • The Pro, Pro+ and Premium plans start at $14.95 per month and the main advantage is that they provide faster real-time information, more intraday reports and no limits on time frames. Any trader will tell you that information is power when it comes to trading and the faster you have it, the better your chances at making money. The paid plans also remove all ads, allow you to have multiple charts open per tab and add feeds for NASDAQ, NYSE and NYMEX.

All paid plans allow you to try a fully functional 30 day free trial and we like the fact that unlike many stock trading apps, no credit card is needed to use the trial.

You also get 16% off TradingView paid plans if you pay annually rather than monthly.

If you want to maximize your profits and become a better trader on your Mac, TradingView is powerful yet accessible for all abilities.

You can get started using TradingView for free now to judge for yourself.

You can also check out our full TradingView review for more.

2. eToro (Best For Beginners)

***Below content does not apply to USA users

Disclaimer: 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

eToro has rapidly become one of the biggest stock trading platforms out there with an estimated 5 million users and covers just about every major trading asset including Currencies, Indices and Commodities (CFDs).

What makes eToro different to most stock trading platforms is that it focuses on connecting traders in order to harness collective experiences and knowledge in stock trading.

etoro watchlist


eToro could therefore be described as a “social network stock trading tool” which aims to pool the experience of traders so that everyone wins. If you imagine what would happen if you mixed Facebook with a stock trading platform, then you get a good idea of what eToro is like.

It is a secure trading platform as it is European based and therefore subject to strict European banking laws with all funds kept in European banks.

One of eToro’s biggest selling point is the eToro CopyTrader system that allows you to copy the trades of expert traders known as Popular investors.

It’s an excellent starting point for anyone new to trading as you learn from other traders at the same time. You can copy just individual trades or entire portfolios of the most successful traders.

stock trading platform mac - etoro
Past performance is not an indication of future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 complete years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision.

This social trading network doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to make money but it does mean that your trades are more likely to succeed and provides a guiding hand for beginners.

In fact some of eToro’s most Popular Investors even managed to:

  • Perform better than some of the most successful Wall Street wealth managers
  • Ride through setbacks and turn a profit with a comprehensive, long-term strategy

You can only use a maximum of 40% of your capital on copy trades but you can set limits on when to stop copying if losses exceed a certain amount.

So even though professional traders may look at eToro and think it’s too lightweight, if you’re good enough to become a Popular Investor you also earn a commission on the trades of those users that copy you.

While this may all sound like money for nothing but it’s not that straightforward.

You must also be careful when selecting a trader to copy on eToro however as some may appear more successful than they actually are or are using very little capital in the hope that others will copy them and they’ll earn commission off it.

Many of the traders on eToro appear to be quite high risk traders which carries with it high potential returns but obvious risks too.

Another tip is to look for Verified Traders as those traders use their real identities ad verified by eToro and therefore you reduce the risk of following “fake” profiles.

eToro is however still arguably the best trading platform for beginners as the CopyTrader system makes it very suitable for trading novices.

Trading costs for eToro vary on a daily basis and depend on what type of asset you’re trading.

You can open an account with as little as $50 although this can vary from region to region.

You can sign up here for a free eToro demo account which allows you to paper trade with $100,000 in order to see if it’s for you or not.

Disclaimer: 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Copy Trading does not amount to investment advice. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

You can also check out our eToro USA review for a look at the American version which currently only supports crypto trading.

For users outside of the USA, we recommended reading our international eToro review.

3. IQ Option (Best For Europe)

Disclaimer: 72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Not Available In the USA, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic or Spain. This content is not addressed to the Belgian public. 

What we really like about IQ Option is that not only does it have an excellent Mac app, it’s incredibly user friendly but has powerful technical analysis tools.

IQ Option is an online broker and trading software that is available in most countries although there are some notable exceptions.

Note that IQ Option is not open to users in the UK, USA or Canada and in the EU, is also not available in Belgium, Czech Republic or Spain.

IQ Option finds a perfect balance between feeling professional but also being extremely easy to use and intuitive.

IQ Option has been in the trading game since 2013 and now allows you to trade in over 300 assets including forex, stocks via CFDs (Contract For Differences) and cryptocurrencies.

IQ Option can be accessed online via your browser but the Mac desktop client is faster and more convenient.

iq option for mac

The interface on IQ Option is clean and logical providing time-history data and important technical indicators such as RSI and Bollinger bands.

iq option interface

IQ Option is relatively easy for newcomers to learn and there’s a very active community of professional, knowledgeable traders that you can chat directly with and share trading tips.

The online platform is updated on a regular basis although it’s not clear if all updates are applied to the Mac desktop app as well.

IQ Option only requires a minimum deposit of €20 to get started (which is less than most other trading platforms) and you can trade with a minimum of $1.

The maximum deposit is not limited by the platform, but can be limited by the payment provider. The maximum investment you can make in a trade is $20,000.

The minimum withdrawal for most payment methods is not limited.

However, the minimum withdrawal amount for withdrawals via a bank transfer stands at 100 euros. Furthermore, if you deposit through a credit card, you can only withdraw the same amount that you invested via the card.

However, you can also use an eWallet for withdrawals for which there are no limits.

There’s also an IQ Option mobile app for both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Options are not available on the iOS app but they are on Android.

iq option for mac

If you have any problems with withdrawing funds or technical problems with the platform itself, support is available 24/7.

We also like the fact that there’s no hard sell with IQ Option like there is with some platforms.

It’s quite common to find that when you open an account with a trading platform but don’t deposit anything, you receive cold calls asking why.

This doesn’t seem to be the policy with IQ Option which is a refreshing change and maybe a sign of a company that believes in a product that sells itself.

You can open a free $10,000 demo account with IQ Option to find out for yourself.

Disclaimer: 72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. 

You can also check out our full IQ Option review for more.

4. MotiveWave (Best For Mac Desktops)

Available In The USA

MotiveWave is a professional multi-asset trading software for Mac that not only does powerful technical analysis but is integrated with multiple brokers and financial data delivery services.

If you’re looking for a Mac desktop app that allows you to both analyze and trade at the same time, MotiveWave is the perfect solution.

We voted MotiveWave the best trading software for Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina because the developer is always incredibly quick to update it for latest releases of macOS.

Like TradingView, you can even trade from MotiveWave on your Mac as it’s integrated with selected major brokers such as Oanda, TD Ameritrade and Forex.com.

If your broker isn’t supported, it may also be possible to connect it via a Gateway Connector such as Rithmic or CQG which MotiveWave will advise you on.

What we really like about MotiveWave is that you can download a native Mac app that’s highly customizable and allows you to both analyze stocks and trade from your Mac desktop. The app is optimized for High Resolution 4K displays and looks really good on macOS.

stock app for mac - motivewave

MotiveWave is extremely powerful and can analyze massive amounts of market data to reveal trends, issues and other things that you might ordinarily miss.

For example, MotiveWave automatically looks for complex patterns such as Elliott Wave Patterns and Gartley Harmonic Shapes in order to identify trading opportunities.

Other advanced features include Replay Mode, Advanced Alerts based on multiple market signals, Component Alerts and Multiple Monitor Support. MotiveWave is backed by some pretty powerful algorithms that you can even modify to customize according to your own needs.

Note that MotiveWave is firmly aimed at professionals and those with considerable experience in stock trading so it’s less accessible than TradingView for beginners.

If you know what you’re doing when it comes to stock trading and are looking for a professional trading tool on your Mac, then MotiveWave is definitely a contender worth checking.

MotiveWave pricing starts at $24/month for the basic Standard plan with 2 other plans available depending on your needs.

You can also sign-up for a free trial of MotiveWave to see what you think for yourself.

You can check out our full MotiveWave review for more.


5. Interactive Investor (Best UK Trading Platform)

Not Available In The USA

If you’re a UK based trader then look no further than Interactive Investor.

Interactive Investor is a UK based an award winning online investment platform and only open to UK residents but it does allow you to buy shares in other foreign exchanges including the US.

Interactive Investor offers a very competitive flat rate of £12.99 per month for SIPPs and it also offers ISA, Ethical and General Investment Accounts (GIAs).

If you have a SIPP plus an ISA or GIA there is an additional £7 fee which costs £19.99 overall for the Service Plan.

Alternatively, you can have just an ISA or GIA for £9.99 per month.

At the moment Interactive Investor is also waiving its monthly SIPP fee for 6 months.

interactive investor

If you trade frequently, Interactive Investor works out extremely good value although DEGIRO (see review below) also gives it a run for its money.

Interactive Investor also has some excellent charting tools and there are plenty of useful education resources for becoming a better trader.

You can start trading immediately with Interactive Investor as long as you have a UK address, debit card and National Insurance number.


Not Available In The USA

DEGIRO is one of the biggest pan-European stock trading platforms and is well known for its low cost trading fees.

DEGIRO has 600,000 customers mainly in Europe but it also allows you to trade on stock markets in North America and Asia.

If you are European based, DEGIRO’s low fees and policy of no platform fees make it ideal for both frequent day traders and buy-and-hold investors.

DEGIRO’s low fees are easily one of it’s biggest attractions and In the UK, it costs just £1.75 + 0.014% per trade for individual shares with a maximum charge of £5 per trade.

trading platform mac - degiro

DEGIRO’s main trading platform is called WebTrader which works via a browser and via the DEGIRO mobile app. Via WebTrader you can see your portfolio, order capabilities, real-time streaming quotes and market news.

DEGIRO has pop-out interactive charts with 13 different indicators, drawing tools and multiple chart types. You can save chart templates although overall, the TA tools are not DEGIRO’s strongest point.

DEGIRO allows you to trade a wide range of instruments and assets including Shares, Investment funds, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Futures, Leveraged products, Bonds, Options and Warrants

You cannot trade Forex however on Degiro.

If you’re EU based, you can open a DEGIRO account for free to try it for yourself.

7. FinecoBank (Best For UK Share Dealing)

Not Available In The USA

FinecoBank is one of the best trading platforms for users in the UK mainly due to it’s incredibly competitive share dealing price of just £2.95 per trade.

It’s also the best low cost stock trading platform available in the UK with absolutely no commissions, fees or maintenance charges for opening an account.

For those that want to trade in shares worldwide in multiple currencies, FinecoBank is one of the few platforms that allows you to buy shares in almost any country and doesn’t have any hidden fees.

The FinecoBank Multi-Currency Trading Account allows UK investors to buy shares outside of the UK including the USA. It also allows you to buy shares in many different countries due to its availability in multiple currencies.

The platform itself assumes some kind of experience with a trading platform and some of the stock screening tools are quite complex.

There are no ISA or SIPP accounts available either but there’s no platform fee and no annual fee so you can open a FinecoBank account for free.

best uk trading platform - fineco


8. TC2000

Available In The USA

Until recently the incredibly popular TC2000 was only available for Windows but you can now download TC2000 for Mac too.

TC2000 has been around for over 25 years and is a powerful stock charting, option screening and trading tool.

TC2000 now works on Mac thanks to the free Parallels Client tool which connects to a TC2000 remotely so that you can use it as a Mac desktop application. This also works for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

Alternatively, you can also use TC2000 in any web browser on a Mac.

TC2000 is well thought out with a comprehensive dashboard that gives you charts, all US stocks & options, indicators, streaming data, option chains, trading windows, notepad and favorites watchlist.

tc2000 for mac

Although you can’t connect TC2000 to external brokers, you can open a brokerage account with TC2000.

TC2000 is one of the few trading platforms that still charges commissions on trades but it also has some of the lowest margin rates out there.

There is also a monthly fee for use of the desktop trading tool. TC2000 is available in Silver, Gold or Platinum versions starting at $9.99 per month for the Silver version.

If you’re looking for a truly professional stock trading software and platform on your Mac desktop, TC2000 is about as established and powerful as it gets although it doesn’t come cheap.

You can try TC2000 on Mac for free with no need for a credit card.

9. Tastyworks

Available In The USA

Tastyworks is a Chicago based online brokerage firm from the makers of the Tastytrade stock market news network. Tastytrade covers stocks, options, ETFs, and futures.

What we like about Tastyworks is that not only is it fresh and original, but it’s one of the only trading platforms that allows you to download a Mac desktop client.

You can download the Mac client for free although you need to sign-up for a Tastyworks account before you can use it.

Alternatively, you can also use Tastytrade directly in your browser without downloading and installing the client.

Tastyworks is also known for its extremely competitive pricing and its own lively rolling news network.

The pricing system for Tastyworks is refreshingly simple and very cheap.

There is are no closing commission charges – you only get charged a flat fee for opening trades i.e. $1.00 for options, $5.00 for stocks and $2.50 for futures contracts (although there are extra opening and closing fees on contracts).

What also makes the Tastyworks interface different to most stock trading software is that it’s integrated with the rolling news Tastytrade network. Although this is not essential, it is a bit more lively and entertaining than just ticker feeds and graphs.

stock trading software mac - tastyworks

There’s a rich supply of straight talking stock market analysis and we also like the Tastytrade blog which provides some accessible analysis of the latest stock market movements such as this on the floating of Snapchat.

There’s also a Tastytrade iPhone app for trading on the go.

Tastytrade is overall a very accessible trading platform that’s ideal for those new to trading because of its lack of jargon.

If you’re looking to get started in stock trading, don’t want the hassle of a separate broker and trading platform and want both a transparent pricing policy with a native Mac client, Tastytrade is definitely worth checking out.

10. Power ETrade

Available In The USA

ETrade is one of the biggest names in online trading and is a powerful online stocks, options and futures trading platform.

In 2016, ETrade bought online trading platform OptionsHouse in an attempt to compete better in derivatives trading but the company has pretty much maintained most of the original OptionsHouse features and interface but renamed it Power ETrade.

The main selling point of the Power ETrade platform is that it covers a huge range of stock trading areas, it’s well presented and designed and is easy to use for beginners.

stock trading mac - etrade futures ladder

However, one of the big attractions of the original OptionsHouse platform was that it offered some of the most competitive trading rates on the market with a flat fee of $4.95 per trade and Options at just 50 cents per contract.

ETrade has increased these prices in Power ETrade a little to $6.95 per trade although if you make more than 30 trades per Quarter, you will only be charged $4.95 per month like the old OptionsHouse rates. The same goes for Contracts which cost 75 cents per trade or 50 cents per trade for more than 30 trades per Quarter.

The range of trading possible with Power ETrade is still impressive covering Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Bonds. It also includes Futures trading with the ability to see Futures contract prices in real-time, see depth of market and working orders.

Whichever area you choose to trade in, you can trade, cancel or modify orders easily and see your current position, gains, losses and cost basis clearly at all times.

The main dashboard is quite well-organized with charted movement in the middle and market symbols along the right hand side. Positions, gains and losses are clearly displayed down the left-hand side of the interface.

power etrade mac

Power ETrade also has a dedicated iOS app for iPad and iPhone that’s recently been revamped. The new app is clearer and better organized than the old one and is still probably the best mobile stock trading app we’ve tried.

The Power ETrade iPhone and iPad apps allow you to do pretty much everything you can do on your Mac desktop and includes streaming data for quotes, charts and news.

iphone app

Power ETrade certainly has some very powerful market analysis tools to help you trade but it definitely helps if you have some experience in stocks and options trading to understand and get the most out of.

However, if you can master it, Power ETrade’s analytical tools offer real-time market data, speedy executions of trades but most importantly, allows you to identify opportunities that you would otherwise miss.

Power ETrade can also evaluate risk vs reward, show you different outcomes based on different market scenarios and alert you to potential profitable trades.

You can try Power ETrade commission free for 60 days and to judge whether it’s the right trading software for you.

Depending on how much you invest from the start, you can also get up to $3000 in welcome bonus although for that you’ll need to invest a cool $1,000,000.

If you open an Individual, Joint, or IRA account with a minimum of $5,000, you can also get $1000 in commission free trades.

11. TD Ameritrade

Available In The USA

TD Ameritrade is one of the biggest US-based stock brokerage sites with no trade minimums and a fixed charge of $9.99 per online stock trade.

TD Ameritrade features useful tools such as a Heat Map to pinpoint market strengths and weaknesses, Stock Watch Lists, Independent Market Research, CNBC integration and even an idea generation tool to help you come-up with new trade inspiration.

Although there’s no desktop client, one thing we really like about Ameritrade is that the web interface is surprisingly customizable for a Cloud based tool.

td ameritrade

The “My Dock” feature allows you to add 4 columns of streaming data that stay with you as you navigate the site, and to a certain extend, you can structure the interface to your liking.

These are the best trading platforms for Mac users. As we’ve seen, there are very few that cater specifically for Mac users but there are clearly some that try more than others.

12. Plus500

Not Available In The USA

76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Plus500UK Ltd is authorized & regulated by the FCA (#509909).

Plus500 is an incredibly popular web-based CFD trading platform which allows you to trade Contract For Difference (CFDs) on underlying instruments such as forex, stocks, commodities, options and indices.

CFDs are more complex than Binary Options and so Plus500 will appeal more to those that have trading experience but it offers some of the tightest spreads in the industry.

It’s also extremely well regulated as Plus500 is not only registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK but also CySEC, ASIC, FSCA, FMA, MAS and the ISA. This covers the UK, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Israel.

In the UK, there is the additional guarantee that if Plus500 went bankrupt, funds of up to £50,000 may be protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Although there is only a desktop app for Windows, the web version looks great on Macs and is very responsive.

plus500 webtrader

There’s an iOS and Android app for trading on the go and the Android app has been downloaded over 5 million times according to the Google Play store with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.

If you’re looking for a CFD trading platform that’s strongly regulated with very competitive spreads, Plus500 is arguably the best way to trade CFDs on Mac.

Plus500 allows you to trade with a free demo account until you are comfortable trading and if you’re new to CFDs, we strongly recommend trying this first.

You can also check our full Plus500 review for more.

13. XM

Not Available In The USA

If you can trade it, then it’s probably on the XM Trading platform.

While many platforms limit the range of instruments you can trade, XM allows you to trade pretty much anything including Forex, CFDs on Stock Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Metals, Energies and Cryptocurrencies.

Although XM doesn’t have a dedicated Mac client, what we do like is that it has created its own standalone version of MetaTrader for Mac. although it only works on macOS Mojave or below.

The reason is because macOS Catalina only supports 64 bit applications but there is still another way to install MetaTrader on Mac including on Catalina.

best trading software for mac - mt4 xm mac


XM is regulated by the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia and CySEC in Cyprus so it’s also one of the most highly regulated trading platforms you can use.

XM also offers some of the most lowest spreads available, a professional interface and excellent customer service.

The XM platform is available in most major languages with multilingual support staff if you need help.

You can sign-up for an XM demo account with $100,000 of virtual currency to see what you think before trading for real.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the apps featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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