How To Install Microsoft Money On Mac For Free

If you’ve recently switched to Mac you might have realized that there’s no Microsoft Money for Mac but with a little time and effort, you can still install MS Money on Mac for free. Be warned however that this process is quite complicated and to save a lot of stress we strongly recommend trying an alternative to Microsoft Money for Mac such as the excellent free version of Personal Capital first.

The other problem with installing Money on Mac is that updates to macOS often break the installation such as happened with the release of High Sierra. Be aware also that running Money on Mac does not offer all the functionality of the Windows version and you will encounter many other glitches and bugs.

How To Install Microsoft Money On Mac

Important Note: Microsoft replaced Microsoft Money in 2010 with a free version – Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe – meaning it’s totally free to use and install on your Mac. However, depending on the specific setup of your Mac and the way Wineskin works, installing Microsoft Money on Mac using Wine does not always work for everyone.

Here’s how to install Microsoft Money on Mac.

    1. Download both Wineskin Winery and Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe. Note that if you intend on opening UK Microsoft Money files you need to download the UK version of Money 2005 because Deluxe only works with US files.
    2. Open Wineskin and click on the “+” symbol to add an money for mac - wineskin
    3. You will see various engines to choose from. You can choose the latest version which at the time of writing was WS9Wine 1.5.23 with Wrapper version 2.5.8. Click Download and Install.install microsoft money for mac - wineskin
    4. The Wine engine will then take less than a minute to download and install and you’ll see it in your engine list. Make sure it is selected and click Create Blank Wrapper at the microsoft money on mac - create new blank wrapper
    5. Call the Wrapper “MSMoney” and click OK. Note that there should be NO SPACE in the name of the wrapper (ignore the example below – you should make the name either one word or add a hyphen in between Microsoft and Money).microsoft money on mac - create wrapper
    6. You’ll then see a prompt from the Wine Mono Installer to install a Mono package. Click microsoft money for mac - wine mono installerIf you then see another prompt to install the Wine Gecko Installer, you can ignore it and click Cancel as Microsoft Money does not need HTML embed money running on mac - wine gecko installer
    7. You should then see a message saying that the Microsoft Money Wrapper Creation is complete. Click on “View wrapper in Finder” and it will take you to where the Microsoft Money wrapper is installed which is in the Wineskin folder in Applications.
      microsoft money sunset deluxe mac - wrapper
    8. Quit the Wineskin Winery App. Then double click on the Microsoft Money Wineskin icon that was created and the Microsoft Money Wineskin installer will launch. Click on Install Software. microsoft money for mac - wineskin installClick “Choose Setup Executable” and browse to the EXE file you downloaded in Step 1. After browsing to the file and clicking “Choose”, the Money Setup process will start.
    9. The Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe windows installer will then launch. You’ll see a prompt to install more operating system components. Just click on OK to install them.sunset deluxe for mac - setup
    10. Within a few seconds, Microsoft Money Plus will launch and the program icon will appear in your Dock. Click “I Accept” to the license money plus on mac setup screen
    11. A few seconds later you’ll see an “installation complete” message and a prompt to click “Finish” to open Money Plus.moneyplus on mac installation complete
    12. When finished you’ll see a “Choose Executable” window – use the drop-down list to choose the line ending with “msmoney.exe” and click money sunset deluxe on mac - wineskin installer
    13. You then need to go back to Wineskin and configure some screen settings. Go to the Wineskin menu and Click on Set Screen Options and uncheck the option “Decorate Windows” and click Done. If you’re using macOS 10.12 Sierra or 10.13 High Sierra, it’s very important that you also uncheck the box “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D”. If you don’t do this, everytime you try to lauch Microsoft Money on your Mac it will crash with the error message “msmoney.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close”microsoft money deluxe mac - screen options
    14. You’ll then see the Wineskin menu again. This is where things get a little more tricky so make sure you follow these instructions closely. Click on Advanced and the select the Tools tab at the top. Click on “Winetricks”.microsoft money installed on mac - wineskin tools
    15. In the search box that appears, search for “msxml3”. Click on the “dlls” to reveal the MS Core Services 3.0 component and select it and click “Run”.ms money for mac - winetricks
    16. A download page at will automatically open for you to download the missing msxml3 file. Don’t worry – this is not trying to install malware on your Mac. You need this Windows component to run MS Money on money plus - msxml download In the bottom of the Winetricks screen, you’ll also see a message saying you must install the msmxml3 file in the location: /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Caches/winetricks/msxml3. This is exactly what you must do – move the downloaded msxml3 to the above location. microsoft money plus for mac - msxml3 install
    17. To find the folder, make sure that Finder is selected (the Mac face in the bottom left corner of your Dock), go to the top of the screen and select “Go” from the menu bar and select “Go to folder”.ms money for mac - go to folder copy
    18. In the dialogue box that appears, type “~/.cache” and click money install mac - cache
    19. In the folder that appears, you’ll see a folder called “wine”. You need to create another folder called “winetricks” so just hold down Ctrl and click and select “New Folder” and call it “winetricks”. Within that folder, you need to create another folder called “msxml3”. In the folder, you must place the msxml3.msi file you downloaded earlier.
    20. You then need to install Internet Explorer. If you need to add more than one account to MS Money, we strongly recommend downloading Internet Explorer 7 but you can also use Internet Explorer 6 but you won’t be able to add new accounts. Download IE6 from here: and IE7 from here:
    21. Do not worry if you see a Reported Unwanted Software Page warning – just click “Ignore this warning” in the bottom right corner and the file will download. install microsoft money plus for macs - warning
    22. Rename the file to “msie60.exe”for IE6 or “msie70.exe” for IE7 just as you did for the msxml3.msi file, create a folder for it in the winetricks folder called “msie60” for IE6 or “msie70” for IE7 and drag the msie60.exe or msie70 file into it. That’s the trickiest bit done.

And that’s it! You can now enjoy Microsoft Money Plus on your Mac. It seems the Portfolio Manager doesn’t work properly and you may find other minor glitches and bugs but it’s the closest thing you’ll get to running Microsoft Money natively on a Mac.

Personal Capital: An Alternative To Microsoft Money

If you’re not familiar with Wineskin and don’t have the time to mess around trying to get it to work properly, you may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by using Personal Capital which is an excellent Mac alternative to Microsoft Money for Mac and can import Microsoft Money files. Personal Capital is also free to use and you only pay something of you want a personal consultation about your finances. microsoft money alternative mac - personal capitalThe nice thing about Personal Capital is that it not only helps you budget but it also advises you how you can re-balance investments or savings to get a better return on them. I you don’t want the hassle of going through this tutorial, it’s definitely worth trying as a quicker and easy solution than trying to install Money on Mac.


As stated in the introduction, Wineskin can throw-up many glitches and problems depending on the specific setup of your Mac,  the version of Wine or Wineskin you are using and updates to macOS. Often you’ll find solving the problems are more hassle than it’s worth and we definitely recommend trying some Microsoft Money for Mac alternatives first.

Apart from Personal Capital for example, you can also try MyMoney which imports Microsoft Money files (plus bank and credit data from banks) and allows basic account management although you must upgrade for $49.99 to unlock all features.

If only Microsoft Money will do for you however and you’ve had no luck installing it, then your only other option is to install Windows on your Mac. It’s surprisingly easy nowadays so if you want to try it, check out our guide on how to run Windows 10 on Mac for free. Windows 10 no longer requires activation by Microsoft so you can use it for free without having to buy a product key.

If this Microsoft Money for Mac tutorial hasn’t worked for you, or you’re still having problems getting it working, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to help.

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60 Responses

  1. Robert

    Installs like indicated, however, I cannot create new account (Online update always running)

  2. poor1

    Excellent so far but I’m Stuck after 18 headed ‘Windows Advanced’. Under configuration ands Windows EXE I click on Browse, find the Microsoft Money program downloaded earlier, then select ‘choose’ on next page. Resources and drive ‘c’ is then highlighted, but ‘choose’ on this page is greyed out. Consequently I don’t know what to select in order for the greyed out ‘choose’; to become active. This is not mentioned in you step by step instructions. Possibly because it’s so obvious, but not to me unfortunately.

    • Karl

      I think I understand your issue… the instructions aren’t 100% clear to be honest! Here’s what worked for me:

      Step 8 is missing detail on what to do after you “Click on Install Software” – possibly you skipped this, but if you do the installation at this point you won’t even need step 18! Also, I found that between steps 7 & 8 I had to quit the Wineskin Winery app in order for step 8 to work…

      So, after you click “Install Software” in step 8:

      – Click “Choose Setup Executable”
      – This opens a Finder window where you should browse to the file you downloaded in Step 1 (in my case Money2005-UK-QFE2.exe)
      – After browsing to the file and clicking “Choose”, the Money Setup process will start, as per steps 19-21 above
      – When finished you’ll see a “Choose Executable” window – use the drop-down list to choose the line ending with “msmoney.exe” and click OK

      You can then proceed with steps 9-16 as above. After Winetricks is done installing IE6, close Winetricks – you should be back on the Wineskin Advanced menu.

      At this point you can ignore steps 17-21 (since you’ll already have covered everything in my extended step 8, above) – just click Test Run, and Money should run!

      Note that when you exit Money this first time, you’ll be back on the Wineskin Advanced menu. You can quit Wineskin now – whenever you want to run Money, use the new Microsoft in the Wineskin folder.

      Hope that helps!

      • MacHow2

        Hi Karl, Thanks very much for clarifying the instructions there. We’ve revised them to make them a bit clearer as per your advice and experiences. Let us know if it reads better now.

  3. Fuad

    Hello I have installed MMoney on Mac running on El Capitan, but not able to see any of the graphs which are essential for reports. Can somebody help please!!!

    • MacHow2

      This may be because you need Internet Explorer 7 instead of 6 installed. Read steps 20 and 21 above as we have revised them regarding this issue. It’s worth a try but we can’t guarantee that the problem is related.

  4. Karl

    After a few tries I’ve managed to get this working on my Macbook Pro after upgrading to El Capitan (v10.11.2). I’m using the UK version of Money 2005 (from the link near the start of the article) which needed the following settings:

    Wine Engine: WS9Wine1.7.30 (the newest one didn’t work; this is the one that I’d used to install Money in Yosemite)

    Wrapper Version: 2.6.2 (the latest at the time of writing)

    IE6 (I’d read elsewhere that IE8 was required for El Capitan, but IE8 did NOT work!)

    Hope that helps others avoid lots of trial and error!!

    • Karl

      One caveat – it’s not possible to add a new account (it seems to be a known issue with running Money via Wine, and was the same in the previous wrapper I made for Yosemite). Does anyone have a solution for this?

      Also, I realised it might help others if I just uploaded my wrapped App! Feel free to download it (bearing in mind it’s the UK version) – you should then just be able to drop it into your Applications folder and run it:

  5. MIsterDave

    Not sure why, but I get stuck after all the installs are done, and I try to run the program. I see the splash screen, and each time I try it, the radio button for use Microsoft live ID (can’t recall the exact term) is always selected, even if i tell it I don’t want to use a password. I go two more screens (default C: location works fine) and it tells me use my current MS Live ID or create a new one. After this, with either option, Money (IE 6) can’t find the page and I’m stuck…

    • MIsterDave

      I realized I should have included some more information. I’m running OS X 10.11 (El Captain) on a 2011 MacBook Pro, with wine engine WS9Wine 1.8, and Wineskin -2.6.2. Downloaded MS Money Sunset with no problem, and no problem with the IE6 or the MSMXL service pack.

  6. Karl

    MacHow2: the instructions definitely look clearer to me now!

    And thanks for the advice to use IE7 – I’ve re-made the wrapper using it and can now add new accounts 🙂

    So glad I can keep using Money on my Mac!

  7. W. Philip Wimes

    I was thrilled to hear about this and if I get it to work I might cry tears of joy since I’ve been running my decrepit old Windows XP laptop as a slave through my Mac for the two years since converting; didn’t even know this was a possibility.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to do this a few times now (and even updated to El Crapitan) but I inevitably wind up getting the same error message at the end of the process:

    “Error – shutting down …

    Money has experienced a problem and cannot continue.
    If you are running low on memory, try closing some programs and running Money again.”

    **I can’t get past this screen.** I’ve tried to use MSIE70 and both MSIE60. My msxml3.msi file is in a folder entitled msxml3 under the wineskin directory, and my Internet Explorer .exe file is in a folder entitled msie60. Oh, and I used skin engine WS9Wine1.7.30.

    If you can help me out I’ll get your address and send you Girl Scout Cookies or something, Mr. MacHow!

    • MacHow2

      Hi, What wrapper version are you using? It should be 2.6.2 for El Capitan. Also, how much space do you have left on your Mac hard drive after the installation?

      • W. Philip Wimes

        Thank you for the quick response. I tried a few different wrappers, 2.6.2 with WSWine9 1.7.30 and also some other engines for good measure.

        My Mac “contains two memory slots” which are 4GB each for 8 total; “all memory slots are currently in use,” and I have 330 GB of storage.

      • MacHow2

        But of the 330GB storage space, how much is currently being used? You can check by going to the Apple icon in the top left and selecting About This Mac, More Info and then Storage Space?

      • W. Philip Wimes

        To clarify, I have ~770 GB available, and of that, 330GB is free. This should be significantly more than I need to run a Wineskin-wrapped Windows XP program (!), so I think the error message is being triggered by something besides a lack of memory. Hmm…

      • MacHow2

        This is a bit of a random error that seems to affect some users on Wine. The best thing to do is post it on the WineHQ Forum with the error log if there is one and someone may be able to help you. Sorry can’t be more help on this particular bug.

  8. PaulA

    I have an issue. I have done the steps above, but when I go to run microsoft money I get an error message “Money failed to download the necessary files for a software update…” and closes. Any ideas?

    • MacHow2

      Some users seem to be experiencing random messages such as this one while others have no problem at all. If you can access the file menu or Preferences in Money, try turning-off the automatic software updates in Money if there is one.

  9. brucek

    Really looking forward to getting my MSMoney up and running! I got stuck after #12 when I received the message We were unable to load a required library autoupdate.ddl
    Error code: 0x0000007e
    How can I pass this message?

    • MacHow2

      This is an error code that you usually get with the “blue screen of death” on Windows. It seems to be related to an autoupdate. Are you able to access the Microsoft Money preferences menu and switch off auto-updates?

  10. Anna

    So, I can follow all the instructions and everything seems right, but when I open Microsoft Money, it just looks blank. I feel so close, but am missing something. I have El Capitan 10.11, Explorer 7, WS9Wine 1.7.30 with Wineskin-2.6.0. Any help would be super

    • MacHow2

      Although this tutorial works for most people, some users have been reporting random issues depending on their exact setup with OS X and Wine. If you figure it out for your specific case, let us know!

    • Carlisa Phillips

      I have a similar issue. I followed all the directions, to the best of my knowledge. I installed Internet Explorer 7, as advised. And I thought I had it, but, when I try to use/open Microsoft Money where I would work on things (the place where a document would be in Microsoft Word) is completely blank. The bar with Home, Banking, Bills, Reports, etc. and the bar under it with Account List, Account Tools, etc. are both loaded but if I try to click on any of those options nothing happens. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

  11. Roberto

    I followed above steps and had a hard stop, could not do the MS Money update and got stock there, any idea?

  12. Richard Lewington

    Hi, I have downloaded successfully using the uk version but when I open MSMoney it hangs then crashes when I click on the file menu any ideas?

  13. Ricky

    Thanks for the information. It is great.

    I am unable to install ie7. i used the link above and get the following in Winetricks:

    Executing w_do_call ie7
    Executing load_ie7
    This fails in about 1 of 30 runs (see bug 26016), just retry if that happens
    Executing wine iexplore -unregserver
    Using native,builtin override for following DLLs: iexplore.exe itircl itss jscript mshtml msimtf shdoclc shdocvw shlwapi urlmon wininet xmllite
    Executing winetricks_early_wine regedit C:\windows\Temp\_ie7\override-dll.reg
    Using builtin override for following DLLs: updspapi
    Executing winetricks_early_wine regedit C:\windows\Temp\_ie7\override-dll.reg
    Downloading to /Users/Ricky/.cache/winetricks/ie7
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 0
    100 1600 100 1600 0 0 11012 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 11111
    Checksum for /Users/Ricky/.cache/winetricks/ie7/ did not match, retrying download
    Downloading to /Users/Ricky/.cache/winetricks/ie7
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 0
    100 1600 100 1600 0 0 10612 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 10666
    sha1sum mismatch! Rename /Users/Ricky/.cache/winetricks/ie7/ and try again.

  14. Bryan Hurst

    Hi… if you’re still answering comments on this, I’ve followed all the steps in this process successfully, until I try to open MSMoney. I get an error message: “Money has experienced a problem and cannot continue. If you are running low on memory, try closing some programs and running Money again.” I don’t think memory is the problem.

    Some background: I decided to give this a try because I’ve been using Parallels for some time, my subscription has run out, and I don’t want to spend $50 just to be able to use my beloved Microsoft Money 2006. I have NOT uninstalled either Parallels or Microsoft Money 2006 yet, and I’m afraid to do that until after I’ve gotten this working correctly and imported all of my MM2006 data.

    One issue that I wonder is the problem: I downloaded IE7 as instructed, and put the file where instructed. But I did NOT install IE7 (I wasn’t instructed to in your instructions!). I simply left the .exe file in the folder that you instructed me to. I thought maybe THAT was the problem, that I had to actually install it. So, I double clicked it… and Parallels started up. It tried to open IE7, but told me it wasn’t supported by the operating system. (I have Windows 7 installed with Parallels.)

    What am I doing wrong? do I have other options – can I install Wineskin, then use it to run my existing Microsoft Money 2006? (I still have the disc for it.) I considered trying MyMoney as suggested, but I have more than four accounts that I use (three active checking, a cash account, an IRA, and several closed accounts that I need to keep the records from), so it sounds like I’d have to cough up $49.95 for the non-free version. I’ve also considered getting Quicken for Mac, but I’m seeing seriously mixed reviews for that.

    Thanks in advance, if you do happen to read this!… Bryan

    • MacHow2

      Hi Bryan, A few users have had this issue and it seems to be a bug related to Wineskin. The best thing to do is post the issue on the Wineskin forum and they will be able to advise better. However, sometimes these issues with Wineskin can drive you mad you’ll probably save yourself a lot of hassle by using MyMoney for Mac which can import and open Microsoft Money files on Mac (see beginning of article for more).

  15. nick Perrotta

    I have tried to use wine for various times over the past 8 months, but it always gets hung up at Step 11. When I click on finish, I get a pop-up titled ‘Microsoft Money Update’ and the message in the box is ‘Money failed to download the necessary files for a software update. Security software on your computer may have interfered, or the servers that provide the download may be temporarily unavailable. Check your firewall, anti-virus, or other security software for settings that may be blocking this download, or simply wait a few minutes and then try again’. I did disable my real time protection I use (Avira) on my Mac in case there really was a problem but no luck. Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix? Thank you.

  16. Marjorie Landry

    I have installed My Money Free on my new Macbook. First apple laptop after 20+ years of using PC’s. Can’t figure out how to delete or void a transaction. And, it certainly doesn’t look like pictures above or like my Money did on my PC.

  17. Rac

    It works! thank you very much.
    Use IE8, 6 or 7 resulted in out of date message.

    thanks again

  18. Ray

    not sure how set up the app as default program to open the downloaded statements!
    anyone has any suggestions?


  19. Ray Chaaraoui

    I am downloading bank statement in.ofx format (the same format downloaded when using windows).
    when I try to open in in MS Money WinSkin, it does not work and says file may be corrupted.

    Any ideas?
    it is great to run the program but not useful without being able to update data with new banking statements

    thanks much

  20. Artur

    Wineskin 2.6.2, WS9Wine1.7.51, Mac OS X 10.12.4. MS Money starts fine, however crashes when I’m trying to open a new account or a new file.

    • Nick

      Thank you for your reply, Artur. Could you please refer me to the web page you used to install MSMoney or outline the sequence of steps you used. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  21. Paul

    Thank you so much for this guide.

    I followed all the instructions and was able to open Money but got no further. The problem I have is that below the menu bar in Money is just a blank white screen and if i click on “file” menu. I get the error message “”Microsoft money error reporting has encountered a problem and needs to close”. If I click not to send error report MS Money reopens but with the same blank white screen.

    I am using Sierra, with Winery engine “WS9Wine2.12” and wrapper “Wineskin-2.6.2” and UK version of Money.

    I wonder if I have made an error because for the installation of IE7 I dragged the exe files into the folders as directed, but was there some other installation procedure that I wasn’t aware of?

    Hoping someone can help as I would love to get money working on my mac and ditch the old pc.

    many thanks

  22. Clint

    I have much the same question as Paul. I am using Safari and get the same problem with I open Money. By the way, what directory is the data file supposed to be in. (.mny) in? I assumed it would open a new one, but can’t find it anywhere.

  23. David Bruner

    Hopefully you are still taking questions. Is there any guidelines for making Microsoft Money work with Sierra 10.12.6? I have the latest wineskin wrapper version 2.6.2, have tried multiple engines from the newest to older versions that are known to work, but am unable to get Microsoft Money to run correctly. I can get the program to open, but as soon as any option is selected there is an error message that “msmoney.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close”. I am also using IE6, and this would only work if I downloaded the Wine Gecko Installer which is not supposed to be necessary. If I do not download Wine Gecko Installer, I get the error message that the internet explorer is “out of date”, even though I have tried IE7 and IE8, and followed all other instructions to the letter. The links to download IE6 and IE7 are no longer valid, so I have been downloading from the website. Thanks in advance.

    • MacHow2

      Hi, You can make Microsoft Money work in macOS Sierra and High Sierra in the Wineskin app by going to Set Screen Options and then unchecking the box Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct 3D. Hope it helps.

  24. VTH

    Hi – Did you get a reply on this because I am experiencing the same exact issue.

  25. Allison

    I can’t get past installing IE. I’ve tried the links above in step 20 but both links are dead so I have tried several other IE6 and IE7 downloads but it just says it can’t install a Windows program on a Mac. I’m running Yosemite 10.10.5 on a MacBook pro.

    When I open MSMoney I just see a blank screen with menu bar at the top and the icon is the arrow and the hourglass. Nothing’s happening.

    Any tips?

  26. Lyna YEN-NHI Le

    I can’t get past Step 8, trying to get the MSMoney backup opened and transferred on my new Macbook Pro.
    I keep getting message “No new executable found!”
    I made copy of the .exe file at root (/) and /useras/Downloads/ locations. Neither seems to work.
    Wineskin Engine WS9Wine2.22; Wrapper Version 2.6.2.

    Please advise.

    • MacHow2

      Hi, Make sure that the file path is correct. You must place the money.exe in the Program Files folder in the wrapper’s C: drive. Also, what version of macOS are you using? If you’re using High Sierra, you need to make sure that the option “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct 3D” is unchecked in Set Screen Options settings (see replies above) otherwise you’ll find that Wineskin crashes when opening Money. Let us know if you have anymore problems.


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