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Special Offer: 50% Off Affinity Designer, Publisher & Photo

If you’re looking for some great graphic design software for your Mac but don’t want to be locked into an expensive subscription, then Affinity is currently running a 50% flash sale on all its one-off purchase products for a limited period.

The offer includes Affinity Photo which is one of the best Photoshop alternatives for Mac due to its excellent tools for masking, layering and editing.

Affinity Photo: Source: Affinity

Meanwhile, Affinity Publisher is also one of the best desktop publishing apps for Macs and a great alternative to Microsoft Publisher on Macs for creating magazines, promotional material, flyers, brochures and much more.

publisher for mac - affinity publisher

The offer also includes Affinity Designer 2, which is an excellent replacement for Procreate and one of the best graphic design software for Mac.

affinity designer 2

The 50% off offer means you can buy them all as a bundle as a one-off purchase for $82.99 or separately for $34.99/each.

Affinity was recently taken-over by Canva and it’s not clear how long its products will remain subscription free so this is a great chance to grab yourself some professional level design software for a heavily discounted one-off purchase.

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