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There’s no official Netflix app for Mac so we’ve taken a look at the best Netflix movie viewer software for Macs. It’s important to understand that most Netflix movie software simply provides a desktop interface through which you can use Netflix online. In other words, it’s just like using a browser but one that has been customized for Netflix and offers some extra features such as desktop search, windowed mode, Apple TV support etc. However, some definitely work better than others which are nothing short of a rip-off or simply don’t work at all. Using some of these Netflix apps for Mac may also be a solution if Netflix isn’t working on your Mac because most of them do not use the Silverlight plugin which causes Netflix users on Mac so many problems. Note that these Netflix apps require an active Netflix account – they don’t provide Netflix for free on your Mac! If you want to record Netflix on your Mac by the way, don’t forget to read our article on How To Capture Netflix On Mac.

Unfortunately, most Netflix movie player software on Mac don’t actually give you much. The vast majority either provide an inferior web browsing experience or even worse, don’t even work. Amongst those we’d advise avoiding are Friendly For Netflix, Streaming For Netflix and Flixter for Netflix. Here then are the best Netflix movie viewing apps for Mac that are worth trying.

1. Flix for Netflix ($9.99 Mac App Store)

Flix is a highly rated Netflix app for Mac which allows you to watch Netflix on your Mac desktop. You can search for films and shows within the app and connect it to your Apple TV. Flix doesn’t use Silverlight either so if you’re having problems streaming Netflix on your Mac, it’s definitely worth trying.

netflix movie software for mac - flix

2pp Flix Pro ($4.99 Mac App Store)

App Flix Pro is slightly different from other Netflix software on Mac as it actually plays the video within the app – it doesn’t simply use the web interface. You can easily switch between having App Flix Pro in your menu bar or as a windowed app. If you leave it in the menu bar, you can configure a keyboard shortcut which instantly launches App Flix Pro. You can always configure it to force the video to always be on top or minimize it to the background and listen to the audio while doing other things. The big disadvantage of App Flix Pro is that is uses Silverlight so if you have problems streaming Netflix video in your browser, you’ll probably have the same problem with it.

netflix movie software for mac - app flix pro

These are the best Netflix movie viewer software for Mac downloads that work reasonably well in our experience. Remember that if all else fails on your Mac and you’re an iOS user, there is an official Netflix app for iPad and iPhone however which allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV shows within the app.

If you have any other questions about using Netflix on your Mac, let is know in the comments below. If you’re experiencing problems streaming Netflix in your browser, don’t forget to read our article on how to fix Netflix streaming problems on your Mac. And if you want to record Netflix on your Mac, check out our article on How To Capture Netflix On Mac.

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  1. MacHow2

    My Netflix/Silverlight.dmg on my Mac Os 10.12.6 was working fine until recently. I am streaming it.

    What went wrong was the mute got stuck ‘on’ in the volume control. I have sound on other apps like Itunes, so it’s not a speaker issue and the volume on netflix is ‘x-ed’. I was changing the volume a lot the night it happened while watching aforeign flick with hard to understand accents and also I change it whe the volume gets high when someone is sleeping nearby.

    Recently I added some extra security to my computer when a neighbor’s files ended up in my docs files, but I can’t see how this would affect the mute button and the malfunction occurred days after I changed those settings.

    I would like to change as little as possible, but I’m hoping to get this sound issue worked out right away! My computer wizard advises me to run as few security and protection devices as possible.

    Please keep my email secure and do not advertise with me. I have 962 emails in my mailbox to handle on avg..
    Would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.




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