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You can now play Lost Ark on Macs including M1 Macs thanks to NVIDIA GeForce Now which has now added native support for the Apple Silicon M1 chip.

Lost Ark is published by Amazon but unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t offer a Mac compatible version of Lost Ark so this is the first time Lost Ark is officially available to Mac users with M1 Macs.

Previously, GeForce Now only worked on M1 Macs via Rosetta but is now optimized to take full advantage of the M1 chip which means you can play Lost Ark on M1 Macs.

According to NVIDIA, GeForce Now consumes less power on M1 Macs and launches games and apps faster than using Rosetta.

This should mean less lag when playing Lost Ark on a Mac since the game doesn’t have to be translated by Rosetta to work on M1 Macs.

The latest version of GeForce Now also has a revamped overlay that displays server-side rendering framerates.

Previously there was no easy way to play Lost Ark on Macs even by installing Windows on a Mac because of the Easy Anti-Cheat software that won’t run in virtual machines.

This means you can’t play Lost Ark by installing the Parallels virtual machine on your Mac and play the Windows version of Lost Ark.

Here’s how to play Lost Ark on Macs including M1 Macs.

  • Download the latest version of GeForce Now For Mac. You need version 2.0.40 or higher in order to run GeForce Now natively on M1 Macs.

geforce now for m1 mac download

  • Subscribe to GeForce Now. You can use it for free but you only get one hour of gaming so you need a Priority Membership ($9.99/month) or an RTX 3080 Membership ($18.99/month) to play Lost Ark on a Mac.
  • Search For Lost Ark in GeForce Now and download it to your GeForce Now account.

lost ark for mac - geforce now

For more on GeForce Now, check out our full GeForce Now For Mac review.

You can also watch Lost Ark in action below.

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