There’s nothing more frustrating than kicking-back to watch a movie or TV series and finding that Netflix is not working on your Mac. If Netflix won’t play on your Mac, it can be for a variety of reasons and here we show you the most common problems and solutions. Since 2014, Netflix streaming problems on Mac were reduced significantly when Netflix moved to using HTML5 instead of Microsoft’s problematic Silverlight plugin to stream movies in 1080 HD. Although initially this only worked for Safari users on OS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher, it now also works in Chrome for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher, Firefox users running OS X 10.7 Lion or higher and Opera users running OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher (see full system requirements for streaming Netflix in HTML5 here). However, sometimes Netflix won’t work on Macs for other reasons such as cache issues, plugin failure error messages, a black screen with no player controls, external monitor issues, mysterious n8151, n8010 and 2105 error codes and adware which we look at in more detail here.

Netflix Not Working On Mac: How To Fix It

Before we start, you can sometimes save yourself a lot of hassle and solve all of your Netflix playback problems on Mac instantly by using an unofficial Netflix app for Mac such as Flix, iFlix or FlixMaster. These third party desktop applications don’t require your browser at all (which is usually the source of Netflix playback problems) because they play Netflix inside the app. You can read more about the best Netflix apps for Mac in our article about the best Netflix movie viewer software for Mac.

Here are the most effective ways to get Netflix playing on your Mac again.

Use HTML5 To Play Netflix On Mac

You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by making sure that Netflix is no longer using the unreliable Microsoft Silverlight plugin and use HTML5 streaming instead. Silverlight causes a multitude of problems with Netflix on Mac and as you’ll see, half of this troubleshooting article covers ways to fix Silverlight on Mac. In our experience, the best browsers for Netflix on Mac are Safari or Chrome because they were both the first to use be supported by Netflix to stream in HTML5. However, both Firefox and Opera are also now supported on Mac if you prefer to use them instead.

To start watching Netflix using HTML5, follow these instructions:

1. Newer Macs: Upgrade to the latest version of OS X and use Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera

If you’re already running OS X 10.10 Yosemite or above, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera automatically support Netflix streaming in HTML5. To upgrade though, you must have a late 2011 Mac onwards and the latest version of your browser so make sure you’ve updated OS X and your browser to the latest version. You can check how old your Mac is and other specs by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and selecting About This Mac to see exactly what version of OS X you are using and when your Mac was built:

netflix for mac - about this mac

If your Mac is from late 2011 or onwards, you can upgrade to the latest version of OS X by simply opening The Mac App Store in your Dock and going to Updates in the top Menu. Or you can click on this macOS Sierra link to automatically open the App Store and upgrade to the latest version of OS X which is currently OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra.


2. Older Macs: Switch to Google Chrome

If you’re still using an older version of OS X (from OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard onwards) Google Chrome allows you to stream Netflix in HTML5 on older versions of OS X although you must “force” it to do so. Simply open Netflix in Google Chrome, go to Netflix Playback Settings and select Prefer HTML5 player instead of Silverlight:

netflix for mac - netflix playback settings

Close Chrome and then reopen it and you should find Netflix plays using the HTML5 player instead of Silverlight.

Note that some users are still getting an Error Code S7363-1261-FFFFD000 when trying to stream Netflix using both Silverlight and HTML5 in Safari on Yosemite. There seems to be no solution to this other than to use Chrome instead until Apple or Netflix have got to the bottom of it.

Clear Your Netflix Browser Cookies

If your cookies are outdated or corrupted then Netflix won’t play on your Mac. It’s easy to fix this however. Simply go to and Netflix will automatically clear your cookie cache and sign you out of Netflix. Then just sign-in again to Netflix to start watching your movie or TV show. If there are problems with your Netflix cookies, it can also cause problems with the Silverlight plugin (see more on this below).

How To Fix Silverlight Netflix Problems On Mac

If you don’t want to or can’t use HTML5 for whatever reason, then you must fix Silverlight. Silverlight is a plugin by Microsoft which Netflix used to deliver video to users although as we’ve already made clear, it’s now been replaced by the more reliable HTML5 standard. Silverlight can be notoriously problematic on Mac and it can be a nightmare to diagnose and fix problems with it on Mac.

The first thing to do is to make sure you definitely have Silverlight installed by going to the Silverlight test page. If Silverlight is installed on your Mac, you should see something like the following result on the Silverlight test page. If you can see the installed version is lower than the current version, then you need to update update it, you must download the latest version of Silverlight for Mac from Microsoft. If you haven’t got it installed at all, you can download it from Microsoft or simply try to play a video in Netflix which will prompt you to perform the installation automatically. Netflix provides full instructions how to install Silverlight on a Mac here. Note that there’s no version of Silverlight for PPC Macs and way to make Netflix work on a non-Intel Mac – even if you can find an old version of Silverlight to install on your PPC Mac, Netflix will request you to upgrade to an Intel Mac before it will play anything so it’s not even worth trying.

If you’re installing Silverlight for the first time, you may receive the message “Silverlight.dmg cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer“. This is a security measure in newer versions of OS X to prevent applications being installed that have not been verified by Apple on the Mac App Store. fairly common for applications that are not downloaded from the Mac App store. To bypass this Right-click or Ctrl click on “Silverlight.pkg” and then click “Open” and select the option that reads: “Silverlight.pkg” is not from the Mac App Store. Are you sure you want to open it? Opening “Silverlight.pkg” will always allow it to run on this Mac. Installation will then continue as normal

If you’ve already got Silverlight installed and it’s fully updated, then it’s likely something has gone wrong with the plugin. The real problems start when this plugin starts to malfunction so if you’re experiencing problems with Silverlight, there are various fixes and solutions you can try described below. Signs that something is wrong with Silverlight on Mac are errors such as:

  • Being constantly prompted to reinstall Silverlight (known as “install looping”)
  • Getting an error code such as error 2104, error 2015, error n8151 or error n8010
  • Videos not loading
  • Blank or black screens with no player controls
  • Silverlight keeps crashing
  • Videos keeps freezing
  • Netflix is choppy
  • Netflix full screen mode is not working
  • “Netflix plugin failure” error messages

If you’re experiencing any of the above, here is a complete list of steps how to fix them. There are also specific problems with Netflix in Firefox on Mac, which we’ve gone into more detail further down.

  • First check to see if Silverlight is working with your other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari by opening Netflix in them depending on which one you are using. If Netflix is working, then the problem is simply with your browser. Clean both the cache and cookies which in Chrome you can do by going to Preferences, Settings scroll down to Show Advanced Settings and then click Clear browsing data….netflix for mac problems - chrome clean cacheThen try using Incognito or Private Browsing mode by going to File and New Incognito Window and try Netflix again.
  • If Netflix keeps asking you to reinstall Silverlight even though it’s already installed, it may be because your browser is trying to access an outdated or corrupted cookie file. To fix this, make sure you are logged-into Netflix and go to You will then be automatically logged-out of Netflix. Go to Netflix Home then Member Sign In to log back in and try to play a movie or TV show again.
  • If this doesn’t work and you’re using Chrome, check that Silverlight is definitely installed by typing: chrome://plugins/ into the Chrome URL bar and scroll down the list to see if Silverlight is installed and enabled

netflix for mac problems - silverlight plugin chrome

  • If you have the HTTPS Everywhere plugin installed, disable it by clicking on the HTTPS Everywhere icon.

netflix for mac problems - disable https everywhere

  • Disable any antivirus software you may be using.

Netflix Safari Problems With Silverlight

If you’re using Safari 6.1 or later, you must ensure that Safari isn’t blocking Netflix access to the Silverlight plugin. To do this:

  • Go to “Preferences” in Safari in the top Menu bar
  • Click the “Security” tab and then go down to “Manage Website Settings…”

netflix not working on mac - safari security settings

  • Select “Silverlight” in the plugins list. If you see the critical security issue warning, make sure you update the plugin first.

netflix safari problem - silverlight settings

  • If everything is OK, select the Silverlight plugin on the left, and make sure that “Allow” or “Always Allow” is selected. You can also select “Ask” if you prefer to be asked before Silverlight is accessed by Netflix. You can read more on Safari plugin settings here.

If none of this works, then it’s definitely a problem with your Silverlight plugins folder and you need to completely uninstall Silverlight. The problem is that Silverlight is notoriously hard to remove properly on Mac and you need to perform some manual removal.

Here’s how to completely uninstall Silverlight on a Mac.

How To Uninstall Silverlight On Mac Automatically

  • If you have more than one user account on your Mac, the Silverlight plugin is duplicated in both your Root Library folder and User Library folder. You must therefore go to:  ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins in your local folder and clear out old versions of the plugin which are causing the problem. The problem is that Netflix has probably been constantly trying to access the outdated local user version rather than the root version. The solution is to fully uninstall and reinstall the Silverlight for Netflix plugin by following these instructions:
  • Close any browsers that are open e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.
  • Install a free app removal utility called AppCleaner
  • Search for Silverlight and then select the installed components that AppCleaner automatically finds and delete them:

uninstall silverlight macNow download and reinstall Silverlight again. If you receive the warning “Silverlight.dmg cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” it’s simply because it wasn’t downloaded from the Mac App Store and Apple has not certified it. You can still install it however by right-clicking or holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on Silverlight.pkg. Select Open on the pop-up menu and then click Open on the prompt that says “Silverlight.pkg” is not from the Mac App Store. Are you sure you want to open it? Opening “Silverlight.pkg” will always allow it to run on this Mac.” You can then complete the installation of Silverlight on your Mac and Netflix movies should now play as normal.

How To Uninstall Silverlight On Mac Manually

  • If this still doesn’t work you need to delete the files manually instead. Click on your Macintosh HD and select Library and then access both the Internet Plugins and Receipts folders to delete all Silverlight files. These include:
    • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin
    • /Library/Receipts/Silverlight.pkg
    • /Library/Receipts/Silverlight_W2_MIX.pkg
    • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/WPFe.plugin
    • /Library/Receipts/WPFe.pkg

    netflix for mac problems - delete silverlight plugin

  • Then go back to Macintosh HD and select System and then Library, Internet Plugins and make sure any Silverlight files are deleted.

netflix for mac problems - system folder

  • Finally, go to back to Macintosh HD and select Library, Application Support, Microsoft and delete the entire Silverlight folder. Empty Trash and reinstall Silverlight.

netflix for mac problems - application support

How To Fix Silverlight Problems In Firefox

Firefox can be particularly fussy when it comes to Silverlight on Mac. If you’re seeing an error page or a black/blank screen when trying to watch Netflix on your Mac then again, t’s probably due to a problem with the Silverlight plugin. This can be due to various issues but sometimes its because if Silverlight is not updated regularly, Firefox automatically disables the plugin for security reasons. Make sure that Silverlight is Enabled in Firefox by going to the Tools menu and selecting Add-Ons. Click on Plugins and make sure that Silverlight is enabled.

enable silverlight plugin firefox

If Silverlight is enabled and Netflix still doesn’t work, follow this checklist to fix the problem:

  • Close Firefox.
  • Follow the uninstall instructions above using AppCleaner to make sure you have completely removed Silverlight from your Mac.
  • Open Firefox and go to the Silverlight DRM Test page. Click on the box that says Install Microsoft Silverlight.

netflix for mac silverlight drm test

The Silverlight installation file will be downloaded onto your Mac. Double click on it to launch the Silverlight for Mac Browser Plug-In installer.

netflix for mac silverlight installerWhen installation is complete, wait for around 15-20 seconds and a test video should start playing if the installation has been successful.

netflix for mac silverlight drm test video

If you can see the video, Silverlight for Mac is working correctly in Firefox and you should be able to watch Netflix in Firefox.

If none of the above helps fix Netflix on your Mac, try the following solutions:

  • Try going to the Tools menu, select Add-ons and the Extensions tab and disabling any other add-ons that may be blocking Silverlight especially ad blockers or tracking blockers such as Adblock Plus, Flashblock or Ghostery.
  • If you are using Lion, some folders are hidden from view and you may be receiving an N8156-6013 error, n8151 error or n8010 or error 2105. You must unhide your Library folder and delete some folders. To unhide folders in Lion, install invisibliX which allows you to easily toggle hidden files in Lion. You must then delete the PlayReady folder in your Library in both your User folder and your Macintosh HD. There’s no need to restart your Mac afterwards – Netflix should start working again.

Netflix Display Errors On Safari In Yosemite & El Capitan

While Silverlight is the main culprit for problems with Netflix, HTML5 isn’t without its problems sometimes. One recurring issue is when OS X Yosemite users try to watch Netflix in Safari with two monitors connected to their Mac and find that HTML5 doesn’t work to stream Netflix. Some users report experiencing a “Please ensure your monitor is HDCP compliant and is not mirrored using airplay” error when trying to play Netflix videos using Safari in HTML5 mode.

netflix for mac safari hmtl5 error

It seems to mostly affect those using a Thunderbolt-VGA adapters and although there is no official solution or fix for this problem, there are a few tricks that have worked for some. They are:

  • Activate the Develop Menu in Safari. To do this open Safari and go to PreferencesAdvanced and select “Show Develop menu in menu bar”:netflix for mac yosemite - safari develop enable

The in the Develop menu in Safari, select an older version of Safari:

netflix for mac yosemite fix - safari user agent

This basically makes Safari revert back to an older version that Netflix works properly with. Note that if you open a new tab, you’ll have to do this process again. Other fixes include:

  • If you’re using DisplayLink drivers for your monitor, updating to the latest DisplayLink drivers can also help.
  • Try using a a Thunderbolt-DVI adapter instead
  • Switch to Chrome for Netflix streaming
  • Switch back to Microsoft Silverlight to watch Netflix assuming that Silverlight is working for you. If it isn’t, read some of the suggested fixes below.

If none of these work, then you must simply unplug the second monitor until Apple or Netflix issue a fix for the problem.

Netflix Plugin Failure Error

If you’re getting a “Netflix Plugin Failure” error message when connecting an external monitor, it may be a conflict between Netflix and your graphics card.

netflix plugin failure mac

If you’ve got a newer MacBook Pro, it has two graphics cards – an integrated HD Graphics 4000 card and a more powerful discreet Nvidia GT 650M card. Your Mac switches between the two silently in the background depending on the demands of your Mac. Silverlight will not work if your Mac is using the discreet graphics card which it often switches to if you plug-in an external monitor. To fix this, all you have to do is close down all other apps (including your browser) and unplug the external monitor to make your Mac switch to the default Integrated graphics card. Restart your browser and open Netflix and start watching a movie or show. You can then re-attach the external monitor and it will work. You can download a useful app called gfx which tells you which graphics card your Mac is using and allows you to force your Mac to use either the integrated or discreet graphics card (although not if you’ve got an external monitor attached).

Ads And Popups When Streaming Netflix On Mac

If you’re getting ads and popups when streaming Netflix on your Mac, then it’s possible adware or malware is installed on your Mac. Adware and malware can get installed on your Mac when you accidentally click on mailcious ads or install an application which is bundled with adware or malware. Fortunately, it’s easy to get rid of adware on Mac by using Malwarebytes for Mac. You can read about how to remove adware on Mac here.

How To Force Netflix To Play In HD On Mac

Netflix automatically chooses the bitrate to play videos on your Mac based on your connection speed and even if you have a fast connection, it doesn’t always select HD by default. To force Netflix to open in HD simply click on the video window to make sure it’s selected, hold down the Control+Shift+Option+S keys at the same time and Netflix will manually switch to HD.

Use A Netflix For Mac App

Although there is no official Netflix for Mac app, there are third party Netflix movie viewer software for Mac available. In our experience, many of them either don’t work or provide little more than a browser in a desktop app experience. However there are a few worth checking out which avoid all the above problems associated with a browser. For example Flix For Netflix is one of the few Netflix apps for Mac that actually works but for more details read our article on the Best Netflix Movie Viewer Software For Mac.

netflix movie software for mac - flix

And if all else fails on your Mac, you can always watch Netflix on your iPad instead because there is an official Netflix app for iPad and iPhone which allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV shows within the app.

netflix for mac not working - netflix for ipad

Netflix Streaming Devices

Finally, if all else fails you might be best to simply buy a box to stream Netflix or a USB TV stick such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick which you can plug into your Mac and means you’ll never have any problems streaming Netflix on your Mac again. And you’ll get other benefits such as access to Hulu, ESPN and HBO Now. There are also several other boxes which allow you to stream Netflix on your Mac for less than $50.

Alternatively, the last resort is to install Windows on your Mac using software such as Parallels. Netflix users on Windows generally have fewer problems because the Silverlight plugin that Netflix users is developed by Microsoft. You can find more details here on how to install Windows on Mac using Parallels or how to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp which is a free tool included in OS X.We hope these tips have got Netflix working again on your Mac. If it has and you want to know how to record Netflix on Mac, you might also be interested in our article on How To Capture Netflix On Mac.

For any other issues or problems you are having with Netflix on your Mac, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Brett Dillingham

    Hello. I am having troulbe getting Silverlight to show up on my MacBook pro using Firefox, in order to stream Netflix movies. I tried all of the above. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

    • Mac How

      Hi Brett, I’ve updated the post with more detailed instructions about how to fix Netflix for Mac Silverlight problems in Firefox. If it still doesn’t help you, let me know exactly what happens when you try to watch Netflix in Firefox on your Mac and I’ll try to help.

      • Brett Dillingham

        Thanks, Mac How. Still having trouble- Silverlight does not show up in my Tools/Add Ons/Plugins, it’s as if Firefox cannot see it. Thus, I am unable to Enable it. Brett

      • Mac How

        Hi Brett, If you can’t see the Silverlight Add-On in Firefox then it’s a bug. Uninstall both Silverlight and Firefox. Reinstall them both and it should work. Let me know if not.

  2. Inga

    hi, we tried deleting and installing silverlight and still no luck on safari, we get blank screen, get stuck on tried the option with firefox, did not work either. Any other ideas?

    • Mac How

      Hi Inga, It could be a proxy issue. Go to Preferences in Safari and select Advanced. Click on Change Settings next to Proxies. Make sure Auto Proxy Discovery is selected and click OK. Try again, and restart the browser if it doesn’t work first time and let me know what happens.

      • Nanami

        hi im having the same problem and i tried to do this but my macbook isnt allowing me to check the auto proxy discovery box..

      • Lilyanne

        Hi, there is no Auto Proxy Discovery option under my Proxies. I tried selecting ‘Automatic Proxy configuration’ but it appears it needs some sort of file.

      • Mac How

        Lilyanne, Try the solutions suggested in the comments below. It is important all traces of Silverlight are removed from your Mac before reinstalling. In particular, make sure that the following are definitely removed:

        /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin
        /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/WPFe.plugin

      • Phee

        I did as you said by searching for the above documents and extensions, and used App Cleaner to remove the app. Reinstalled, restarted the computer, and still get the same error. ??

      • Flavia Mazaro

        I’m having the same issue as Lilyanne: On my advanced settings for Proxies, I just have the option ‘Automatic Proxy configuration’ (not discovery) and it doesn’t allow me to select it. I mean, i does, but when I go back to the main menu it gets automatically deselected.
        I get black page, no control players. I’m using IMac with Mac OS 10.5.8, Safari version 5.0.6… Apparently, it should work…

      • MacHow2

        Flavia and Lilyanne, The reason you can’t seen the Auto Proxy Discovery option is because you are using OS X 10.5.8 Leopard. It is strongly advised that to help Netflix run properly on your Mac, you upgrade to at least OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or preferably OS X 10.7 Lion. You may find this fixes the problems you are having anyway because OS X 10.5 is quite dated now and has issues with Silverlight and Netflix.

  3. Maya

    I’ve done everything listed here and it still does not work. There are not extensions blocking Silverlight because the two I have were disabled. It was working fine yesterday morning before centurylink’s internet outage.

    • Mac How

      Hi Maya, Try following the instructions I’ve given to Inga above using Safari. If you’re using Firefox, to do the same thing go to Preferences, Advanced, Network and Settings.. Make sure that Auto-Detect is selected and click OK. Restart Firefox if necessary and let me know if it works.

      • krystal

        I’ve tried these and they still do not work

      • Mac How

        Krystal, Can you give us a bit more information. What exactly are you seeing when you try to play Netflix films on your Mac? Which browser are you using?

      • Krystal

        I am using Safari browser on a Macbook Pro computer. I just recently installed updates and prior to that it had been working just fine. The message that I receive from Netflix is that I need to download silverlight (which I already have). I’ve tried uninstalling it by the ways indicated above and I have attempted to chance the settings that you suggested to Inga.

      • Mac How

        Hi Krystal, Are you sure that the Silverlight plugin is activated in Safari? Go to Preferences, Extensions and check that Silverlight is enabled.

        If this doesn’t work, I highly recommend trying another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome instead for playing Netflix movies.

  4. Ronald

    Hi, I installed Silverlight using the method you’ve provided here, every time I go to use netflix, it either does not play in HD or the picture quality gets choppy when I go to full screen mode. I am currently using Mac OSX 10.7.5. Can you tell me what might be wrong?

    • Mac How

      Hi Ronald, First I would try using a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome and see if it works better. Second, I would test the speed of your broadband connection and see if it is fast enough to stream HD smoothly. Finally, I would try reinstalling OS X Lion completely. Let me know if you need help with any of these.

  5. Michelle

    Hello ,
    i have a an old mac book and i am unable to download silverlight because it says that i need the MACOS X 10.5 or higher. is there any way to go around this or fix it ? please help !!

  6. Jay

    I was able to access Netflix without a hitch on my MacBook, and just recently my browser won’t even go to the Netflix home screen. Is there something I should be aware of that took place within the last few days concerning Apple users? Any would be greatly appreciated!

    • Mac How

      Hi Jay, What exactly happens when you try to access Netflix? Do you see a black screen for example? Which browser are you using and are you sure that the Silverlight add-on needed to play Netflix is activated and up to date?

      • Jay


        My status bar freezes for an extended amount of time before entering the Netflix home page. Once there, I log on…and nothing.

        I’m currently using Safari and running Mac OS X Software. According to my Plug-ins list I am up to date with Silverlight. I’m assuming the list is accurate considering I was able to watch several movies just last week.

      • Mac How

        I would suggest trying another browser before going any further. Try installing Firefox or Chrome and see if you have the same problem. Let us know what happens.

      • megdauman

        I am having the same problem and I tried it on Firefox and Chrome and the same things happen. I’ve tried everything you’ve listed above, but the netflix homepage won’t even load.

  7. Al Elkins

    Greetings to All!

    I was recently enjoying Netflix on my Macbook Air, 10.8.3, via Firefox. Suddenly, I started getting redirected to the Netflix “Compatibility” page. I’ve tried many suggested fixes, but one problem remains.
    Every time I try to reinstall Silverlight I’m directed to a “Moonlight” page. I’ve tried to dwnld that but get a message stating it’s not compatible with Firefox 21.0 I have no clue where to go at this point.
    Any thoughts?

  8. Katelyn


    I’ve been trying to watch netflix on my macbook pro for quite a while now, and all I’m getting out of it is immense frustration. I’ve downloaded, installed, uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled silverlight a few times but to no avail. After clicking on a movie/show to watch all I seem to be getting is a black screen and a blue ring.

    Please help!!! Thanks!

      • Katelyn

        At first I was using safari, then I switched over to firefox, but it still didn’t seem to work. any ideas?

      • Sam

        I also have this problem, and have tried everything to fix it. I even spent 2 hours on the phone with Netflix customer support.

      • MacHow2

        If you’re still having these problems, can you first confirm which version of OS X you are using?

  9. Jesse

    I have an older version of a MAC that doesn’t support the current silverlight version

    • Mac How

      Hi Jesse, I’m afraid you’ll have to upgrade your Mac. There is no version of Silverlight that supports older Macs.

  10. Young


    I am experiencing the same problem as Jesse on Netflix, i.e. every time after I clicked to play a movie or TV show, a black screen and a blue ring showed up. I am using a new MBP OS X 10.8.4. Have tried on Firefox, Safari and Chrome but nothing works.

    Please help! Many thanks!

      • Mac How

        Try going to Library and then Receipts (Search for it in Spotlight if you can’t find it). Delete any Silverlight files you see and Empty Trash. Also, delete any files you see in Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Silverlight. Close all web browsers and re-open them. Reinstall Silverlight and it should work.

      • Young

        I have followed all these steps many times. Will this have anything to do with the recent data migration from my old MBP (late 2009 version)? I am really puzzled at why Netflix works on my old Mac after upgrading to SL 5 but not the new Mac.

      • Mac How

        It may be. What version of OS X have you got on the old MBP and which one on the new one? I’d recommend doing a clean install of OS X on your new Mac and installing Silverlight before doing the data migration again as it may well have caused a glitch somehow, especially if you used Time Machine.

      • Young

        Old: Mid 2010, OS X 10.8.4, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
        New: Early 2013, OS X 10.8.4, 3.0 GHz Intel Core i7
        How do I install a clean OS X?

      • Mac How

        You’ll have to download Mountain Lion from the Mac app store, create a bootdisk on a USB drive and reinstall it that way. I’ll post full instructions shortly.

  11. Danielle

    Hi, I’ve tried everything. (Chrome user, also tried fire fox, and safari) I’ve downloaded and redownloaded silver light like you’ve instructed and took off any extensions interrupting it, and everytime I will type in it just loads and then never actually goes to the page. It sits and is trying to load and then shows me an error. None of this helped.

    • Mac How

      Danielle, Sorry to hear that. It is very important that you make sure all Silverlight files are deleted from your Library and System folders before reinstalling Silverlight. Click on your Lion or Mountain Lion HD and select Library and then Internet Plugins and delete the Silverlight file. Then go back to your Lion or Mountain Lion HD and select System and then Library, Internet Plugins and make sure any Silverlight files are deleted. Finally, go to back to Lion or Mountain Macintosh HD and select Library, Application Support, Microsoft and delete the entire Silverlight folder. Empty Trash and reinstall Silverlight. Let us know if it helps.

      • Rachel

        Hi, I have the same problem. Any other page loads on my macbook pro besides Netflix. As soon as I type in the it begins to load but then always comes back to “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to”
        I’ve tried using other browsers, deleted Silverlight following these instructions and reinstalled it. Netflix will load perfectly fine on my iPhone and my roommate’s macbook. What else can I do?

      • Mac How

        Hi Rachel, It may be a problem with the way Chrome connects to the net and fetches pages. Try going into settings in the top right corner of Chrome, click on Settings, then click Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. In the Privacy tab, uncheck “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”. Close Chrome, restart and see if it works.

      • Rachel

        I tried it. All it did was make the loading of any pages very slow and still didn’t load. The page says the same thing, or sometimes “This webpage is not available” when I refresh it after a while of loading.

      • Mac How

        I think it’s probably something to do with your DNS settings on your Mac. Go to your WiFi in the menu bar, select Open Network Preferences, click Advanced and try adjusting some of the settings. Try removing and re-adding your WiFi network for example and also try connecting with an Ethernet cable to your router.

      • uttara

        I have the exact same issue. I am not able to open Netflix on any browser. My other devices are able to connect with it. I have done every silverlight thing that you’ve mentioned. Netflix works on my Mac on different networks. It doesn’t work only at my home and this is only for the past two weeks. My ISP restarted the network from their side but still Netflix will not load. Everything else works fine.

  12. Melanie

    My Friend Gave Me Her Info For Her Netflix So We Could Share It…
    And It Works Fine Watching Movies From My Phone [Galaxy S4]
    But It Doesn’t Work For My Tv -__- Which Makes Me Mad Lol

    This Morning iWent Onto Netflix On My Mac And It Says iHad To Install Microsoft SilverLight [No Problem) So iDid So, It Installed Successfully..
    But Every Time iTry And Go Back To Netflix To Watch A Movie It Keeps Telling Me iNeed To Install Silver Light But Its Already Installed.. Thats When iWas Using My Firefox Browser , iAlso Have Safari So iTried To Go On Netflix Using Safari , It Recognized The Application HOWEVER Its Now Telling Me iNeed To Upgrade It..

    iKeep Uninstalling And Re-Installing The Micrsoft SilverLight App But Still No Change … Help ??

    – Melanie

    • Mac How

      Have you tried all of the steps in the post above plus the advice given in the comments? If so, what version of Mac OS X are you using?

  13. kodemunkey

    Ok. so i’ve followed each and every step on this page, i’ve tried to load netflix on firefox, chrome and safari. Purged every reference to silverlight from my macbook and still it won’t load. Youtube et al work perfectly fine. And it’s not a router issue because it loads fine on my android tablet, my mother’s ipad and my sister’s windows laptop.

    Macbook running the latest version of OSX.

    • Mac How

      Ok, try this checklist:

      1. Have you definitely checked that the Silverlight for Mac plugin is “Enabled” in your browser add-ons?
      2. Have you got any ad-blocking add-ons installed on your browsers? If so, try disabling them.
      3. If all of the browsers you’ve tried so far have failed, try with Opera for Mac.

      • kodemunkey

        It tells me that opera isn’t supported.

        I’m getting error code N8156-6206 and in firefox has adblock disabled on netflix. It’s not a network issue as netflix works just fine on my sister’s laptop, my mother’s ipad and my tablet.

      • Mac How

        You need to delete your PlayReady folder in your Microsoft folder. Go to Finder (the smiley icon on the far left corner of your Dock), click Go in the Menu at the top of your screen, hold down the Alt key and click on the Library option which appears. Then go to Application Support, Microsoft and delete the PlayReady folder to your Trash and empty Trash. Restart your browser and it should work.

      • Phee

        Hey there! I have been trying all day to get netflix to play, uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight with AppCleaner, restarting browsers (Chrome, Firefox AND Safari) and my MBP (Lion 10.7.5) multiple times all day. I have tried running the DRM Test after reinstalling everything (plug-ins are enabled in Firefox, and Safari, and pop-ups are not blocked, and I have no other software or plug ins that block things) and the DRM Test will not play on either browser. I am so super frustrated and don’t know what to do! I keep getting error N8151- there is a problem playing DRM content on my machine. ??? I am at a breaking point! I just tried to follow the instructions above, but when I go to Application Support>Microsoft, there is no PlayReady folder. ?? What should I do? Helppppp!!!

      • Mac How

        Hi Phee, It’s strange that your PlayReady folder is not there. Are you sure you are looking in the right folder i.e. Mac HD\Library\Application Support\Microsoft\PlayReady? If you are, try creating a blank folder called PlayReady and let us know if it works.

      • Wendy


        I deleted all silverlight plug in files you listed. I used Apple Cleaner to do it. I also uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled and then installed Silverlight and still not working for Netflix streaming. I’ve tried all steps multiple times. Restarted browser, closed out browsers etc.

        One thing I find interesting is when just doing it now, I closed out all browsers and sent the silverlight plugin and firefox to trash and tried to empty them this time, I got these 2 error messages ” The operation can’t be completed because the item “Firefox 24.0.dmg” is in use.” AND The operation can’t be completed because the item “Silverlight.dmg” is in use. I restarted my computer and then I was able to empty the trash.

        I don’t have an anti-virus on my my Mac so I know it’s not that. Do I need turn off my “firewall” in order for it to work.

        Thank you!

      • MacHow2

        Hi Wendy, Sorry for the long delay but I missed this comment. If it’s still any help, the reason you’re receiving those error messages when you empty Trash is because you haven’t dragged Firefox or Silverlight to your Applications folder. You are running them directly from the DMG files that you originally downloaded which is like running them from their own separate mini hard drive. By dragging them to your Applications folder, you are fully installing them on your Mac’s hard drive and you will then be able to drag them to the Trash, and empty it no problem.

  14. Beau

    I run mac os 10.5.8, which should support the new silverlight version, but isn’t- I am continually asked to reinstall. Silverlight is not recognized as an extension in my safari preferences, and I’m not sure how to fix this. I cannot run chrome or firefox on my os because they no longer have browsers supported by my os.
    I’ve tried all the suggestions up to this point. Any ideas on what to do?

  15. Heath

    It was my ANTIVIRUS (Firewall?)!!!

    Kaspersky must have blocked Silverlight from working.

    I went to the top of the screen where the Kaspersky logo was and select to turn off protection.

    Refreshed Netflix…BAM! Movie!

    Now to turn Kaspersky back on and find a way to allow Silverlight to be used forever.


    • Mac How

      Hi Heath, Thanks for sharing your solution. If you can’t add Netflix to an exceptions list in Kaspersky, I’d recommend removing Kaspersky completely as it’s not worth the hassle. Generally, an antivirus isn’t needed on Macs.

  16. Phee

    I was using the correct location, so I created a blank folder titled “PlayReady” in the HD\Library\Application Support\Microsoft location, then restarted the browser. Still not playing on Netflix.

    • Mac How

      Hi Phee, Close your browser, uninstall Silverlight and then make sure that the following files are definitely deleted:

      /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin
      /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/WPFe.plugin

      Then reinstall Silverlight and see if Netflix works again.

      • Phee

        You know, none of theses suggestions worked, and I was unable to use netflix at all until recently. I finally found a fix after realizing that with Lion, lots of folders as well as the HD are ‘hidden’ from view… so I found a tutorial to unhide my Library folder, and found two supporting files that were creating the problem! Check out this tutorial:

        Then I deleted the offending folders, where the DRM hash is saved. It’s described here:

        The real trick was to delete the Playready folders in the Library in both my user folder, and the general HD. Then I didn’t even need to reinstall, or restart my Mac. BOOM. Netflix worked. Hopes this helps someone!!! I was at my wits end!

  17. Spaniel

    Running Mac OS Lion 10.7.5

    Videos run on Netflix fine, but with very quiet audio even with both internal speakers and Silverlight controls turned up to max. Softer dialogue is almost inaudible.

    Problem is the same on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight.

    Netflix say “It’s a Silverlight or Apple problem.” and won’t help.

    Any thoughts?

    • Mac How

      Have you tried clearing your Silverlight cache? Try the following instructions:

      Quit all open browsers – including this window! You may want to print the following steps.
      Click the Finder icon in your Dock.
      In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Go.
      Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select Library.
      Note: If Library is not listed, select Home and open the Library folder.
      Open the Application Support folder.
      Open the Microsoft folder.
      Open the Silverlight folder.
      Drag the is folder to the Trash.
      Open a web browser and play your movie or TV show again.

      • Mac How

        If you’ve definitely got volume cranked up on both Silverlight and your Mac, then the only solution is to use an external application to boost your volume. AudioHijack Pro is one of the best tools for this. You can test it for free but you’ll have to purchase the full version if it helps solve the problem.

        BTW, If the problem is only with Netflix (not YouTube etc) then its definitely a Silverlight problem.

  18. Jaimee

    Hi, so I’ve tried with three different browsers. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. On all of them i get a black screen that says i need to turn off private browsing which i have done and it still will not work. I followed all the steps above and still no luck. On Firefox i have enabled silverlight, On safari and chrome silverlight won’t even show up in the plug-ins list. I’m running on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I’m about ready just to give up on ever trying to use netflix. Please help.

    • Mac How

      You need to delete your PlayReady folder in your Microsoft folder. Go to Finder (the smiley icon on the far left corner of your Dock), click Go in the Menu at the top of your screen, hold down the Alt key and click on the Library option which appears. Then go to Application Support, Microsoft and delete the PlayReady folder to your Trash and empty Trash. Restart your browser and it should work.

  19. Karena

    Very helpful! The Silverlight plug-in was disabled and I would not have otherwise known how to enable it. Thank you.

  20. Marissa

    I’ve tried with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and in all of them the movie just shows a black screen with the blue dots circling on it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight 10 times and tried all the instructions on this page. It still won’t work. Help?

    • Mac How

      Marissa, If it’s happening on all browsers, it’s extremely important you follow these instructions to ensure Silverlight is fully removed from your Internet Plugins folder.

      Click on your Macintosh HD and select Library and then Internet Plugins and delete the Silverlight file. Then go back to Macintosh HD and select System and then Library, Internet Plugins and make sure any Silverlight files are deleted. Finally, go to back to Macintosh HD and select Library, Application Support, Microsoft and delete the entire Silverlight folder. Empty Trash and reinstall Silverlight. Let us know if it helps.

  21. Anna

    When I try to go to the microsoft webpage to download silverlight it just says no data received. In fact no microsoft pages will open. Can you please help me? Thank you!

    • Mac How

      It sounds like something is configured badly with your internet connection. Go to System Preferences>Network>Configure>Proxies Tab and make sure that no proxies are set. If this doesn’t work, create an entirely new WiFi connection in your WiFi preferences.

  22. Mike Petkus

    i am having netflix freezing problems i am running a late model 2009 macbook air with newly formatted HD with Snow Lep installed 10.6.8. My machine has 2GB of Ram but continues to freeze after about 30 min of watching a movie. I have tried reinstalling Silver Light and installing it to point where i formatted my HD and reinstalled SL. I have cannot find the issue and i am considering buying another machine maybe back to PC. Do i not have enough Ram becuase i would think 2GB would suffice. Please help

    • Mac How

      Mike, Try changing browsers first and see if it helps. Try either Chrome or Firefox if you’re using Safari and let us know what happens.

      • Mike Petkus

        tried Google and i have tried Firefox problem still occurs. First sign is the video starts to look like its going into slow motion then the video and audio become out of sync, within seconds it becomes unwatchable. I was convinced it was a corrupt file either in the OS or Silverlight but you would think after doing a full format and reinstall that would have fixed it. i appreciate any suggestions.

      • Mac How

        It’s probably a Silverlight issue rather than a problem with your Mac because even users with new Macs running the latest OS X have reported similar problems. I’d suggest following the post above closely to make sure you completely uninstall Silverlight. Once you’ve done that, double check that the following files are definitely deleted and emptied from your Trash: Root Library: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin and /Library/Receipts/Silverlight*.pkg and in the User Library:
        ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Silverlight. Then reinstall Silverlight and it should work properly on your Mac.

      • Brandon

        I was having the same problem until yesterday. I went into the playback settings in Netflix an change the option to use HTML 5 instead of Silverlight. After unchecking the check box, I restarted Safari. The problem went away. I kept removing and reinstalling Silverlight, which may have been needed anyway and is a good idea to do it, but since Netflix wasn’t using Silverlight for playback it never fixe the problem. I hope this helps somebody out there because it has been very frustrating for me.

  23. Tara

    I am in the middle of trying to install it and it asks for a password to allow it. It won’t accept my apple ID and password so what password is it asking for?
    Thank You

    • Mac How

      Tara, I presume your Mac is asking you for your Mac admin password which you would have created when you first setup your Mac. If you don’t have one, try just pressing Enter without a password to continue installation.

      • Penny

        is the Mac admin password different from your apple ID/password? if so, I don’t remember my admin password…what, if anything, can I do about that?

      • Penny

        figured I should also mention that I did already try your previous suggestion to Tara (not using a password at all) and that didn’t work.

      • MacHow2

        Penny, If you are using OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard you can use the startup DVD to rescue the password. But if you are using OS X 10.7 Lion or above follow these instructions to reset your Mac admin password:

        1. Shutdown your Mac. Restart it and immediately hold down the CMD key (the squiggle key next to the spacebar) and “S” at the same time.
        2. You should see a black screen with white writing. Type “mount -uw” and hit Enter
        3. Type “aunchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/” and hit Enter.
        4. Type “/Users” and hit Return. A list of authorised users on the Mac will appear. Type “dscl . passwd /Users/username password” but replace the word “username” with one of the usernames in the list and replace “password” with a new password that you want to use. Hit Enter.
        5. Restart your Mac normally and use the new password to login. If you see a prompt after this, type “reboot” and the Mac will restart with the new password saved.

  24. Emily

    My netflix was working fine on my computer this morning and now I am having the 2103 error.
    I am using Chrome and OS X 10.8.3.
    I completely uninstalled Silverlight and emptied the Trash numerous times but I continue to get the error. I used both AppCleaner and digging into the library to ensure there was no trace of Silverlight.
    All that said Netflix is working on Firefox, any idea why or how to get it working on Chrome as that is my default browser and it was working 12 hours ago and I’ve done nothing on my laptop since.

      • MacHow2

        Emily, To fix the Netflix 2103 error in Chrome on your Mac try this:

        – Open Chrome then logout of Netflix. Clear the Cache, History and Temp files in Chrome (you can do this by going to the top right of Chrome, clicking on the three bars and then selecting “Settings”).
        – Close Chrome. Then reopen it and log back into Netflix. Netflix should now be working in Chrome on your Mac. If it doesn’t, let us know.

  25. Madeline

    I’m just afraid that this will give my computer a virus and my folks will get really angry with me..

    • MacHow2

      Madeline, What exactly are you afraid will give your Mac a virus? It’s worth remembering that viruses are very rare on Mac so whatever you’re trying, shouldn’t pose any risk.

  26. Jonathon

    Hello, about a month ago I purchased a Chromecast to watch Netflix on my tv and still do work on my MacBook Pro (Mac OS X Version 10.6.8). It worked great until a few days ago when Silverlight kept crashing for Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.27 beta). Since then, I’ve deleted and re-installed Silverlight several times as listed above. Netflix is working for Safari, but not for Chrome (which defeats the purpose of my Chromecast’s initial purchase). I’ve used the AppCleaner, cleared cache and cookies, etc. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • MacHow2

      Jonathon, If it’s a Chrome specific problem, try logging out of Netflix in Chrome. Then clear the Cache, History and Temp files by going to the settings bar in the top right corner of Chrome. Close Chrome, then re-open it and log back into Netflix and it should work. If this doesn’t work, do you use Time Machine to backup your Mac? You could try rolling back to a backup of your Mac when everything was working fine.

  27. Ralph Blach

    Here is what I found on macbook pro 2009. When I ran Netflix, it was very slow choppy and the CPU was pegged. Once I took the back off, the problem was obvious. The machine was clogged with dust and this was causing the CPU to throttle down so it would not thermally overload. A can of Air from radio shack solved the problem I used the Compress Air blow out the dust out of the notebook, and a pair of tweezers to pull other dust bunnies out.

    Once the cpu and case were cleaned, the Mac Book is working like new.

    From my experience, the laptops probably should be blown out once a year.



  28. philip

    i cant use it -.- it says: Silverlight Installation Problem
    Error Code: 2103
    You have encountered an issue specific to Microsoft Silverlight, the software used to watch movies on the Netflix website. This issue is often resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.

    To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Macintosh computer, please follow these steps:

    Completely close any currently open internet browser windows.
    Navigate to your Hard Drive.
    Select Library.
    Select Internet Plugins.
    Drag Silverlight.plugin to your trash.
    Once you have emptied your trash, Microsoft Silverlight uninstallation will be complete.
    After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on will prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.

    when i try to use silverlight on netflix…

    • MacHow2

      To fix this problem:

      – Log out of Netflix.
      – Clear the Cache, History and Temp files in your browser and close it.
      – Reopen your browser and log into Netflix and your should be able to watch Netflix on your Mac again.

  29. BM

    I’ve been having the same problem being prompt to install silverlight every time I opened netflix with Safari and not being able to watch anything. I called apple support and they had me do these simple steps: Preferences-security-check the “allow-plug-ins” box. This solved the problem immediately. I hope this will help other people.

    • BM

      Sorry for not specifying it before, I have a macbook pro running OS X 10.9.2

  30. briana kipp

    Hi, well i can not get netflix on firefox or safari and i have uninstalled silverlight reinstalled it and made sure it was enabled on firefox and nothing is working. It just says “Safari can’t connect to the server” every single time i try, and it only says that for netflix. What do i do?

    • MacHow2

      It sounds more like a general problem with your internet connection rather than Netflix. Try turning your router off and on and again and restart your Mac. You may need some help reconfiguring your router or have a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Does the internet wifi work on other devices such as your phone for example? Alternatively, you could try connecting to the internet with a network cable to your router instead of WiFi.

      • briana kipp

        thats the thing, the internet works fine and i can get on other websites and everything but as soon as i try to go to netflix it ways that it cant connect to the server even tho the internet is working and every other website is working

      • MacHow2

        It’s possible that your DNS settings are messed up. Try going into System Prefs > Network > Advanced > DNS tab > and then delete any numbers in the DNS box.

  31. colebrownpdx

    Thanks for the article. I’ve tried everything in the post as well as everything netflix’s help page and tech team has advised me to do. But I still am having audio/video sync issues on my macbook pro as well as stuttering video. Any recommendations?

    I’m using 10.9.4 on macbook pro.

    • MacHow2

      It seems the audio syncing issue is a bit of a random problem on Netflix for Mac. Have you cleared your Silverlight temp files as per the instructions on the Netflix website? Also, a temporary solution is simply to skip backwards a little bit during playback and the syncing usually corrects itself for a while although it is quite annoying to have to keep doing that.

  32. Rachel

    I’ve installed the silverlight program multiple times and tried deleting it. It still does not allow me to watch netflix.

    • MacHow2

      This sounds like a security issue rather than a problem with Silverlight and Netflix. Try clearing out your browser’s SSL security certificates and try again.

  33. Gloria

    Thank you for the article. Silverlight didn’t work on my iMac, but Google chrome did. At first chrome didn’t work either, but I just had to update some components and it’s working. Your article helped me to fix this problem. Thank you again.

  34. Dolly Llama

    Hi! Thanks for your help in this post. I appreciate that you took and take the time to help! I ended up downloading Chrome and the only thing I had to do to get Netflix to work from there was to follow an error prompt on Netflix to go to chrome://components and to click “update” under the component called “Widevinecdm”. Once I did that I could finally access Netflix movies again on my Mac desktop (OS X Yosemite 10.10.5)

    • MacHow2

      Hi! No problems and thanks for sharing your tip. If only it was that easy for everyone to fix Netflix on their Mac!

  35. anne

    Since I upgraded to High Sierra, Netflix won’t stream on various browsers. I tried the Develop trick to no avail and have done everything suggested by Netflix. Other people on the Apple support forum are having the same problem. there may not be a solution yet.


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