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If you want to open DOCX on Mac for free it’s easy. DOCX is the format that Microsoft Word documents are saved in and if someone has sent you a document in it but you don’t have Word, don’t panic. There are various ways to open DOCX files on Mac for free and we show you the quickest and simplest ways. There are also several alternatives to Word on Mac that open and edit Word documents if you need to. But if you just need to open a Word document to read it on your Mac, here are some easy ways to do so.

1. Google Docs

The quickest and easiest way to open a DOCX file on Mac for free without Word is to use Google Docs. Google Docs is now incredibly versatile at handling a wide range of formats including opening docx files. All you need is a Google account (you will already have one if you have a Gmail address – just use the same login details). Be aware that like all web based solutions however, it may not be a good idea if your document is highly confidential or private as you are uploading it to Google’s servers.

open docx on mac - google docs

2. ZamZar

Alternatively, you can use ZamZar to convert the docx file for free to another format. For example, you could convert to PDF or DOC file which are easier to open with other word processing applications or document managers such as Adobe Reader. Simply upload your file, select the format you want, enter your email address and click convert. You will receive the converted document instantly via email. If your document is highly confidential however, be aware that ZamZar stores the document on a server and it’s not clear whether ZamZar deletes it after conversion.

how to open docx on mac - zamzar

3. Batch Docx Converter

If you’re not comfortable with uploading your document online for conversion, then you can open DOCX for free on your desktop by downloading and installing Batch Docx Converter. Batch Docx Converter will convert your files offline so that you don’t have to worry about privacy issues.

open docx on mac - batch docx converter

These are the easiest ways to open DOCX documents on Mac for free. If you have any problems or issues, let us know in the comments below.

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